Dear children:

Just as Jesus carried the Cross of the world, you are being called to carry your own cross so that one day everything will be redeemed.

My children, the sacrifice that My Son lived for you went beyond the material and spiritual life. In this whole sacred mystery of the Passion of Jesus many Laws acted to generate the redemption of humanity.

Dear children, assuming your internal sacrifice for humanity, I bring you the possibility to help transcend the deviated paths of millions of souls in the world through the power of prayer and of peace.

On this day in which we prepare ourselves to see Jesus as the Great Lamb that is taken to the slaughterhouse, let us offer to the Celestial Father our alliance with His Spirit and with all the Higher Kingdom.

I open the door for you to walk to My Heart with firm steps of definition.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you through the Passion of Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary


Dear children:

With a small cross upon the Heart of My Son, I prepare you to accept the sacrifice for the Plan of God and for all the sinful souls.

With My luminous Heart I reveal to you, one by one, the signs of the Passion of My Son for them to serve as an example of love and of overcoming every day.

My children, embracing the power of the Cross of My Son you will come to know the spiritual and internal values that conquered death and that made the Love of God triumph over every mistake and human difficulty.

Christ is the victorious triumph for your hearts, My Son is the perfect Project in which the souls can fulfill the aspirations of God and sanctify themselves because at the end, dear children, your souls are the ones that will continue performing the trajectory towards the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, contemplate the immensity of Love of My Son for each creature, live His Sacrifice as if it were your own and adopt a religious posture for the world not to lose the spiritual life.

Let us walk together following the footprints of Christ until we meet again in the apex of the Sacred Passion of Our Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My children,

On this day when we celebrate the victory of the Heart of Jesus over death and over all error, see how much My Son is doing for you during these holy days.

Preparing for the next Easter of Resurrection, let us continue walking beside the Lord in the profound silence of the soul and the heart, so as to be able to receive the precious Gifts that emanate from His Holy Heart for the world.

In an act of trust and of faith, renew your perpetual adherence to My Son and follow this sacred task of the redemption of humanity.

Appreciating all the mysteries lived by Christ during His Sacred Passion, dear children; adopt a posture of withdrawal and of prayer so that with your souls, you are able to perceive all that My Son is doing for you.

On this path of search for silence, you may be able to find the keys that will open the doors to the divine knowledge of the Love and Wisdom of the beloved Father through His blessed Son.

Christ is pouring out a stream of Light and of Grace upon all creatures.

Receive this call to peace, and through the Passion of My Son, take on forever your own cross for those who turn their backs on the great divine summoning.

I am with you, walking slowly toward Calvary; but before, I will show you the spiritual meaning of the scourging and the crown of thorns.

Let us continue with confidence; the Lord awaits us in vigil.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Walking with all for the Passion,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary


Dear children,

On this day let us contemplate the silence of Our Lord in deep preparation for what He will live during His Passion. For this, My children, just as the apostles did, follow in the footsteps of the Redeemer and commune of this sacred moment.

I encourage you to live the Passion of Christ as an event of transformation and love for everyone. I hope, My children, that your hearts become peaceful, just as Jesus became peaceful from the day that He knew that wrongful death was awaiting Him. He conquered death and all darkness.

Prepare your inner beings to participate, together with the Love of My Celestial Son, in these days of reflection and the living of the Passion of Christ. Allow, My beloveds, the fire of the Heart of My Son to transform you so that you lose your human condition and thus consecrate yourselves to the apostolate of the Universal Son.

Dear children, during these days we will prepare your consciousnesses so that they awaken to important realities of the spiritual plane.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you on the path of the Passion of the Lord,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Calvary

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

In silence, I pray for those who become lost and for those who do not know how to find God because of their suffering. I gather you all in My Grace so that you may discover My infinite Love, My celestial Love.

Grace is the living of Mercy that is granted to souls and to all little hearts. I need your hearts to feel like Mine, that you love as I love, and that you dare to offer your suffering for the world because many souls are worse off than those around you.

My Heart consoles and mends all things. My Voice pronounces the salvation of hearts. My motherhood gives shelter to the inconceivable, that which nobody can understand or accept. It is for this reason that today I pour out an inexplicable Grace.

My Heart never abandons you. I live your passion just as I lived the Passion of My Son in silence. I am the Mother of pities and I carry everyone in My arms, and even more so those who do not listen to Me, do not understand Me, do not accept Me.

I am the Mother of the Mercy of God, I am the perfect consolation for all afflictions and for all tests. Love overcomes all obstacles and I teach you about My motherhood, which is not just accepting the human condition, but rather it is loving the error in order to transform it into Light and Mercy.

I want you all to know that My inexplicable Grace may be given in the end of times, sporadically when souls cry out for it.

What is most important, My children, is the victory of My Heart in those who are fallen, not in those who persist. I come through those who persist to those who are fallen, and in those who are fallen, I build the Temple of My Son, little by little. I hope you have been able to understand Me.

I am the Mother of impossible causes; God gave Me this authority after the Cross and today I present it to you in truth and trust, with simplicity and humility.

Let your hearts not stop being meek, because in meekness you understand each other, you love what a fellow being is experiencing, you forgive the mistake of the neighbor.

I want you to understand, My children, that this work is important, and each of you are important to Me.

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The deconsecrated of My Immaculate Heart

My children,

In these times when the opponent strikes hard with his capital energies, the souls of the world are weakened if they do not pray with their hearts imploring for Mercy and protection.

Those who deconsecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart cause me an eternal pain unbearable to explain, it is stronger than all  the pains I suffered with my Son in His Passion.

The deconsecrated deprive themselves of My divine Presence for they decide to remain unchanged and choose the things of the world as true and illusory. The ones who deconsecrated themselves lose the spiritual quality of favorite children and become, by children of the world.

In this, your Mother can do nothing in the face of so much arrogance, indifference and human pride. Those who deconsecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart make Me suffer spiritually, and bring as a result that, in truth, they never understood in whose Heart they were .

I pray for them, as I pray for you, in the hope that the indifference, arrogance and pride of souls will be transformed into love and compassion.

The ones who deconsecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart have nothing else to do in their spiritual life, they become autonomous and they apparently feel free for having stripped themselves of the sacrifice they had promised to fulfill, once again, before God.

Your Mother implores for their Guardian Angels so that they feel relieved on carrying this weight of the human condition of these times. 

Those who deconsecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart never loved the plan. Thus today I confess to you that this is one of My many sorrows for the world.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In union with those who persist,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Stay in My arms because then I will help you.

Stay in My arms because then I will console you.

Stay in My arms so that you feel the entire Universe.

Stay in My arms so that you see the Grace of My Heart.

No longer be tired, dear pilgrim, keep seeking the top of the mountain so you see on the horizon the arrival of the Great Shepherd. Go forward, walking between the stones and bones, your feet will be injured on this path so you can learn.

Maybe you will fall to the ground in order to learn to stand up, but remember, My dear pilgrim, a Hand of Light will always come in your path so you can get up firmly and with devotion. So stay in My arms, as Jesus did when He was born.

Stay in My arms so that you recognize you are not alone in this universe.

You know there are many brothers from the universe who love you and from their subtlest Heavens they accompany the journey of your spirit.

You know you will be able to escape the error, this is the school for those who are willing to come to know and transform themselves. If twelve men beside Jesus converted themselves into His followers and apostles of the sacred word, why, dear pilgrim, will you not convert yourself into something so beautiful and waited by My Son?

It is time that day by day you learn to grow and to love the transformation. The universe of this humanity is full of gifts but also full of debts, some of them are priceless. But if your faith leads you to find the highest point of the mountain, never stop aspiring to completely redeem your life.

Dear and beloved pilgrim, you have come to the world to purify the old, that which can no longer dwell in your sacred consciousness.

Dear pilgrim, you have arrived in the world with a veil in the eyes of consciousness so that you would learn to walk in absolute faith, without knowing your past in the stars and in the cosmos.

Now and here, learn to overcome yourself every day, while participating in the true miracles that Heaven has created in your life and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

I know that you, dear pilgrim, have walked and crossed many deserts or maybe now you are at the doors of a new inner desert. Rejoice because you can be empty of yourself and free from any influence.


Dear children,

With effort and love, let us move forward, walking confidently towards the Lord Who waits for us with His paternal embrace and His infinite great Love.

My request for each one of the missionaries of peace is that they encourage themselves more each day to embrace that cross that God is giving them so that, through the sacrifice and the love for His Greater Kingdom, the works of salvation and of redemption be fulfilled in this time.

In this way, My children, you will not be far from the Will of the Father, that which you must first love and then come to know within yourselves. By loving this Divine Will, dear children, you will be able to embrace the cross of complete surrender and absolute sacrifice for the new humanity so that the new seeds that will blossom in the coming time thus be born.

My dear missionaries, there is nothing at this time that is out of place or space; everything is part of an unknown law that many servers must come to know at some point; it is the law of renunciation, something that does not exist in the consciousness of human beings. It is a principle that was taught by My own Son during the Agony and during the Passion.

Renunciation breaks the structures that have always been based on criticism, on indifference and on unending error.

Through service and loving attention to your fellow beings, renunciation gives a form of atonement that balances many errors committed.

Dear children, the school of renunciation is the principle and the command of the missionaries of Christ, of those who are in the service of fraternal charity.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the new patterns of behavior,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


The Silence of Mary

During the Passion of My Son, the key that opened the door to Grace was silence.

Silence made Your Mother invisible, because God and all of His manifestations are present in the silence. Your Mother not only had a sorrowing Heart, but She also lived as a silent Heart; this allowed the deep doors to be closed to evil.

The enemy does not know what silence is, because he lives through conflict and disorder. Silence penetrates the consciousness as a spirit of serenity and harmony. It is this inner and mysterious silence that carried forward all the Redemptive Work of My Son during His Passion. Silence bore all martyrdoms, because His Divine Consciousness was united with God and His Great Purpose.

Evil is overcome through silence, and becomes disoriented because it cannot find any doorway into conflict. This silence was what prepared Jesus during the forty days before He began His public life. Silence fashions in the spirit a state able to transcend the most resistant conflicts in the consciousness. To reach this state of silence, neither arrogant nor introspective, means a task of detaching from forms and ways that can interfere in the awakening of each soul.

Silence is more than remaining quiet or not speaking words; the true silence of the universe is reached through the inner connection with prayer, which is the first step to gradually dissolving the human roots that generate disorder in material life.

At this moment, the planet is very far from true silence. This is why Your Mother teaches you that silence is an act of prayer capable of traversing to levels of consciousness where peace reigns. Silence is also healing; it is a powerful spring which in these times will help to safeguard the spiritual path of the consciousnesses that accept penetrating that state of union with the Creator.

Silence brings light, brings wisdom, brings serenity, and renews the spirit so that it may have the impulse of continuing in Divine work. The complete silence of a part of humanity could reverse all the causes that are taking advantage of noise and disorder to generate world conflict.

Silence is like a remedy for verbal excesses, which cause debts and constant faults. Silence liberates without a struggle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who carries you into inner silence,


Dearest children of Mine,

In this month of the Holy Rosary I want to renew you in the faith and in the sacred devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  I wish that every day, even if only for fifteen minutes of your day, you venerate My Immaculate Heart; Its Light; Its Glory; and Its Grace towards all of the children of the Earth.

I promise those who will venerate My chaste and pure Virginal Heart during the whole month of October, to pour a special Grace that will bear fruit and glory in the next life.  I promise those who will venerate My Sacred Heart, to give them fervor and a spirit of consolation and of Grace during the ultimate times of the Earth.

I wish, dear children, you would diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  And if this veneration takes place before the praying of the Holy Rosary, I promise to comfort the soul that will ask Me for that, because I have the permission and the authority to do it as the Mother of God.   This promise shall be fulfilled because it has been preciously conceded when Christ gave Me to all as the Mother of the new humanity.

To those hearts that will diffuse the silent power of My Immaculate Heart I promise them the total and absolute protection of the banners, from My adversary.  If this holy image of My Immaculate Heart were to be placed on the door of each home, I promise the existence of an unbreakable faith, capable of moving away every desire of evildoing and hatred.

But if the holy image of My Immaculate Heart is venerated by the families of the world before praying the Holy Rosary, I promise the most potent divine protection during the three days of darkness.

Whoever in the name of Jesus Christ will ask Me all, for the sake of the merits of His Passion I promise, during this month, to concede impossible Graces, and unthinkable transformations to all those who will venerate Me and who will give Me their love.

I wish that in this month of the rosary, peace may be the keynote for the souls of the world because I will especially fulfill My works requested by Christ through those who will piously implore Me from the Heart for a special Grace.

This month the most pure Mercy of My Immaculate Heart will be pouring Itself as an ocean of renewal and hope for all.  I will not abandon any child, because My gaze will be on all those who will truly seek Me with sincerity.


Before Mary appeared, Father Pio manifested himself before us.  He brought in his hands a crown of flowers and some other loose flowers.  He was praying the Rosary as he waited for Our Lady and when the portals started to open, he placed the flowers that he had in his hands on the path of Mary, and the crown of flowers, on the place where She would put Her Feet.  When Mary appeared, Father Pio stood on his knees and touched with his head the feet of the Mother, remaining like that during all the time She was present.  In the end of the Apparition, he took leave and left with Mary.

       I Am the Mother of the lost and of the unsheltered.

I Am the Mother of the repentant, of the redeemed, of the rescued.

Come to Me the sinners, and I will sanctify you.

Come to the Me the incredulous, and I will give you absolute faith.

Come to Me the fearless, because I will build over them a fortress, and I will congregate them in My army of peace, which will overcome evil through prayer and through the love of the Creator of all things.

Come to Me the imperfect though brave ones, for you will let yourselves be molded in My Holy Hands, and you will permit that I may conduct you in My arms to the Heart of the universe, to the King of kings, to Christ the Redeemer.

Dear children, I do not call to My presence the perfect ones, because This One is already found in the Kingdom of the Heavens, at the right hand of God.  I call to My side those that will allow themselves to be transformed and purified by the fire of prayer and by My most sacred presence in this world.

Today I bring before you Saint Father Pio of Pietrelcina, so that your hearts may find in him an example to be followed.  This beloved saint of Mine, My children, was capable of trusting Christ, Saint Joseph, and My Immaculate Heart, above all things.  He was willing to understand the mysteries of Heaven and to live in himself the sorrows of the Passion of My Son, notwithstanding all the evil that there was in the world was against the mission that he was receiving.

As I did to Father Pio, I invite each one of you to surrender to the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to not remain in the illusion of the days of this world, solely enclosed in the common living.

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Praised be Jesus Christ in your beings and in all the souls of the world!

Today I wish to draw your attention to an important point that speaks to you about the spirit of peacemaking and meekness, virtues that are completely unknown to My adversary and through which not a small bit of evil can be sown in the soul that lives these holy virtues.

Therefore, children, your peace and meekness will make you more humble and at the same time more free of yourselves, so that you can serve under the fire of service and of plenitude.

The lack of peace and meekness in the souls of the world distances them far from the spirit of premeditation that leads them to sacred wisdom. 

Today, for the love of God and your brothers and sisters, observe how your perpetual work with meekness is found.

Imitate My Son. A few days ago, you lived from the heart the profound spirit of His Passion. Thus, today you can understand that without peace and meekness, the humility that is necessary and urgent for these times does not exist. 

As you Celestial Mother, I come to help you grow in the Love of God and, from this Divine Love, you may take the steps in the emptiness of yourselves and the divestment of the old patterns of a precarious and disoriented humanity.

My children, it will not be necessary for you to martyr yourselves with your thoughts and uncertainties for not being humble and grateful. Accept the hand that is extended towards you from the Kingdom of Heavens and thus, live the new attributes that will reform the whole Earth.

Even though many of My children do not realize that they are so separated from the essence of humble love and meekness, My adversary makes them believe that they already live it and, in truth, it is all an illusion.

Therefore, pray and ask God to remove from your hearts all arrogance and pride, crawling serpents that will lead you through the abysses of the world, far from the paradise of Our Lord.


On this great day in which the world remembers the crucifixion of My Son, I wish that no soul may be martyrized by the hands of their own brothers and sisters, because this has led to the lost of the inner innocence of the beings.

