Friday, September 1 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Before seeking that your life be an expression of holiness, first seek, child, that your heart, your mind and your intentions be holy. It is there that the greatest battles are fought, where nobody sees, that only your Creator contemplates. It is there where your transformation must be consolidated.

When holiness dwells in your heart, it will gradually transform your mind and cause it to yield in the light of a Higher Love.

When holiness dwells in your mind, it will transform your intentions, and there will no longer be secondary intentions in what you do or express, because the transparency of the mind will be reflected in the intentions of your consciousness.

And when holiness dwells in your intentions, it is then that your life will be holy, when your actions will be holy, when your expressions will be holy. Do not seek the opposite path, do not wish to be outside of what is still becoming consolidated within you.

The path to holiness is eternal, and what is most important about it is not its outcome or how it is demonstrated in the world through those who live it. What is most important on the path of holiness is the process it carries out in human consciousness; what is most important on the path of holiness is the integrity with which it is lived, from the inside out.

And when that inner transformation is real and true, then it occurs not only on an individual level, but in all beings, and is reflected in all of life. It is on this that the grandeur and the power of the aspiration to be holy is based, that which in truth is the fulfilling of the Purpose of God for all beings.

To be holy is to find unity with God within yourselves and let that unity expand into all spaces of the consciousness, moving from the heart to the mind, from the mind to the intentions, from the intentions to all the expressions of being. In this way, you will understand that God is Holy through His Creatures, and they will be holy because He is Holy.

Unity with the Creator is what transforms the consciousness; that is why we always ask that you pray and do so with your heart, because it is there that God begins to reign in the center of your beings.

Do not become tired, child, of walking this path. Do not become tired of praying and discovering in prayer the source of peace and of transformation of the consciousness.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph