Wednesday, September 19 of 2018

Daily messages

From the deepest Love of the Heart of God, comes humankind. Humanity is the Revelation of the Love of the Father, and throughout the centuries, He reminds you of it through the different expressions of His Presence. 

God reminded you of His Love through the patriarchs and the prophets, by means of the Breath of His Spirit, of His forgiveness, and of His reconciliation with the human consciousness, through Abraham and Moses.   

God reminded you of His Love through Buddha, who understood that humanity was the expression of the most profound Love of the Father and awakened compassion in himself as a symbol of the most elevated form that could be reached, of imitating this Love, in that time.

Buddha sought, in the true expression of human consciousness, the object of the Love of God, and in seeking this Truth, he found not only himself, but Divine Consciousness Itself. When he came to know the truth about himself, Buddha found God within himself.

The maximum Revelation of God was through Jesus, when the Father not only loved humanity, but experienced humanity and lived the human condition. God manifested Himself in fullness, thus awakening the fullness of humankind and revealing His likeness to them. Jesus is the manifestation of the likeness between God and humankind. He is the new and eternal covenant, the Revelation of God Himself.

The likeness to God is the Love revealed in Christ. Christ is the covenant made Life. God, in fullness, creating Humankind in fullness, and all of this is only possible through Love.

From then on, Revelation was made; Truth was unveiled and now only needs to be remembered and deepened in the human consciousness.

Then, God reminded Muhammad of His Love, so that he could remind humankind, who was becoming lost at his time, of this Love.  And thus, throughout the whole of human evolution, the Father has been reminding His children of His Love.

What we call Revelations in these times is the deepening of the first Revelation of God in Jesus. The truth, child, is one, and today it is brought to humankind again because the time has come for deepening into it even more, not only in the understanding of it, but in the experiencing and living of it, because in these times the Father aspires to remove the veils from your eyes and from your hearts so that, knowing yourselves, you may recognize God within yourselves.   

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph