Saturday, July 25 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Before the Celestial Church descends, the world will feel moved, because its Earthly forces must be liberated and exorcised, and for Me, My children, it is very important that you may be aware of this, so that this next event of the Celestial Church is not experienced as just another meeting, because it is the last, and the world urgently needs it.

For this reason, on this day, God sends His faithful Servant to gather together His children, to call the apostles of Christ, to prepare you for the moment of the great final time.

That moment and that hour are arriving; there is not much time left, My children. For this reason, My Son has decided, before His Return, to come with His Celestial Church to hold within His Heart as many souls as possible, all souls that are able to enter the Heart of God, even those that do not deserve it, not even through Mercy.

This shows each one of you the powerful immensity of the Love of My Son, an untiring and eternal Love that, time and again, comes to meet with you, to renew you, heal you and redeem you.

But My time with you is also coming to an end. As the months go by, the time among My children is ending, and that will be the great moment, also for you, to experience everything that I have taught you since the beginning of My Apparitions, in My beloved Aurora.

For this reason, what I wish is that on August 8, all the paintings of My Apparitions that took place in Aurora during thirteen consecutive days may be exhibited to the world so that My children may know the symbols that I left for humanity, which are the signs that God determined as necessary to give you for your inner and spiritual preparation for this great moment of the meeting with the Celestial Church of Christ and, above all, My children, for that which will happen after the Spiritual Church of My Son will have passed through here.

It will also be in that moment that you should be witnesses, should declare about everything that has happened here, such as the change that your hearts have experienced after having heard the call of the Mother of God.

During the eight days of the next Sacred Week, the Sacred Celestial Church of My Son will exhibit, at the top of the Hill of Apparitions, the non-material symbol of the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

All those who live from their hearts during the next Sacred Week will be filled by the attributes and the principles of the Arc of the Holy Covenant and, above all, will receive the merits that My Son achieved since His Birth up to His Ascension.

This event is not typical. It means, My children, that it is arriving at a culminating moment of the Earth, in which humanity tries to force a return to normality, and is still not understanding the importance of repentance and penitence.

The Ark of the Holy Covenant, which will shine like a sun on the top of the Hill of Apparitions, will bring the whole world a special Grace that each one of My children needs at this moment in order to be able to overcome the end of times and, above all, to learn to move through it.

I know that many of My children will not understand what this means. For this reason, My wish is that during the Sacred Week, you represent the Ark of the Holy Covenant, just as you have previously done other years, so that humanity may have a visual and spiritual symbol, in order to be able to enter the consciousness of the Sacred Ark.

In a special way, Abraham, Moses and many patriarchs that are in the Heavens today, will accompany this spiritual event.

So that you may see the emergency of these times, My children, God sends that which is the most sacred that He has to the world, the Sacred Treasures of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, so they may be spiritually exhibited, and souls may be in prayer, in vigil and in contact with this sacred Teraphim of God.

On their part, the four Governing Angels of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, that have never descended to the planet, will be present as guardians and watchers of this sacred Teraphim, that will spiritually shine on the Hill for anyone who has faith in it and needs to avail themselves of the attributes and merits achieved by My Son for you on this planet.

This is the demonstration of His most pure Love, of the untiring giving of His eternal Heart, not only present in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, but also in the Sacraments. My children, if you spiritually commune of the Sacraments during the days of the Sacred Week, I assure you that you will receive the Graces you need.

What a great lot the Celestial Church of My Son will do during the first days of August!

He will come with His Power and Glory to remind the world of its filiation with that which is High, so that many more souls are able to place their heads upon the ground and repent, because God does not want Justice in the world, but rather, Mercy.

Those who are open of heart and, in the offering of soul and spirit at the Sacred Celestial Church of My Son, will be contemplated by the Eternal Father, because He is the Sacred Ark Itself, that holds the experiences of Love, Redemption and Light that not only His beloved Son achieved on Earth, but also many of your brothers and sisters who throughout the times have achieved Christification.

Who will become Christified for My Son after all that He will give you and with all He has already given you through these last few years?

Christification is not a way nor a method; it is an experience of love that is experienced in the flesh and that transforms the consciousness, the deepest aspects of the being, until carrying it into redemption.

The sacred Law of Christification will also come during the days of the Sacred Week to the world. Those who place their hearts in this mystery, through the Ark of the Holy Covenant and the Sacraments, will renew their lives, will renew their promises, will reaffirm their mission and will offer themselves again to the Father as a victim of His universal Love.

My time with you is ending and this is something that I really wished not to happen, but you must learn to love the Will of the Father beyond yourselves, just like I learned to love it while I was a young woman, in a humble and simple family, who received the call of God to gestate the Son of the Most High within My womb.

Today the generations, peoples and nations proclaim Me as Blessed. Tomorrow, the world will proclaim the last apostles to be blessed, like the Christs of the New Time, like those who achieved the aspiration of the Heart of My Son, up to the last moment of their lives.

But I will not abandon you, just as I did not abandon the little children in Fatima. You must love, know Heaven as they saw Heaven, many times, because, in Heaven, where our Eternal Father is, you will base your experiences on the Great Source of His Love, and Creation, as it has happened many times, will be again renewed.

Today I pray for the whole world and for each one of My children in the five continents, so that your souls may enter into the powerful Celestial Church, which will open Its doors in the month of August, bringing the Graces and the Mercies of God for humanity.

This evening, at the request of My Son, I leave the pillars founded, the first pillars of His Celestial Church, that will show itself today in Glory, Love, and Mercy to the souls.

In those days of August, it will be the great moment of your spiritual synthesis of all you have received throughout these twelve years. 

The Father has allowed Me, in the coming time and for the final time, to be able to appear in Aurora, to close all that once began there, when nothing had yet existed, because there I found hearts willing to follow Me, when I still had nothing, for in fasting and in prayer, experienced during those days with Me in Aurora, you trusted in My Word and, above all, in My Presence, beyond what you said.

For this reason, I will return to Aurora for the final time, because in Aurora will be the end of My task with the world, before My Son returns. And all the Brotherhood of the Heavens will be there on that day, offering the Father all that was built there, not only on a material level, but also on a spiritual level.

Everything that has taken place in Aurora, from its emergence until the present, will be offered to the Father, as justification for the redemption of humanity.

Today the angels have asked Me that you sing a simple song to close, that will close this cycle of the 25th. It is a song that was born in Aurora and invokes the power of its Center of Love for unredeemed souls.

Let us listen to "Kingdom of Love."

I thank you for responding to My call.

My Mantle and My Consciousness reflect the Aurora, the sunrise in the life of each being.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, July 13 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Today I come to the world because it still needs it, because it still has not found Peace.

Thus, My children, in this culminating moment, I have need of you, beyond what is happening to you or everything you are going through. I need you close to My Heart, under My Mantle, so you can help me establish Peace in the world, so that later, the healing of humanity may be established.

Therefore, it is important to pray the Holy Rosary every day, especially in these last days of July, which will prepare you for August, in which My annual Message will come to the world as a preamble to the coming of the Celestial Church of Christ.

Today I come surrounded by the Creation of God, especially the Kingdoms of Nature, which still need your prayers and supplications, because not only humanity suffers; your younger brothers and sisters, the Kingdoms, throughout the breadth and length of the world, are also suffering the consequences of the climate change and global warming, which are becoming worse upon this planet, every day.

But there is something that can prevent it all, which is the prayer of the heart and fasting, something fundamental for this end time in which humankind will be able to be reconciled with the laws of nature through prayer and fasting. Something that I taught you in the first years of the apparitions, not only for the cause of the Kingdoms of Nature, but also for other causes that are still necessary and urgent to attend to.

In this way, dear children, through prayer and fasting, you will awaken within you the talent that My Son left you, which the Heavenly Father calls gifts. Fundamental virtues that, in this moment of humanity, need to be available for this planet and this race because, through the Gifts of God and the virtues that you can live, you will be more aware and have the knowledge on how to rebuild this planet regarding how to help the Kingdoms of Nature, regarding how to support this humanity.

I come with this message from Creation, from the universe, the stars and the suns. God expects that at least a great part of His children, in this definitive time, may begin to rebuild humanity and the Kingdoms of Nature.

Here, in this sacred place, through the sacred tree of Figueira, knowledge and instruction descended directly from God Himself through His instructor José Trigueirinho, who Our Father has in His Glory.

Through what he taught you, in simplicity and in love, you have the first signs, as current humanity, of how through your inner contact with the universe, with prayer and fasting, you could rebuild the Kingdoms of Nature, because as long as the world continues to commit infractions against Creation, it will continue to suffer.

My children, this is what you must know today, and take into account within your hearts. Not only humankind has need of healing and redemption, not only does the pandemic need to end so that we may see what humanity has learned, but also the other Kingdoms of Nature have need of your help and love.

You could never imagine a world without the sun, without the dawn, without the morning breeze, without the tide of the oceans, without the singing of the birds, without the freshness of the Plant Kingdom, without the splendor of the flowers.

How could you live without Creation, My children?

God created the universe, this Solar System and this planet, to demonstrate to each one of you how He loves you.

When will the world become aware that it is no longer time to destroy, but rather to build?

If you had the Grace of hearing the cry of the Kingdoms of Nature, you would feel the great pain as I feel it.

But, while this happens, the Kingdoms do not cease surrendering and giving of themselves.

Mother Earth suffers from the aggression of Her children, but even so, she gives the fruits that God's creatures need to continue living and growing in this humanity.

Each one of you, as part of this human civilization, as an expression of the Will of God, beyond faith or religion, has a duty toward Creation.

You, My children, were not only born to live or to think, you were born to be aware of Creation and of the sacred Divine Purpose.

Thanks to the Most High, there are islands of salvation in the world and beautiful places of nature that are still protected from the hands of humankind, so that the human race may learn to feel and live from Creation, not in destruction, but in union.