Dear children, in order to be able to detain this wave of scourge, outrage and martyrdoms of siblings against siblings, today I invite you to consciously relive the sacrifice of Our Lord as an act that must never be repeated again in this civilization.

And as this keeps on happening in other ways that are concealed from the eyes of many, I come to beg you to detain yourselves and to no longer injure.  Nor subject the life that is being generated in the wombs of the mothers because there, a chosen soul must be born to the light that calls it.

Children, pray, pray a lot and offer your actions and daily exercises to God as a precious prayer, thus you will help to spiritually rebuild all that which has been destroyed by the hands of the ungrateful humans.

Children, your Heavenly Mother accompanies the whole world, which faces, more than a passion, a consequence that in some cases seems irreversible.   For this, with maternal love I invite you to live today the crucifixion of Jesus as a part and essence of your lives because, your little souls, by achieving this inner union, will allow that the codes of Heaven be poured over the planetary sphere under the intervention of the celestial angels.

Dear children, although your own cross seems heavy and unbearable to carry, remember that My Beloved Son carried on His back the greatest sin and the greatest denial that you can imagine.  For this, in absolute and immediate surrender, enter the Calvary and accompany the Celestial Messengers in this transition that has not finished yet.

Children of Mine, it will be through the unconditional acceptance of your own cross that all of the crosses of the ungrateful will be relieved and thus one day they will resurrect to the spiritual conversion.

Many remember the Friday of the crucifixion, but few are able to penetrate this sacred mystery of love that My Son lived.


Dear children of Mine,

Anywhere on Earth where a soul celebrates today, together with My Son, the Last Supper, it will receive the Grace of transformation of its being.  In this way it will avoid, in the times that are to come, to deviate itself from the path that My Son has offered you since the beginning.

For this, on this day, be witnesses of the great universal event in which you are called to participate and, in this way, to say “yes” to the Celestial Father.

It is important, children, to understand that, when every year the memory of the Last Supper of Jesus with His Apostles is celebrated, new doors of redemption, of mercy and of spiritual rehabilitation open to all those who wish from the soul and from the heart to cross them.  Behind them you will find the pathway of reintegration into the path of Christification.

For this, dear children, once a year, when the Sacred Supper of the Lord is celebrated, the Universe donates Itself entirely and all the universal laws stop so that the Mercy reached by My Son may be able to be poured over all that is very impure and that seems irreversible.

Wake up to this moment in which, all of you, as worthy Children of God, will be depositaries of the same gifts that allowed the redeeming mission of the Son of God to be fulfilled.

Today I open My arms and your Celeste Mother receives you in Her Immaculate Heart, inviting you to renew yourselves and to confirm the mission that the Eternal Father entrusted you by the means of the vivification of the Passion of My Son.

In this time you are led to understand the mysteries of the Universe through the voice of the Celeste Messengers.  For this, with spirit of joy, raise your supplications to God and receive on this day of the Secret Supper the keys that the Lord will give you so that, when the time comes, you may open the doors that will lead you to the Paradise of God.

While you are this world, much must be done in the name of the Lord so that at least one more soul may receive the opportunity to wake up to the Infinite Universe that waits for it.  This, My children, will be possible through your consecration and constant search to remain fused within this Gran Infinite which is the essence of Love of Adonai.

I thank you for answering to My Call!

Who reunites you on this day around the Sacred Table of Jesus,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On the eve of the great moment that My Son lived on the Cross, today I invite you to prepare your hearts on the path of perseverance and faith, attributes that were lived by Jesus moments before His surrender on the Cross, before everything was consummated.

Thus, My children, entering the school of faith and perseverance, you will find the path of constancy and fortitude so that, before the tests, you may be confirmed in the Plan of the Celestial Father and He, through Mercy, may be able to carry out His Works throughout the world through your spirits.

In this time of preparation, your Master is already in Jerusalem, working intensely for the redemption of souls, which in these times do not even receive the opportunity of experiencing the love of the heart.

May this Sacred Week lead you into understanding the mystery of the Love of God through the sacrifice of Christ, for, in this way, you will be holders of the essence of Life that created the bases for transcending the Passion of the Lord.

