Invocation to the Divine Attribute of Humility

Invocation to the Divine Attribute of Humility


Our Lord, 
make me small and insignificant.

May my person not take vainglory in anything;
may my heart be a bridge towards Your holy Peace.

Lord, make me helpful and good,
kind and merciful to others.

May my consciousness always receive 
the necessary corrections from life;
may my human heart never close;
may I learn to give thanks 
for all lessons and experiences.

May I do everything for You, Lord, 
and nothing for me, nor for my own imperfect will.

Teach me to empty myself.

Teach me, in humility, to recognize You
alive and present in the Communion,
in the consecration of life,
in each one of the vows
that I have proposed to take for You.

destroy my pride,
dissolve my arrogance
and heal me from spiritual negligence.

May I learn to protect, from myself,
Your majestic Work;
may I no longer be a thorn in Your meek Heart,
but rather a flower at the foot of Your sacred Altar.

light me up in Your Humility,
vivify me in the constant void
and redeem me in the loving
fire of Your Heart all the time
so that at least the smallest portion of my life may be, upon the Earth, 
the testimony of Your Love and Your Divine Will.


*Prayer transmitted by Christ Jesus
in His daily message on March 28, 2019.

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