As long as this change does not take place, the prophecies of the Apocalypse will be fulfilled, but I Who am your Mother and wish the good for each one of My children, do not want you to experience this, that you suffer or endure because of your lack of awareness of Creation and of the Law.

But you could say to Me: "Mother, no matter how much we may do something, there are people in the world who, because of their ambition and power, destroy the planet."

I do not come here to generate a parallel movement, nor a worldwide complaint. Each one today has enough awareness to be able to take care of the Kingdoms of Nature and to know that, without them, it is not possible to live on the surface of this planet. As much as you can do small things, the repercussions will be very great.

Have you ever thought about what a flower feels when watered?
What the earth feels when touched with love?
Have you ever asked yourselves what the sea feels when it is contemplated by you?

Everything has awareness, a knowing and wisdom. Nothing is static. Everything has a reason in Creation.

I am the Mother of the World, Mother Nature. I am the Governess of the consciousness of the planet. All those who come to Me are not only redeemed in the Name of My Son, but they also come to Creation to discover its wisdom and its science.

The planet needs to be healed of the exploitation of humankind throughout the centuries, and this will be possible because of your adherence to My call. Thus, the Earth will not be left behind, but rather, will be contemplated by the rest of Creation, so that it may be regenerated and deeply healed, just as the planet has expected from the beginning.

You are part of the consciousness of this world. Have you understood? This is your home.

In order for My Son's Celestial Church to descend, the world must change and not continue to struggle to live in the normal and in what is superficial.

Time is running out, it is time to become aware. For this reason, I am here, so that you may grow within.

My enemy does not want you to reach this awareness, but through the offering of your prayers and fasts, you will allow the spiritual and material condition to be generated so that this change in the human consciousness may be possible.

And now, I invite you, My children, to carry out an inner practice with Creation. I invite you to prepare yourselves and to open your hearts even more through inner contact with the intra-oceanic world.

Close your eyes.

And now, at the request of the Father and through the intercession of the Mother of God, we will listen to "Intra-oceanic Aurora".

And through this exercise, which we will begin tonight, I will guide the world and the souls to an inner healing of the heart and of the emotions, of the mind and of the body, by means of your souls.

Open your inner worlds, beyond what your ears may hear. And now, see yourselves facing the ocean, at dawn. See God within that ocean, through His Consciousness of cosmic and inner Love. Feel yourselves to be empty and listen to the ocean like great streams of light coming towards you and, consequently, towards all of humanity.

Placing your hands in the sign of reception, offer your whole being to God and, in the name of the human race, facing that ocean that lights up in the dawn, ask for forgiveness and cry out inwardly for reconciliation, for all that the planet Earth has experienced, since the presence of humankind up until today.

See the great Sun of God emerge on the horizon of the ocean that, with the power of His Presence and Consciousness, with His Light, fills everything that lives and vibrates. Feel your cells and atoms light up through the intra-oceanic presence of the Consciousness of God's Love. Feel Adonai, feel at one with the sacred Divine Unity. Feel within yourselves the Truth of Creation and that which you have been a part of since the beginning.

Breathe slowly. Each time you breathe in, feel how the light of Creation enters your being and your entire consciousness. You are facing Adonai and Mother Nature, in the great void of consciousness, to be filled and blessed by the Love and Wisdom of the Father.

Between the Sun of God and the ocean, see the Son of God emerge in the sky, Who reaches out His Arms as the Redeeming Christ, and from His Heart and the palms of His Hands, He emanates the powerful light of Divine Grace over the four corners on the Earth.

The ocean lights up in blue light and its being, each of its consciousnesses, lights up in the blue light of Aurora.

In the name of the whole human race, in the name of fraternity, of forgiveness, and of love, affirm your inner vows with Creation and the Kingdoms of Nature, so that all may be renewed in accordance with what was foreseen by Divine Purpose.

In the Light of the Grace of Christ, in the Presence of the Father and of Mother Nature, we unite with the essence of Creation, so that we may remember where we came from and what the reason is for our being here today. 

Let the Laws of Creation descend, let the gifts be given to the men and the women of the Earth. Let the sacred virtues awaken, and the consciousness of the human beings expand, so that ignorance may be transmuted and wisdom bring an awareness of this present moment.

Feel the calm of the ocean. Feel the peace of Creation and the establishment of harmony. 

Now bring your hands to your heart and feel the union with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In reconciliation with the planet and Creation, before the ocean, in the dawn of the Sun of God and the Presence of the Divine Son, we will repeat a prayer, phrase by phrase, which will be translated so that we may all may pray it in the Presence of Adonai:

may the advent of the new race be fulfilled.
May humanity be able to express its archetype.
May the word be alive and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery may expand within us
and true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify perfect Unity.

Thus, I bless you and thank you for responding to My call.
May Creation and all nature be renewed in humanity. So be it.
I leave you with this instrumental, so that your consciousnesses may be united with God.

Peace and redemption for the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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