Friday, July 7 of 2023

Weekly Messages

When life apparently comes to an end, know, children, that it is not the end, but the beginning of a new and mysterious stage, a new school in which you live the synthesis of your experience on Earth, assimilating what you have learned, transmuting what no longer corresponds to you, forwarding the records of your experiences to the corresponding Source, forwarding each body according to their destiny to then prepare something new.

Life does not come to an end. Life on Earth is a precious gift, a treasure of the Heart of God which He cares for with predilection because it is a Project that holds within itself the essence of everything that was created and whose plenitude will transform all of the Divine Creation. 

But the fact that material life completes a cycle only signals that the consciousness needs to learn in other ways, that its experience has generated the merits and fruits that it should have, and it has been granted to live by the laws of matter and spirit. 

After material life, deep steps follow, inner synthesis, moments of reflection and understanding, moments to look at life with the Eyes of God and, finally, to be able to see that which was not possible before. And just as an adult is able to understand that which for a child is incomprehensible, so the soul that leaves its body is able to see life as it really is. 

And those who have walked on a sacred path will still experience many regrets, but they will give way to the light of the consciousness, which will open up to continue walkIng with the codes of love received on the planet. 

For the souls who have walked in obscurity, seeing the truth is their greatest and unfathomable suffering. Incalculable is the repentance of the soul that realizes it has wasted its incarnation due to ignorance, indifference, illusions; and for these souls you must pray very much. 

I tell you this first so that you will understand that life does not simply end in this world, but its follow-up is the consequence of everything you have lived on Earth. And secondly, so that you may revere the moment of those who pass the stage between material life and spiritual life; so that you may accompany, with your heart, the passage of the souls between dimensions and not fear, but build bridges of love with sincere prayer. 

The suffering experienced in the world will give way to the deep awakening of beings, and the degrees of love can be expanded and multiplied at that moment when, in the light of truth, the soul may understand the Divine Will.  

May your hearts, in the face of life as in death, always walk toward God. There you will be safe and see His Purpose being fulfilled and revealed in your inner world. 

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph