Today, in a divine and omnipresent way, My Chaste Heart descends to the world to gather the prayers offered by your hearts to the Celestial Father; thus, in a special way, I am present in the two Marian Centers, so that humanity may understand the emergency of being able to serve in these times.

Today, My most chaste Essence gathers all the lost essences of Africa and of the world, elevating them to the reparative Celestial Kingdom, so that the angels of the Lord may rebuild them and re-integrate them into the cycle of their original evolution.

Today, My Sacred Heart of divine lilies opens like a flower for you, so that you may hold the original purity that God granted everyone.

My companions and children of Christ, have faith, and the certainty that your holy service and effort will come to touch the heart of the whole universe, so that in this way, the Graces of Heaven can be poured out.

The Most Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary has sent Me to remind you, on this sacred day, that you are to only seek the awakening of the original purity that will allow you to be transformed and redeemed.

As a faithful carpenter of God, allow Me to take your lives so that the new instrument, free from malice and hate, may be able to emerge and become a celestial gift for God.

My Chaste Heart promises immediate assistance for those who always remember to open the doors of their hearts so that God may labor. In this planetary hour, in which essences are distanced from their real purpose and mission, I come so that you also remember to pray for those who do not pray to God, nor do they remember the spring of divine existence.

After the last mission of charity carried out in Brazil, where My Chaste Heart granted a time of peace and Mercy for all the forgotten and displaced, for all of Africa, through all the servers of the Plan, I am preparing to gestate its great cycle of redemption, forgiveness and peace. So that this may be possible, I come to ask all My companions on the path and the Humanitarian Fraternity to dedicate three prayers a day to My Chaste Heart, so that I may intercede with God and grant the sacred mission in Rwanda and Angola.

I have come to the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to ask all the missionaries to raise their inner offering to God the Father in order to help and to collaborate in Africa, in the coming year of 2015, in honor of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

If the offering of all the servers is sincere and firm, I promise to descend in glory in Africa and free what is still not free from the spirits of My children.

For this special meeting, I am grateful for the collaboration of all who, in charity and for the good, made the mission in Brazil possible.

From the Most Chaste Heart of God, I bless you.

Your faithful Instructor, Saint Joseph,

Father of Love and Unity


Today My Chaste Heart brings you an important gift for life and the evolution of your spirits; this gift of which I speak to you is the sacred mystery that My Sacred Heart will reveal to you today.

The Sacred Family has worked from the beginning for a project that should accomplish itself in humanity, this project refers to the consecration of all the essences that were born on this world.

One of the paths realized by the Child Jesus was to attract the seven precious gifts to the families of the whole Earth; also in Heaven there is the Great Spiritual Family formed by the angels, saints and the blessed ones, that which waits to find you united in the next world.

The seven gifts that Jesus reached as a Child before His Passion as a Man, were:

First, Faithfulness.

Second, Strength.

Third, the Perfect Unity with God.

Fourth, Christic Love.

Fifth, Faith.

Sixth, Fraternity.

Seventh, Strength of Spirit.

From the beginning, you as a group of spiritual work contacted by the Heavens have been participants in these seven gifts, into which some have strongly awakened.

Why does My Chaste Heart talk to you about this?

Because the Lord has asked Me to communicate to you today, in a special way, that the true treasures for material life are found in these seven gifts that the Child Jesus reached.

These seven gifts will be for you keys of orientation on the path, especially when you feel that you are blind or cannot see the light.  God grants great tests for His children, tests that are protected by the Divine Messengers.

Now I ask you on this sacred day that you do not fear to lose it all; God gives you of His Sacred Goods to take away your material goods.

The message for this month will be: “In You Lord I have nothing, but Your Divine Spirit will give me everything, will fill my soul with Glory and Joy”

To be like the Sacred and simple Family, Heaven will help you to be humble.  Do not fear to surrender yourself to God, because in His ocean of Mercy you will find the truth that today you need.

I thank you for listening two times to My Chaste Heart!

Your Father and Guide,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph.


At the end of the message, Saint Joseph transmitted to us the following prayer, which He asked to be included and prayed every Friday at the end of the Devotion to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph.

Prayer to live in the Celestial Good

Lord, my real treasure
is found in the emptiness of all,
because Your Kind Spirit
will fill me with Divine Goods.

May my feet not tire of walking
and of abandoning the past.

May Your Supreme Light,
pour the Celestial Graces
that my heart needs.

Wise Creator
of all things, visible and invisible,
today I abandon myself to You
and I entrust my very small life
to Your Great Will,
because, in Your Eternal Kingdom
I will live forever.



After six months My Chaste Heart returns to your inner temple, after Christ, to open in the spirit new doors to peace and good to all the souls.

