Prayer of Confession

Prayer of Confession


On March 2, 2020, Saint Joseph told us about Lent:

" Lent, then, is this moment to recognize the dust and leave to the dust what comes from it; but also, to recognize the spirit and open the way so that this spirit may be expressed in all that you are. Experience Lent fully; feel small, fragile, nothing, but be able to surrender this smallness to the greatness of God and to confess:


I recognize my fragility and misery;
I recognize my imperfection and illusion,
and made of completely nothing and dust, here I am,
as an offering at the Altar of Your Spirit 
so that It may be revealed within me,
and that Your Breath may make the clay alive,
and that Your Life be wholly within me
so that I may become Your instrument, 
and Your Will may be done.



This should be the prayer of the hearts surrendered in the face of the desert, which are willing, during Lent with the Lord, to be prepared with Him for the cross of the world."

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