Prayer to the Holy Shroud of Jesus

Prayer to the Holy Shroud of Jesus


On November 20, 2021, Our Lord said:

"Today, in a special way, and, I would even say, in an extraordinary way, I again bring you the power of the Holy Shroud, because humanity needs this Holy Shroud so as to be cured and healed.

My Heart, overflowing with Mercy, cannot bear the suffering of souls, especially the souls that suffer within their physical bodies.

Count on My prayer before the Celestial Father, for all those who in these times suffer and have to endure diseases. But I assure you that the worst disease in this world is  indifference toward the suffering of those who are unprotected and helpless. (…)

All need to be enveloped by the power of the Holy Shroud of Jesus so that at least a minimum part of this humanity can be healed, and the endless chain of suffering may be broken in order for the Light of the spirit to emerge in all souls, impelled by the Consoling Spirit of the Redeemer."



O Holy Shroud of Jesus!
Unfathomable Light of Resurrection,
repair each cell of our consciousness.


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