Friday, July 21 of 2023

Weekly Messages

The time has come, children, for the spiritual life to mature in your hearts so that you may give testimony of peace to a world that suffers in pain; that you may give testimony of resilience to a world that has not learned to love sacrifice, but that surrenders itself more each day to the false law of least effort. 

Time has come to rethink your steps every day, so that you may not be circling the same flaws and miseries, but that you may let go of that which prevents you from experiencing a broader transformation.

The time has come to serve, to put your consciousness in the need that arises every day, not to increase tension and be at the limits of tiredness and fatigue, but so that you may learn to live doing everything out of love, and not out of obligation; that you may learn to revere the gift of life at each instant of it, so that there may not be any regrets in your hearts, and that you may take full advantage of each instant in which love can find space within your hearts. 

The time has come to look at your neighbor with eyes of compassion, not of superiority; to revere the lives of others, knowing that God is hidden within them.

The time has come to not only recite spiritual theories, but to be spiritual, to manifest the spirit that silently dwells in the core of each being since the beginning.

And how to do this?

Start, children, by being grateful; by meditating, every day, on where you are, who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Do not let unconsciousness hold you, but embrace your awakening that must happen daily.

The stimuli of the world lead consciousnesses to be constantly asleep, to be more distracted each day, and have their creative potential asleep. Therefore, spiritual awakening must happen every day. 

May there always be a space in your lives to stop and be thankful, to be conscious of The Divine Presence and ask yourselves internally what the Will of God is for your lives. Do not allow the time of the world to go by without your consciousness deepening in surrender, in service, in the awakening of love and in the consecration of life. 

I am talking about making your actions, thoughts and feelings sacred. And this does not mean to be perfect, but only to be conscious of what you are and what you express to the world. 

Souls today are silenced and buried in the inner world of many beings that are unaware of the truth about themselves and who live and express themselves without ever perceiving the consequence of their actions. 

This is why I call you to awaken every day, to give thanks every day, to consecrate yourselves every day, to serve every day, to meditate on the Divine Purpose every day, to realize that life is sacred and that in everything that happens in it dwells an opportunity for transformation, for healing, for redemption and for mercy.

I tell you this on a day like this, in which I have called you to consecration as a Light-Community, so that you may understand that consecration is not a ceremony, but a state of consciousness. 

Consecration is more than a moment of renewal of vows, of being for an instant in the peace of the presence of the Hierarchy. 

Consecration, children, is a commitment to be new every day, to be able to start from scratch and to always live in the aspiration of making existence sacred and making room so that the Creator may express Himself through you. 

May consecration not be an instant for you, but a constant aspiration, a constant experience. For this, I call you today.

With these words I bless you, I consecrate you, I renew you and I leave upon each one of you the Grace of beginning again, of healing, of reflecting and of mirroring the Sacred Life. 

You have my blessing for this. 

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph