Thursday, June 19 of 2014


I summoned you here to bless you and to assign you a new mission, for in the depths of your hearts you have already discovered the essence of charity, and, little by little, you awaken the love that God expects His creatures to experience.

My Heart is gladdened by the works of charity that you are carrying out, and today I ask you to accept My offer: that you go to the sectors of this world, especially of this country, that has such a need for charity.

For a long time, My Heart waited for you to be able to reach those who live in solitude; besides physical water and physical food you can take to these brothers and sisters, carry the Water of Life and the Universal Love that emerged from your hearts after these recent years of charity.

Today I want to unite the daughters of Christic Charity with My children who responded to the call for service in these last years during which My Presence was here.

Today I unite you, My dear ones, so that you can unite those two forms of consecration, that you can become complete, that you can learn from each other, and together, carry charity into this world.

I want to thank all of you who are in My Presence today and to bless your little hearts, which are responding to My call, and, thus, to the call of God, which manifests through the Voices of His Messengers.

I thank you and I only tell you to always persevere!


Sister Lucía:

We are going to share with everybody the Message given by Saint Joseph.

He came to us today with much joy!

At the end of our prayer, the Devotional to the Most Chaste Heart, when the doors were opening, we could see different levels of fields of lilies, like within each of the doors of the Universe that were opening up here, with different colored lilies.

And Saint Joseph came through those doors until He reached this very room.

He came with a white robe.

The first thing that manifested by His Heart Center was a lily, and when that lily, which was closed, opened up, within it appeared His Most Chaste Heart, which radiated to all of us.

After making some requests and giving some instructions, Saint Joseph transmitted His monthly Message of June 19, 2014, to us.