Friday, December 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

The Spiritual Universe will show its material counterpart. So that this may happen, the times will unite. The material time will enter into the spiritual time and eternity will be merged as one principle and energy.

For this to be possible, the powerful solar currents will come to Earth, and a peculiar movement will take place within the consciousnesses. Many will remember that something is lacking for them, others will feel a void and will seek, in some way, to be able to find a response to all that they are feeling.

At this moment, the universal circumstance will move the events and no human being upon the surface of the Earth will be able to have control or power of that which is material, because it will be the very energy of the Spiritual Plane that will reveal and put everything in its place.

The one who is in the good, will live the good. The one who is in that which is adverse, will have the Grace to abandon this state and to again find the path toward their spirit, a path they have lost.

Everything will be removed by the movement of the material currents of the sun. This powerful energy will purify the consciousness, and bring to everyone an inner response, in front of everything that they have done with their life. Nothing will be wasted.

At this moment, the Spiritual Hierarchy will be very concentrated on the inner awakening that the consciousnesses will live, on the opportunity that they will have to abandon indifference.

This will be the time of the great and inexplicable miracles, but it will also be the time of purification.

The faith of the self-summoned will raise the Divine Purpose and will be fulfilled according to the opening and the attitude of the souls.

The moment will come, and it is not in the far away future, for the planet itself to speak, by means of the events, and at this moment, everyone must be ready.

The most sinful will have the Mercy to be saved and repent, those who firmly practiced evil will live their judgment and will not be able to escape this moment, because the Law that will come, through the currents of the sun, will reconfigure and re-establish everything, so that the consciousness of the planet may be free from all decay lived throughout the times.

Those who with faith sustain the powerful tool of prayer will not only be helped, but will also help those who will not be able to stand by themselves.

All will have the opportunity to give of themselves and of serving before the great universal movement comes. In this way, they will be able to take the great evolutionary leap in the consciousness so that, when Christ returns, everything will begin again.

I thank you for responding to and for understanding My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace