Today I feel the sincere voice of your prayers, inner voices of love that touch My Sacred Heart, and the light generated radiates itself to the entire world in need of peace and of redemption.

Today, by means of My Sublime Grace, I pour again the light of My Shepherd Consciousness upon the world because My Flocks perfectly unite themselves to Me at the time of the infinite Mercy.

With this aim today I will announce to you the simple foundations for all of those who may want to exercise the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

Primary foundations for the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will take place on the 5th and 6th days of August of 2013 in the Marian Center of Aurora:

I ask of you as spiritual requirements:

1. To have a spirit of humility and of faith.

2. To love above all things the presence of God through Jesus.

3. To unite the hearts as a single evolutionary proposal.

4. To help humanity out of love.

5. To work during the marathon to construct a spirit of fraternity.

6. To allow yourselves to be partakers of the Law of the Divine Mercy.

7. To exercise the merciful prayer during these days under the action of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

8. To live a moment of absolute peace.

9. To dissolve from memory all preoccupations during the course of the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

10. To reverence each moment that will be shared.

11. To be willing from the inner world to receive healing and liberation.

12. To perceive with the heart the current of Love and of Mercy that will descend from Heaven during these days.

13. To wait with joy for the coming of the Great Master.

14. To vigil with the heart all that will be constructed.

15. To protect like angels each moment of prayer in the community.

16. To await silently for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

17. To interiorize in the spirit the Christic impulse that will be received.

18. To guard in the inner memory the union that there will be with Christ.

19. To donate life with the heart so that  the power of prayer may flourish.

20. To reunite yourselves on these days as a single flock.

21.  To sustain, out of love, the Flag of Peace.

22. To exercise the common good amongst all of the pilgrims.