Sunday, February 16 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children, I transmit this message again today from the Grand Canyon of Colorado, but this time from its deepest place, which you reached today not only to meet with Me, but also with all of the Brotherhood.

While you went down these sacred mountains, your inner beings and the inner beings of your brothers and sisters gradually entered into the reality and truth of other times. You crossed thresholds, doors and spaces where the history of this humanity is kept, the most evolved, important and outstanding history.

And so, on this day and under the embrace of these sacred mountains, I continue the message that I had pronounced during these recent days so that the consciousness of humanity may not lose the impulse of finding, in this time of chaos, the return to its origin and toward the essence of its purpose within this humanity.

I am with you here today, but I am also with the whole world as the Mother of the World, the Mother of the New Humanity, the Mother that holds in Her Heart the knowledge and history of this civilization of the Earth, which went through and had many experiences, lessons and tests.

But what My Heart will reveal to you today is that which was most sacred, that was achieved by the most ancient civilizations of the planet, from Lemuria up to the current time. And all these civilizations, peoples and cultures learned to be in communion with the Universe and to know the Universe through contact. Something that humanity has always sought, has always tried to find the secure doorway to cross that threshold toward truth and cosmic existence. 

Today My maternal Heart opens that door, lights up the sacred spaces of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, so that the information of the most ancient civilizations of humanity may come into light, awaken your consciousnesses and you may thus experience the commitment of bringing continuity to this sacred genetic project that has still not been finished, and which is at its culminating and most important moment of being able to evolve and to represent, within all this Universe and macrocosm, a victory, the same victory that My Son, the Christ, achieved, which He continues to achieve and continues to live for you, for all your brothers and sisters, for this small but most beautiful planet that the Father gave to you in trust, so that you and your brothers and sisters could represent Him not only in evolutionary material life, but also in spirituality, in the essence of contact.

So, while I speak to you, the doors of the inner worlds of the Grand Canyon open so that your hearts and, above all, your souls may be filled by these principles and attributes that the most ancient civilizations of the planet achieved, and in which each one of them stood out for something very important. And this, which has been something so important until today, spiritually helps all of humanity; especially My most lost children, most ignorant, most distracted from reality and from superior truth, which are latent in the Universe and are a part of the reality of the Plan of God.

Through this message, I want your consciousnesses to resume the commitment to carry out this genetic project, which goes beyond something spiritual, religious or inner. Which reaches the depths of your essences and consciousnesses, where the story is also held of your origins, your experiences, your lessons and life situations in this sacred Universe that surrounds you and waits for you.

Make vows, My children, of being able to carry out this project that will be finalized by the Presence of My Son, the Christ, when, in the most culminating moment of this humanity, which is close, He will arrive, to gather all the treasures, merits, lessons and experiences that you have been able to live in this incarnation and in this present time.

Even though the planet and its humanity may be convulsing, though the nations may be in great upset and conflict, in spite of any situation that may be present upon the surface of the Earth, nothing will prevent you from being able to experience and live what God so desires and expects.

For this reason, I am here and I am sent to this planet as the Mother of the World so that you may also be conscious of the new task of your Divine and Spiritual Mother, which today is a vaster and deeper task that not only encompasses this local Universe but also other galaxies, worlds, stars and suns, which also constitute the existence and the experience of the Plan of God. And, with it, all of its Hierarchies, Consciousnesses that have worked in this human project and in others throughout the course of millions of years. Humanity today, since after 1988, has the opportunity and consciousness to know all these things that concern what My voice speaks of today, which is the Voice of the Father resounding in this valley and especially in the inner worlds that must achieve the truth and the awareness of this definitive time.

From within these mountains, in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, your Heavenly Mother announces Herself in advance and proclaims this information for all the beings of the Earth, regardless of their belief, their religion or their inner situation; because, in essence, all are children of God and all come from the same Source, the same impulse, the same Origin that created you, and as from that point on, your consciousnesses, like the sacred consciousnesses of the previous civilizations of the Earth, come from different places of the Universe to continue learning to truly love and to be redeemed from the heart, without fear nor traumas.

So, it is through this sacred information that emerges from the Grand Canyon of Colorado that humanity has the spiritual opportunity of again healing, reconciling and redeeming itself, so that all the fallen stars that live today upon the surface of the Earth may again ignite, again find the path, again find their existence and origins. Thus, all these stars will be able to again shine in this cosmic firmament and, in this way, they will be within the history that continues to be written by the Hand of the Eternal Father Himself.

If this happens here today, in this inner and spiritual condition and situation, it is because there are a greater reason and purpose that are unknown to you today, but I know that you can feel and understand what this means, beyond the forms and the moment.