Today I announce missions for all the missionaries of the Fraternity of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, urgent missions, and necessary for the relief of souls, especially to those that lack peace and consolation.

With this spiritual and hierarchical goal, My Chaste Heart sends again the missionaries to Calcutta, so that the obliging and original land of the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta may be blessed by the unselfish presence of the missionaries of the Immaculate Heart.

Also for the next six months of Mercy another group of missionaries will arrive to the heart of Nigeria and Mozambique to serve and share with the most poor amongst the poor. They will realize an ecumenical union with the original peoples bringing the Inner Christ to all of them.

A third and important mission should happen in the next six months in Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and the regions of Copacabana, the land of the Great Sacred Lake, so that this group of missionaries may work in love and service with those most discriminated and isolated from Bolivian society. In this way they will also bring the Christ that is in your hearts and restore, by means of the service of their hands and of their prayers, all of those in need of inner and physical healing.

If the groups help to accomplish this, My paternal and most chaste purpose, the missionaries of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary will help to spiritually reduce the laws that weigh over these brothers and sisters. In all this purpose the participation of all the pilgrims cannot be missing, they may collaborate to relieve the suffering with their prayers and works of charity.

The Sacred Holy Father Pio de Pietrelcina, the man, healer of the spirit of all the souls of the entire world, will be the venerable intercessor for the pilgrims who want sincerely to serve from the heart and with dispossession of self, to the most poor amongst the poor.

The Blessed Mother Teresa will be your mediator for the mission in India; unite with this magnificent spirit of charity.

The Holy Martin de Porres will be the mediator for the mission of Nigeria, Mozambique and Bolivia; join together with his spirit of sacred humility.

After six months I already see from My Heart the growing of the missionary spirit that must have the purpose of loving the forgotten, of serving those who suffer, and of healing the wounds of the soul and of the heart.

Behind the misery of the world, My missionaries have witnessed the suffering of your holy humanity.

I thank the effort of all for accomplishing My sacred and chaste requests.

Your Venerable Saint Joseph, who has collected the fruits of the old Fig tree.

At the end of the message, Saint Joseph transmits to us a prayer of gratitude to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, especially dedicated to the missionary spirit:

Prayer of Gratitude to the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

I am a missionary of Peace,
I bring between my hands the shining Star
of Fraternity and of Love.

O Holy Heart of Saint Joseph!
We thank you and we beg of you now and always,
guide us,
protect our mission,
our life and our spirit,
so that, by the blessed intercession of Your Son,
Jesus Christ,
we may love all for the Eternity of God.


Monthly Messages

May Jesus Christ always be praised in you and in all the world!

After the coming of the Son of God, My Chaste and Humble Heart comes today to an inner encounter with you, to announce My fraternal and loving spiritual accompaniment to all the missionaries of peace who, for reasons of earthly laws, have not been able to embark on the highly important mission ordered by the Virgin Mary.

For this reason, today more than ever, little brothers and sisters of Mine, I ask for all the prayer groups to pray, so that the celestial plans of peace and redemption that the three Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph impart, may be sown in all the needy hearts throughout the world.

Today I announce Myself to you to instruct you so that, if such a mission to India is delayed more than is predicted, that is, past the next month of August, I announce to you that there will also be other missions that were waiting to mature in your consciousnesses, missions to nations such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Asian countries, which in this time are those that most need pity, love, abnegated service and Mercy.

Be aware, My missionaries of peace, that when a door of the world closes, another divine door opens to the whole world, bringing Graces and blessings to all.

From Heaven, in the depths of My Chaste Heart, I bless you, encouraging you to live in the faith and in the hope that the Plans of God are perfect and precise for these times.  Follow My humble steps in silence and in prayer.

I thank you for your offer and dedication.

Your Missionary Father,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

At the end of the message, Saint Joseph delivered to us the following prayerful impulse, especially for all His missionary children:

Prayer of Protection and Light for the Missionaries of God

God the Father,
Who, through the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, 
touched our simple hearts,
and we in humility and in faith
responded to Your Celestial Mission.

We ask you, in reverence and love,
beloved Saint Joseph, faithful missionary,
to cover us with Your violet mantle of protection
so that our steps may be invisible.

Give us Your holy scepter,
so that we may respond to the mission of love and peace.

Give us Your powerful seven lilies from Heaven
so that, under this Grace,
that comes from Your Holy Heart,
we may now and always live:
the Purity of soul,
the Love of self-giving,
service without delay and without time,
humility as a source of absolute faith,
total Surrender to the Will of the Father,
the rescue of those most in need,
the perfect union with all the Created Kingdoms.

Oh Humble and Chaste Heart!
Under Your Power of Love and Humility,
may the Great Mission of Peace be accomplished
in all humanity.


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