Monday, October 22 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

For this month of the Rosary, until the 26th day of November, I will ask you, for the love of God the Creator, for you to gather in groups of prayer and that you pray at least the first fifty beads of the Holy Rosary, for the world and for humanity, uniting in this way this request to the other already requested for all the nations of the world.

My children, beneath this maternal request My Immaculate Heart will intercede in favor of all the souls that are in need of peace and forgiveness for this time, with the celestial mission that all of My children awake from the normal dream in which they are living and start to live for God, in His Love and Mercy.

In order that this can succeed for the greater part of My beloved children, the prayer of the heart on the part of all groups that are being consecrated to the Divine Mother will be considered as of universal importance.

Dear children, when the souls are conscious of the requests that God delivers through My Immaculate Heart, this lovely action to answer the call has repercussions in all of the life of the planet and in humanity.

Through the exercise of the rosary during these days of October until November your lives will be preparing in consciousness for the new, for the time that will come to the world.

My children, the opening of your hearts will allow that this task will become sacred and true, as when you rest, eat and live for God. Each action of life in this time must be sacred so that God may be served by the good examples of His children, children who learn the laws of sharing and of fraternity.

The new world will be composed of groups of souls that will learn to live the laws as did those ancient people from the desert who lived and obeyed with Moses. God has prepared for each soul a special message of love and a mission.

Your exercise of daily prayer will allow for your hearts to contemplate the Will of God in each moment.

Dear children, may this month of the Holy Rosary be a preparatory month, a true school of prayer for all.

I thank you for answering My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.