Seek to be in Me all the time because My Faith will strengthen you for the great moments of test.

The one who abandon himself in Me will receive all that he need, will stop of being all the time in self and will be transfigured by My Presence.

For this many believe that the inner stripping is to renounce only a few times, and in truth the emptiness of oneself is an eternal exercise for those who have just been initiated into My Christic Path.

It is time to become victorious and humble through merciful prayer. I speak about victory in the total transformation of oneself and to renounce to what one was some seconds ago, because in this way, in truth, the consciousness will renew itself and it will only find comfort in My Heart of Love.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living transformation through the Love to My Sacred Heart!

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Feel My Words in your heart and rejoice yourself in Me because I will always be your eternal and merciful inner comfort. Seek all the time to remain under My Celestial Presence so that your life may change and transform itself according to My Divine Will.

Be always honest and noble, pure and joyful so that these principles of fraternity may be able be radiated through the spaces that your being will pass through. Wait for My warm Presence of love, let yourself be filled by My Spirit because in this way I will be able to draw in you My Project.

Construct the source of My Mercy through daily prayers and wait with joy that My Source of Graces be poured upon each situation of life. I Am the key that is in your hands and that opens a door towards the inner paradise in each being.

Elevate yourself through your love for Me. In this way you will understand that it is in the spirit where are guarded the treasures of Heaven. Try to quench your thirst day by day by My intermediation because in this way will be strengthened your trust in My Father and in His Supreme Will.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


The one who has the courage to open the wings of the heart will be able to get quickly to My Kingdom of Peace and Redemption, because the soul that day by day surrenders itself to Me by means of merciful prayer will receive the precious gifts of My Sacred Heart.

In this time the flocks will be only one because through them I will always intend to prodigiously share My Graces of Love and Mercy. That heart which at three in the afternoon opens its door to Me will be aided by My Spirit that comes from the Universe as an immaterial and divine presence. In this way It will erase from the memory of its soul all of the sufferings caused to My Merciful Heart.

But My Grace that comes from Heaven and from the Kingdom of God descends all of the days at three in the afternoon to be multiplied in love, truth and fraternity. My Heart looks for thirsty souls and souls that may still not know the greatness of My Universal Love.

In this time I gather the sheep so that they may graze new laws, very close to Me, at My side, without losing sight of the path of redemption that each one must go through in this world.

For this My Sacerdotal Spirit comes again from the Universe to free from sin all of those who may open themselves to recognize that the Son of God is near and that He will arrive at each one of your lives to unite you again in Peace and in Love.

Something that this world lacks today, the world that God perpetually contemplates, is to live in the Love of My Heart, something important that humanity forgets about. If you live in this love, the alliance that must exist between My Disciples will be able to be materialized in the same way that I created it between the apostles.

My dears, today I gather you and I come to your Prayer Gathering to open the doors of your hearts because this will be the way for this final time. Open the doors of the heart, in this way your spirits will be redeemed and they will find the safe path towards the victory of My Light.

Tirelessly unite yourselves to the indispensable hour of My Mercy because once more, through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, I will be able to liberate from hell many who live there perpetually for not having met love and for not having accepted My Redemption.


Dear Children:

I will not leave any of My ones lonely not even for one moment. Just take care all of the days of your life so that the door is kept open so that I may enter.  May it always be open because My Spirit of Love will want to enter.

My dears, may the emptiness that your hearts may be feeling not be bigger than the immensity of the love that I have for each one of you. Be firm before the tests that the Universe of My Father sends to you because after crossing the abysses of life My Sacred Heart will receive you in Paradise.

For this acquire merit in the life of charity and of love, do not separate yourselves from Me, not even for one moment because it will be in the hardest moments of life that I will confirm your presence inside of My Redeemer Task.

Dears, do not fear for the veils of vanity and pride to vanish from your lives because I will always help you to cross the dark night of the heart.  After a dark night will come the day for those who in joy and gladness may recognize it.  Open day by day the source of your hearts so that My Words may spring like a beautiful flower of love in each essence of love.

I just ask you that you may live day by day through My Messages because in this way your consciousnesses will be corresponding to My Savior Call.

Dear children of My Father:

Enter into My Source of Mercy so that the Water of Life may purify you and prepare you so that you may receive Me through the Holy Communion. I Am with you all of the times that you permit Me to. I thank you for your full trust in My Heart.

Under the Love and the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Consoler of the hearts.


The one who quenches My thirst will be with Me in the Kingdom of Heavens.

The one who comforts and glorifies My Heart wounded by humanity will be called Blessed.

The one who considers Me the first one in their life will be a venerable sheep of My Holy Flock.

The one who deeply confesses to Me their sins and perturbations will be forgiven every day by Me .

