Prayer of Rescue for the End of Times

Prayer of Rescue for the End of Times


On December 6, 2014 during the Marathon of the Divine Mercy in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, Christ Jesus transmitted to us the following prayer:


Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Source of Love and Truth,
receive our consciousnesses into Your Kingdom.



And then the Master Jesus instructed us:

"With these simple words, you will be giving permission to God so that, through His Firstborn Son, all of your souls may be rescued in the end of times.  In this way, when I return in glory to this world, the souls will be able to recognize Me as many of you knew Me in the past.  For this reason, on this evening of mercy and pity, I bring My Presence to you, I bring you the memory of being with Me in other times, sharing the Supper with the Lord, the favorite communion with the Greater Universe."

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