Lord, Heal Me

Lord, Heal Me


Lord, heal me, entering with the power of Your Love
into all my atoms and molecules.

Lord, heal me, burning, with the fire of Your Holy Spirit,
each particle of my small being.

Lord, heal me, reduce my soul to a true nothing
so that I may recognize Your Greatness and infinite Majesty.

Lord, heal me and show Your Face to my impure eyes
so that I may recognize You as the Father, the Truth and the Origin of all things.

Lord, heal me and remove from me all that believes to be separate from You.

Show me, O Lord of all Creation,
that You are in all things;
You are behind all illusions, hidden in the essence of each being.

Lord, heal me, defeat me and leave me surrendered at Your Feet.

May my whole being recognize Your Power and rejoice in You eternally.

God of Love, God of Truth,
God of Purity, God of Joy,
God of the poor and the rich,
God of the healthy and the sick,
God of Heaven, Earth and the whole Universe,
God of the Cosmos, God of Existence, God of Creation,
heal me, renew me
and allow me to discover You to be as within me, as I am within myself.

Lord, reveal that You are in all things and that all things are in You.

Reveal Yourself in unity with All, and, thus, heal me, Lord.


Prayer transmitted by Saint Joseph on July 18, 2016.



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