Wednesday, December 28 of 2011

Daily messages

Dear children,

Receive My call with your hearts and arms open. I am the Mother, Relief and Help*, that comes to the world to shelter the little hearts. There are still many places through which My Heart must pass in order to alleviate pain.

I only ask of you today, My dear children, that in face of all the inner suffering, you remain in My Immaculate Heart. In this hour of surrender and renunciation I will be there to support the steps of your hearts. Here on Earth there is still much to restore and forgive, but the most urgent is that we must pray so that the last Celestial Graces may descend.

Dear children, in truth I say to you that My Heart of Mother is humble, simple and open to each one of you. My Love will never separate Itself from the hearts that have been consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. For this reason, little ones, you must live with the utmost joy the suffering that the Lord sends to your hearts so that this pain, permeated by love, may liberate the evil that the world lives.

I conduct you through the path that My Son promised you to live. He is the Path, the Truth and the Life for all the hearts that accept to live it. There is a path by which to go. There is a truth about your existences as souls and hearts, and there is a new life, that through My Son, you will discover on the pathway of prayer. Only aspire, My little ones, to find day by day the path towards Christ. He will strengthen your hearts during the hours of testing.

The most essential of all, My dear children, is that your hearts may not lose the joy of serving and of smiling because such is the will of the Lord in these moments: He wants to see your hearts full of gratitude and joy.

The mission of all My children in the world will be to con- vert their hearts to the Will of the Lord without any fear. For this reason, My little ones, I am among you announcing the upcoming time of peace for the world.

Let us pray.

Thank you for responding to My call.

May joy reign in your hearts. Peace for the Earth.

Who loves you eternally,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


* Tr: “Mother, Relief and Help” refers to and expands upon the meaning of the well-known title of the Virgin which in English has been called “Mary, Help of Christians.”