Children, on this day, we walk together in the Will of the Lord, which renews us and encourages us to live the surrender of life and of the heart. Stay always upon My lap; I have prepared a space of inner fortitude that is capable of leading you into living the Gifts of the Creator.

Dear children, from Heaven, I will accompany you during this Sacred Week; thus, you will perceive how important it is for these times to remember the Passion of Christ as a primary key to be able to transcend the end of times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with the Water of Life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,
In the beginning of this Sacred Week, in which together we will remember the greatest sacrifice of love of Our Lord, I invite you to internally relive the Passion of Christ as a tribute of love and of absolute sacrifice for humanity and for the planet.

In this way, children of Mine, you will extract from this experience of love the strength to receive the gifts that will transform your lives in soldiers of His Sacred Heart.

On this day in which together we begin the Sacred Week of Our Lord, offer to God this Passion of Jesus for the world, and mainly, for those who continue to hurt the Blessed Heart of My Son.

For this, children, renew yourselves during this week that will arrive and may you this year be able to awake the virtues of which My Son expects to help Himself in order to fulfill the project of His second coming to the world.

In this time humanity faces its own Passion and, in many cases, they are grave situations that affect societies and peoples submerged in the desperation that My adversary transmits.

But remember, dear children, that My Beloved Jesus overcame fear and temptation during His inner confirmation on the night of the last supper and, after that, in the Garden of Gethsemane, when He finally drank from the chalice of sacrifice that Adonai offered to Him.  In that moment humanity was redeemed.

For this, let us glorify the Lord and let us accompany Him well awake through this Calvary that He will begin to live for you.

Wake up to the life of the divine codes that Christ reached by means of His sacred surrender on the cross.  Do not waste time because the hour of your purification will manifest the great moment of accepting or not the path of the new Christs, of the new Apostles of My Son.

I ask you, children of Mine, that you have a meek heart, full of universal and divine love, so that in this way My Son may find a refuge where He may be able to rest.

Whoever l enters the Passion of Jesus during these days will spiritually assist the imprisoned souls, the ones that are in the same conditions of those that Jesus redeemed more than two thousand years ago, in receiving the Grace of the Mercy of Christ.

This Sacred Week will be definitive for many, and the brave ones will count on the assistance that they need in order to proceed.


Dear children:

On this special day, I open again My arms to pour over the world the Mercy of God.  My Immaculate Heart on this day descends in Glory and in Spirit over Curitiba contributing, to speed up your maturity, these twelve steps to reach humility:

First, to see the need of the other before your own.

Second, to recognize that without God nothing can be done.

Third, to have a pure heart, to be able to have a pure mind
       and as a consequence pure feeling.

Fourth, to know that without Christ the paths will remain inconclusive.

Fifth, to consider as vital, permanent and devout prayer.

Sixth, to learn to be humble through the teachings of the Gospel of Christ.

Seventh, to be an instrument of good and charity for all.

Eighth, to recognize oneself as an apostle and server of Christ.

Ninth, to renew oneself every day through kind gestures of love
       and fraternity among others.

Tenth, to live every day the Passion of Christ as an act and a sacrifice of love.

Eleventh, to live fully the unity with God.

Twelfth, to empty oneself of oneself to be able to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

       If these twelve simple steps are experimented with by the good hearts, the Lord will help you and will show you how important it is to accept and to live the humility of the heart.  A humble heart listens, does not judge or question, is open to receive instruction from Heaven, and then it prays and meditates in its interior with gratitude and joy.

My children, the world has lost humility, for this God comes again to encounter you by means of My Maternal Heart.  Let us pray so that the holy humility, that which will permit that you recognize each other as dignified children of God, may be gestated as a new seed in your hearts.

As Mother and Guardian of all the hearts, today I am here to transmit to you My Sacred Humility.

If in truth the entire world prayed from the heart and realized at least a little act of charity and good, it would find the path to humility; but the enemy has managed to remove from the good hearts the Most Sacred Flame of Humility, by means of the temptations and the desires for the modern and advanced things.