The one who fully trusts in the love and in the immensity of My Sacred Heart will be called Son of God.

The one who works for love of the Good and pacifies conflicts will be a little shepherd of My Sacred Heart.

The one who loves Divine Justice without understanding it and that lives it as the Only Will of God will be called Server of God.

In those that live Me, feel Me and open to Me the door of the heart, My Heart will be able to have a dwelling and it will be able to guide them through the paths of peace and of good.

Do not fear for anything, but be true at the time of living the merciful law of God because in this way your souls will be transparent like the water and pure like a flower. Seek the truth of My Father above all of the things of life because in this way you will be able to understand His blessed mysteries of the Creation, the blessed mystery of His Magnificent Will.

Day by day I am with you, receiving from your souls all of the true impulses of your being. Be strong in prayer and brave in the love of the Whole. Be always peace makers by means of the Word of the Gospel, be humble before the unexpected events of life.

The key to transcend oneself is the venerable law of silence because in silence one learns to live and to be like God wants His children to be in this time.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to the call of My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of humanity.


Be calm in My Heart because inside of My Soul you will find the relief and the true comfort that no one will be able to give you. As I come from the Source of Love, this love I pour over the souls and over their mistakes, but in this time, My dears, the one who weakens themselves by not trusting My Mercy must learn much.

My constancy is to sustain you in all of the moments of life, including in those moments in which you by yourselves as persons are not able to overcome. When I talk to you about the Source of wonders I talk about the moment of Grace that you can live with Me.

But today may your hearts not close themselves from the tests and indifferences that exist between souls. You must remember that while you are on Earth there will be much to forgive and to purify.  To enter the Kingdom of Heavens you must consecrate yourselves as the little heart of a child where there is no sadness, lack of love, nor rivalries between consciousnesses.

You will be able to see how the heart of a child is: pure, transparent, crystalline, simple, happy and free. This is what you sometimes lose in your hearts by the interference of your ideas, understandings and aspirations. For this the world is how it is, it is a world to redeem again and to free it from all of the indifferences that do not allow manifesting the Love of God between souls.

Try to have in these moments the heart of a child and perceive thus how your deepest feelings are, above all, those that are kept in the consciousness. I meet today with the desert that many of My children are crossing. I Am the spring that will quench you completely and that will give you Life so that through Me you may renovate yourselves.

Now you must learn to live My message so that My words may not become a theory but a Path of transformation for your hearts.

Under the Love of God, be humble, and brothers and sisters.

Thank you for guarding and living My words from the heart!

Christ Jesus. 

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When a soul serves, the body gets tired, but when the heart is fulfilled in service, the spirit is gradually revealed and the being discovers the meaning of its existence, which lies in the love that it awakens while serving.

To serve may be to help someone who is tired, to comfort someone who is lacking hope, to understand the one who is not understood, to tolerate someone who is in their purification. 

To serve may be to offer healing to a sick person, or to let the same love heal their heart; to feed someone who is hungry; to dress the naked; to visit the lonely; to bring joy to the one who is in darkness.

To serve may be to keep silence when the neighbor needs quietude, to pray when the neighbor needs prayer, to adore when the neighbor needs support and to make peace, because the world needs peace.

To serve is to be in this world, becoming what it truly means to be a human being, and carrying the cross of this time, which is the transformation of the human condition into the renewal of the Love of God.

To serve is to love.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Love to pray, not only in order to ask something to God, but above all to repair His Heart.

Love to pray, not only in order to rise to the Higher Universes, but so that, when in Celestial Heights, you may offer reparation to the Heart of the Father.

Love to pray, not only in order to build Sanctity in your inner self, but above all to console the Heart of God.

Love to pray, not only in order to feel peace in your heart, but to offer peace to the Heart of God. 

Love to pray, not only in order to experience Love, but so that your love may be a hope for the Heart of God.

Love to pray, in order to repair, console and bring peace to the Heart of your Father and Lord.

Love to pray, in order to clamor for the souls that, day by day, outrage the Creator with their ignorance.

Live, in a way that you may not also be a reason to hurt the Heart of God. 

Remember, at each moment, that the Eyes of the Father lay upon the world and how a simple and true action of love can console His Heart. 

Love, child, to pray, and to live in order to offer God a hope; hope to renew yourself in Love, hope to triumph with His Redeeming Project, hope to see His children return to His pure and grand Heart.

May God not be a reality distant from you. Discover a Father close and accessible to your inner self, a Father that not only has everything to give you, but who also waits for you in a sincere prayer to repair His Heart.

Contemplate a silent and humble God Who makes Himself small amongst men, within their hearts, and hides His Greatness and Power in the occult of human beings, to give them an opportunity of growing and finding Love for themselves. 

Love to know God, love to seek Him and, above all, love to repair His Heart.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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