Prayer To Follow the Steps of Christ

Prayer To Follow the Steps of Christ


Enter into my heart like in Jerusalem,
multiply the bread of virtues
and satisfy the hunger of my soul.
Heal the deepest wounds of my inner leprosy,
caused by misery and sin
that lead me into falling, again and again, upon the ground.
Let me touch Your tunic, hear Your Voice
and receive Your Gaze.
Let me feel Your Kingdom,
experience it and discover it
revealed within me.
Reflect the Celestial Truth
within the mirror of my heart
and call me to follow Your footsteps
upon the hills and up to the Cross.
Let the power of Your Presence
perpetuate the covenant that you made with my small
and poor spirit.
Make my being sacred, Lord,
in likeness to You, Child of God,
so that I may serve You, love You
and with You renew life
throughout the Universes.


Prayer transmitted by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph
in His daily message of April 7, 2020.

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