Dear and beloved children of the Father,

All the offenses that are generated in the world are forgiven day by day through the Unfathomable and Powerful Divine Mercy that springs as a fountain from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Therefore today, My little ones, you must surrender in faith to the infinite mystery of forgiveness and of reparation for the hearts that have fallen into the faults that offend God.

So that the world and the souls may achieve peace and universal harmony necessary in this end of times, My Son needs humble and spontaneous soldiers of Mercy.

Dear children, the Universal King of the Love of God, Jesus Christ, awaits daily that through prayer, service and frater- nity new soldiers are able to be His instruments so that His Mercy may be propagated through the world. The hearts still have not understood the true mystery of the merciful Rays of Jesus; therefore today I invite you to propagate this important Grace that My Son is pouring over the whole world.

My children, in His Sorrowful Passion were radiated the highest States of Love that flowed out from the wounded Heart of Jesus. Now resurrected, He calls you to the conversion of your lives and to drink from the Fountain of Christ Itself, which heals all and cures all.

Dear children, it is time to awaken before that magnificent and splendorous Grace of Redemption and Forgiveness in which My Son is calling you to be participants.

May your lives be only Mercy. May your actions be merciful. May your words and thoughts be impregnated by Divine Mercy. May the Fire of the Love of Jesus convert you into instruments of His Unfathomable Mercy.

Dear children, you still have time!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I want you to celebrate on this Saturday the supper with My Son, Jesus. Remember that Saturdays are days of special reparation and Grace for all those children that, united to Christ, commune with Him in His Heart and His Divine Spirit.

The day of Saturday helps you to meditate on the mystery of communion that My Son instituted in the Last Supper. This precious act that Jesus performed with the apostles allowed the great liberation of humanity in the sacrifice of the crucifixion of Jesus. The whole passion that Jesus lived invites you, during the day of Saturday, to contemplate the acts as sacred and as the beginning of the victory of the Kingdom of God on Earth, through the Merciful Love of Jesus.

With this, dear children, today I invite you to keep in your hearts the fact that the day of Saturday, with fasting and prayer in community, will be able to detain irreparable worldwide effects with the simple act of giving oneself to God, for love of those who still do not give themselves, do not love Him and do not adore Him.

Over the course of time, all this exercise will demand more effort from you. Therefore your hearts must be in constant prayer, to be able to comply with My call.

My children, know that the children of Fatima cultivated purity and surrender by being very innocent. Today I only ask you to remember the inner child that each one of you holds in the heart, which will allow you to take the steps towards the Light of the Creator.

May the days of Saturday be like a feast of Mercy for your hearts. Even though not all are able to fulfill My requests, remember the importance of this day of the week; this alone will help in the conversion of the world.

May you find in Jesus the joy of serving God, the Love.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

First dear children, today I thank you for daily answering My call to the prayer of the heart and the urgent call for Peace for all the hearts of My children who are in the world.

Today My children, I call you to continue persevering in the fruit of prayer and of the Mysteries of the Holiest Rosary. With this instrument that was given to you so many centuries ago, I invite you to meditate and to be a part of the life of each of the Mysteries that God the Father manifested when My Immaculate Heart was in the world and among you as humanity. Each passage of the Mystery wants to bring you to walk to the path of My Son and to pass through the bliss of His Redeeming Love in each one of the episodes that were wonderful works of the Highest God the Father.

Because this day dear children, I invite you as souls and as hearts to discover the path of purity that Christ expressed in His public life, as the transcendence through the act of love in His Passion. I want to make you understand how God the Father manifests Himself in each of the creatures. For this, in the Mysteries you will find brief descriptions of Our life, as faithful servants and children of God.

At the moment of daily meeting with each of the Mysteries, in your hearts will be revealed the Will of the Father through each one of the situations that happened.

For this My dear children, know that it is in God and for God that humanity will reach full redemption of all the faults practiced towards His Heart.

As Pilgrim of prayer I instruct you so that your hearts may see how the Will of God is one and omnipresent in each life on Earth.

The path of the prayer of the Holy Rosary will impel you and will allow you to find service, love, surrender and an absolute trust, the one that My Son lived with God. In this way I may tell you that God will be the Eternal

Light in your lives for the moments that will come. I prepare you with My Maternal Heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.


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