Prayer to the Sacred Unity

Prayer to the Sacred Unity


On November 5th, 2014, during the Marathon of the Divine Mercy held at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Christ Jesus said:

“My silence leads you to the favorite union with God, to the constant search for love.  And My Heart visits each one of you in order to teach you new things.

You will bathe your heads and purify your feet from every stain as I have taught you, so that you may be able to renew yourselves and find the unity with God, the unity that many are loosing by being so indifferent to the changes, to the great transformation.

Let us repeat and pray with the heart:

Sacred Unity of God
unify our lives,
unify our being,
unify us in profound fraternity



Whenever you are separated and unable to unite, evoke the Sacred Unity of God, the blazing flame that is kept in the Sacred Hearts. In this way you will be totally helped by Me, by My Most Saint Mother and by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

Be fair at these times. May you all together live the Sacred spiritual Unity of God, the Divine Thought that unifies the matter and all the differences under the same redeeming purpose.

Seek the Sacred Unity of God. Nourish your lives through Unity, the flame of grace and piety that will comfort you, that will not separate you, but that will unite you with My Merciful Heart.

Search for the Sacred Unity and you will be in profound fraternity. In this way you will be worthy of serving Me and will deserve the Healing of God in order to reach redemption. Meditate on what I tell you.  Aspire to live in the Sacred Unity.

Whenever you realize this invocation, you will be affirming in your lives to be united to God and to not separate yourselves from Him, regardless of what may take place or happen in this world.

Whenever you are unable to live the Sacred Unity, be alert in order to invoke this prayer. And thus you will be protected and safe so that your paths may not deviate like a leaf that flies away when passed by.”

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