Friday, May 17 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Account of the Message

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

When we were concluding the prayer and beginning the last song, we perceived portals gradually opening to the universe. As we observed these portals with consciousness, it was as if they were passing through the different civilizations of history, through the history of Creation, until they reached the Divine Consciousness.

Through these portals, Saint Joseph gradually approached.

When He arrived, He said that the Universe, Creation, has lived a history of expansion, in which we all participated. And this history of expansion concerns the entire manifestation of Creation and life among the dimensions, in the twelve dimensions of consciousness, when God gradually multiplied Himself, gradually multiplied His own Consciousness through the creatures, the universes, the planets, the suns, the galaxies.

At one point, Saint Joseph said that the coming of Christ marked the movement of descent of the Divine Consciousness  down to the densest dimension of all.  And after Christ, our consciousness began a path of return,  which is another moment of the history of the  Creation and it is what we are experiencing now. 

Saint Joseph showed us that in this movement of expansion, when God was sending His Children to life, to the world, He also manifested energies that would help us on the path of the return. Then He showed us that these energies were concentrated on Matrices, which were like crystals or states of consciousness. 

He said that those were the Matrices of Knowledge, and that,  throughout history,  consciousnesses gradually rose to receive some of those Matrices and decode them through Knowledge. 

Saint Joseph said that this took place in different civilizations. He showed philosophers and sages, in Ancient Greece, and how they were seeking those Matrices of Knowledge so that they might be decoded by the human mind.

Those Matrices were created to help us on our path of return by expanding our consciousness. Knowledge should expand more and more that consciousness that had once been expanded, and then diminished into a creature, which is each one of us, to tread this path of return to the Heart of God. However, it happened that, instead of allowing Knowledge to expand us, we limited Knowledge to our human understanding.

And then, as Saint Joseph was showing this history, He began to dictate the Message, and asked us to write down what He had to say:


The Matrices of Knowledge and the essence of Wisdom were created in the universe, children, so that God’s Creatures could learn to return to His Heart.

When the Creator manifested life among the dimensions, and, within it, He manifested His Creatures, He also manifested the way these creatures might return to the Divine Heart, Divine Unity, when the time and hour were right.

Just as there was the history of the multiplication of the Divine Consciousness in the universes, and the suns, stars, planets, constellations and galaxies were being gradually manifested in twelve dimensions of consciousness, in the same way, children, the history of the return to the Heart of the Father is being written now, the history which you can live today with awareness.

When the Father sent His Children to live material life, with a veil upon their eyes, He designed the way and time for these children to return. For this return, He manifested Matrices of Energy and Wisdom, among them Healing, Forgiveness, Redemption, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Thus, Spiritual Knowledge is one of the tools that exist in life manifested in all the dimensions so that the veils may be removed from the human eyes and creatures may begin their path of return to the Creator.

To know is more than just reading or studying. Knowing and understanding are experiences with which the consciousness makes contact. For a long time, humanity misunderstood Knowledge and adapted it to its limitation, instead of expanding itself to enter its mysteries.

The time has come for consciousnesses to no longer limit, to their own small understanding, that which is infinite and was manifested by the Creator to expand the human consciousness and reveal their potential, that which they were truly meant to be.

So that you may enter this expansion and live the experience of Knowledge and Wisdom, more than just studying, you must allow yourselves to be. The world calls humanity to its illusion, and seeks to establish, more each day, the ignorance that perpetuates its reign. However, children, you must liberate yourselves from this ignorance, giving the necessary priority to Spiritual Instruction and to the elevation of consciousness, to enter the universal mysteries and remove from your beings that which is superficial. In this way, you will understand the essence of life and, above all, the essence of these times.

I thank you for persevering in the dissemination of Knowledge and in self-transcendence.

I thank you for not giving up on your own transformation and, through yourselves, setting an example to the world that it is possible to transcend superficiality.

You have and will always have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph