Monday, May 19 of 2014

Monthly Messages

Today, feel in your hearts the courage that I bring to your lives, so that, through the sublime humility and purity of My Heart, you may be able to understand all that Heaven sends you as learning in this time.

My dear companions, walkers of this path of Christification, the moment expected by this humanity has come, of taking great steps in its evolution.  But for this, it is necessary that you live the adversities inherent to the path of transformation that you are treading.

As instructor of your little souls, I want to conduct you, above all, to the union with God.  Be united in life to the Heart of the Father, in the same way as did the Son.

Today I want to say to you that the moment to take a great leap has come, and not little steps anymore.  The moment has come to forge with intense fire your souls, souls that must know how to persevere in their path, beyond any earthly event.

The moment has come for your hearts to be able to seal their own commitment to God and, through this faithful and lasting commitment, to elevate all of humanity, so that it may take this step in consciousness.

My dears, your souls lifted the hands in the Kingdom of the Heavens, when the voice of the Creator summoned those who wished to be pioneers in the Redemption and in the transformation of themselves and of a whole race.  For this, you must be conscious of all that you are learning, what you do so that one day you may be able to conduct a whole humanity lost in its own darkness.

The instruction that I bring to you on this day is that it is time to renew yourselves, to renew the spirit of consecration, to renew the offers of your souls, to renew your commitments to God the Father and His Messengers, because, in this time, the Divine will be your only breath.  In God, will be the refuge of Peace for your souls, in God, will be the strength that you need to move forward.

And you will ask yourselves: how to come to God?  You will come to God through the purity of intention, the permanent aspiration to serve Him.  You will come to God, when you strengthen yourselves through the difficulties and, before each trial that approaches, reconfirm that Christ is your path, truth and life.

My dears, many are the paths have men and women have tread to come to the Infinite; many have been the messengers sent by God to instruct and conduct humanity.  But it is inherent to this time that God Himself speaks to you, through those who have merged with Him in soul, spirit and divinity and with Him form only one consciousness, only one word and only one truth.  For this, in this time, after so many paths have been presented to you, the trails have been united in one single and great road, through which will walk all the beings, in which will be found all the teachings, all the sciences.

This is the time of Love and of Unity, because all the true knowledge will come to the world to carry humanity to this Principle.  From the North to the South and from the East to the West of this sacred planet, all the teachings that have arisen and that have been sent by the Supreme Divinity have come to conduct you to this moment of living Love and Unity in your hearts, in your essences and in your lives.  For this, do not fear living the unusual, only seek in all to find Unity, amongst yourselves and amongst the kingdoms of nature.  Love each other, understand each other and, each one in their own possibility, unite yourselves in the same walk.

Love and Unity are the keynote of this time, this is the melody that will open the doors of the Heavens to you, sing together this song.

I thank you for coming to My encounter, for recognizing My presence and for opening your hearts to the voice of God that is manifested through His humble and chaste servant.

Saint Joseph