Prayer to Imitate Christ

Prayer to Imitate Christ


On May 2, 2020, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph said:

"Pray like the first companions of Christ, who, gathered around Him - Jews, pagans, atheists, fishermen, prostitutes, scholars and soldiers, poor people and tax collectors, doctors and lepers - learned to love one another as He loved them."




may my eyes contemplate the world with Your Eyes;
may my heart feel life as does Your Heart;
may my soul live upon Earth and beyond it, as does Your Soul;
may my days be an eternal reflection of Your Mercy
so that I may see my neighbor as You see me,
so that I understand my neighbor as You understand me, 
so that I may be patient with my neighbor as You are with me, 
so that I may speak to my neighbor as You speak to those who are Yours,   
so that I may act with my neighbor as You act with those who are Yours, 
and so that I may deliver to them all that You may wish to deliver.
Therefore, Lord,
may I love as You love,
serve as You serve
and live as You live,

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