Sunday, October 19 of 2014


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the Words of Saint Joseph:

When hearts say 'yes' to the coming of the Celestial Messengers, several knots are untied in the world, because it is as if the whole of humanity emitted its 'yes' to the Celestial Universe.

As a Chaste Heart, I come to meet with your beings to place in each of your essences the principles of a new life. I always call you to come to be around Me, to kneel at the celestial altars and before the doors that open into Heaven, because My Presence in the world represents a new step for humanity.

When I was on Earth, I experienced the simplicity, the purity and the humility that all of humanity should express as a race. My Heart was a human heart, like this one which beats within your beings, but My faith in the life I lived, in the God Who guided My Heart, made it possible for Me to transform all those human aspects that permeated My Heart.

For this reason, it was asked of Me that I return to the world because I know how humanity lives, I know about each test your hearts experience, and I also know that, in spite of all the opportunities given to you, it will be very hard for you to continually live the true transformation of your life. But it is necessary to persist because you do not know what takes place within the invisible of this world; the reflection of your smallest actions has repercussions on all of this planet.

The Grace of receiving the Three Divine Messengers will be registered in the history of this nation, as well as in the history of each of your souls. These codes that We place in your lives will never be able to be put out, even though you lead a common life in the world. All I ask of you, My dear companions, is that you lovingly cultivate these lilies of peace that today I pour over your essences, for they represent the purity you must experience as humanity.

Today I want to tell you that the Heavens are gladdened, that the angels sing and glorify the Creator, because humanity is taking its steps. Even though you do not perceive it, souls are walking toward the Kingdom of God, and through you, many other souls will receive the opportunity to awaken.

This is why I ask you that, just as the Sacred Family so long ago was an example and reason for conversion for all those that approached us, the faithfulness in your hearts also be a reason for the conversion, also be a light that guides those who are in darkness. Because today I tell you that a time of chaos, a time of profound darkness in the world will come, but after a deep and cold night, a new sun will shine, because after all darkness, the light must come.

This is the Law of the Universe. Thus, I only ask that you be persevering, that you never desist from this path of prayer that the Divine Messengers are building in your lives. Study the Messages that were given to you, for in these Divine Words can be found the keys for all transformation, to open all the doors that separate you from the universe, from your Celestial Origin.

My dear ones, today I tell you, as the Chaste Heart, as a Heart that has already been a human heart, that it is possible to live the transformation of your life, that it is possible for a new human being to be born within your souls, who will represent the perfect manifestation of the Creation of God in the universe.

All of Heaven awaits the step of humanity. Great is the suffering that you have experienced over the centuries; also great is the destruction that you caused in this world because of the unconsciousness and thoughtlessness toward all the Graces you have received. But that darkness is great because great also must be the Light that will emerge through each of you.

I want to thank you for having come to this meeting, for having shattered the doubts that the mind imprints on the heart, for having opened the door of your lives, of your houses, of your families for the entry of this higher Light, because through that simple act, the Divine Messengers can transform the destiny of this nation and free all that was imprisoned in this world, even if invisible to your eyes, all the suffering that still exists, an ancient suffering that marks the heart of this nation and that through the descent of the Sacred Hearts, must definitely be extinguished.

I thank you for being here, for saying 'yes' to a higher life, because your souls could once again draw close, because this thread that connects you with the cosmos can exist again, linking each of your essences with its celestial origin, the divine essence from which you came and to which you must return when the time comes.

Now, I ask that you sing joyfully and with devotion, because the Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus wish to accompany Me in this hour, wish to come to this place to end, with the blessing of the Holy Spirit, this cycle We carried out in this nation.

Sing to the Sacred Family and wait, for a new portal will open in Heaven and new Graces and blessings will be poured out over this world.

Song: Sacred Family


Words of the Virgin Mary:

Continue to play.

Dear children, your beloved Celestial Mother is speaking to you, coming here to meet with you to pour out the blessings and the Graces over your souls that you must carry to the four corners of this world.

Today I bless you with the Light of the Spirit of God, so that today and forever, this Holy Spirit can become life in your beings and can be carried to all those who have need.

Thus, go and serve, carrying the divine actions in your hands. Go and live in fellowship, in unity with all the hearts of this world, serve without distinction of race, belief, social status; serve the poor, but also the rich; serve the sick, but also those that are healthy, for there are many illnesses in this world that your eyes cannot see, but that your hearts can feel, because suffering, pain, fear, the lack of faith, the lack of compassion are also illnesses that exist in this world, but which can be healed through love, faith, compassion, joy, the faithful commitment to the Heart of God.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Our will is to heal and cure your hearts: and today, as the Sacred Family of Nazareth, we consecrate your families of the whole world as the New Humanity.

Words of Saint Joseph:

As first Father and Priest of Christ, in the Presence of Jesus and of Mary, of Love and Purity, we will bless a small soul that, for all your spirits, will represent the healing of your inner children.

With joy, devotion and ceremony, let us celebrate this meeting, this Will of God that is known to everyone today, to the simplest of heart, to the humblest of heart, to the purest of heart that are always able to see God.

Let us prepare for this blessing and close this Sacred Meeting.

My Chaste Heart, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, present today in Paraguay and in the world, ask all the faithful to kneel for this blessing.

Let us sing.

Song: Sacred Family.

Prayer: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory.

By this flash of Light that permeates you and this meeting with the Sacred Hearts, may you serve as a testimony of life for all in the times that will come and up to the time of Paradise.

We bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

While We rise up to Heaven, listening to your pleas, together with the angels, sing to the Sacred Family of Nazareth.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

To end this meeting, we would like to tell you a little about today's Apparition. Before Saint Joseph came here, the angels began to make lilies rain down on us, and those lilies entered into our essence and disappeared.

After Saint Joseph transmitted His Message, He showed how that Light of the Divine Messengers expanded beyond this place and touched not only this nation but also many other parts of the world.

As we were able to hear and feel, the Three Divine Messengers were with us today, giving us this blessing, this water of life, which baptized not only the child, but all of us present here.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We wanted to add that when the Three Sacred Hearts announced Their Presence, at Their feet appeared the image of Paraguay, and a river of precious and luminous Blood began to bathe this Nation, Blood that was coming out of the Heart of Christ.

And what we also remember is that when Saint Joseph was telling Sister Lucía that He was a man of this world, He showed many scenes of His life, here on Earth, which still are not very well known to humanity, and that He one day plans to reveal so that we can come to know Who Saint Joseph really was, and what mission He accomplished with Mary and Jesus in that time, and also, what the task is that He comes to carry out at this time of humanity as a Divine Messenger.

And to bring this to a close, we want to thank all the brothers and sisters of Paraguay that made possible the concretization of this Divine Plan, all those who prayed, all those who worked, all those who disseminated it and dared to take a step in this call; because, in truth, we will only understand what occurred here, in this nation, in the long term.

From today on, may our true motive be the search for those Three Sacred Hearts, the perfect union through prayer, and let us find in Them the possible hope that we need to find.

If we continue to give our permission for Them to work on us, many keys will certainly be awakened in our lives, which will serve as examples for others.

So, we invite you to carry this Presence of the Sacred Hearts with much gratitude and peace, and let us give thanks.

Thank you, Lord, for all that you give us!