Today My Heart opens the spaces of the Universe, fuses and unites the realities that are found within this sacred Canyon of Colorado, where humanity will be able to have the reference and the place to find, in the greatest silence and the innermost attunement, all that it needs for this cycle of transition and to overcome these difficult times in which illusion embraces the human consciousness more and more and causes it to lose the path of the Purpose.

By means of these words, I bring you the Grace of again finding the meaning and reason for being on this planet and in this humanity, knowing that there must be a fulfillment of what the Father has determined and written, from the most ancient times of the Universe, since before the existence of the different Universes and civilizations, and of all that was created.

This is why it is time to thank, to thank from the heart for this impulse that the Father has decided to send you through the Mother of the World.

And so, My children, the veils of your consciousness will continue to fall so that you may have knowledge of the reality within you, which is also written in the Universe, a reality that must experience a synthesis and an end so that everything may begin again.

While I speak to you, through My words and My presence, I send the entire world the most sacred attributes and principles that the most ancient civilizations of the Earth achieved, a history that will never be lost, a history that will be able to continue being written by each one of you, so that the triumph of love and truth may be accomplished in this time, and that My most lost children, most deceived and placed in darkness by My enemy, may have the same Grace that you receive today.

In this way, the planet and its spiritual consciousness will be able to be regenerated. The soul of this planet will be able to breathe again and be what it came to be in this time, from the beginning when it was decided that this sacred planet should exist.

Embrace this call, accept this invitation, and bring continuity and a response to what I ask of you, because you will not be complying with Me, but with the Eternal Father, who is the one who sends Me so that all the beings of the Earth may finally see the truth written in the Universe and also held in the most beautiful places of this planet.

To all I send My message of peace and awareness. May the Light of the Grand Canyon of Colorado shine in the heart of all self-summoned beings and servers so that the Plan may continue to be accomplished. 

I bless you and I thank you, permeating you with the Light of My Spirit and of My Heart, because I am your Mother, the Mother of the World.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Brothers and sisters, at the request of the Divine Mother, from here, from the heart of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, we are going to say the prayer of the Advent of the new Race three times, so that we may decree and affirm this inner commitment with the Divinity.

Prayer for the Advent of the New Race


let the advent of the New Race be fulfilled.

May humanity express its archetype.

May the word be alive and build Your Temple.

In us may Your mystery expand and 

may true existence be revealed to the world

so that we may gather in Your Name

and glorify perfect unity.




Thursday, February 13 of 2020


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today the voice of your Heavenly Mother emerges from the desert, in a part of the planet distant from you, and from where today God has given you the chance to come to know it, so that this place can be revealed and shown to the world. 

This is why I come from this place and from this space, to speak the Word of God, to bring souls an inner revelation that comes from the Universe and from Cosmic Life.

I bring the message from this place for all of you, so that all may feel it, perceive and recognize it, knowing that these are times in which humanity must place itself again in the Plan of the Father, after having distanced itself for a long time, after having distanced itself from the Law and the fulfillment of the Commandments.

This is why I today come from the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where the history of humanity is held in its deepest and innermost silence; where Nature, and mainly the Mineral Kingdom, reveal this message for all, with the potency and the power of its expression, beauty and loveliness.

In this place, many events have taken place. One of the first civilizations emerged here; a civilization that maintained contact with God and knew what was the essence of the Plan of God, and of its fulfilment upon the surface.

In this way, God showed them His Divine Will, so that they could live it and accomplish it according to how He had thought.

It is a civilization unknown to all and not yet revealed to the humankind of the surface, but which did indeed exist since ancient times, in which humanity experienced a fluid process of contact with their inner world and the Universe. 

From there the sacred instructions came for that whole civilization, which achieved significant degrees of evolution and, above all, of wisdom; an experience that led them to not only understand life and existence, but also led them to enter into another school, into another dimension in another plane of consciousness, where it was no longer necessary to experience what is lived on the surface of the Earth; where it was no longer necessary to use that which is material and concrete. But rather, within that entry of that whole group consciousness, they began to live from what was spiritual, cosmic and divine.

And from that point they began to take significant steps, not only in their awakening but also in their evolution; individual as well as group steps, because the essence of that whole event was unity; group unity, unity of souls, unity of consciousnesses.

This led this very simple but deeply contacted civilization to live and to know the Laws of the Universe and all the treasures the Greater Universe holds, which are found within the different galaxies, stars and suns.

This revelation came to them; this revelation was shown to them in a clear and sharp way. The impulse of instruction and knowledge led them to take this great step for all of humanity, even for the present humanity, for the current humanity, even though you may not believe it.

They knew that future generations would come that would experience great tests and challenges, great events and lessons; and even though achieving that very high degree of consciousness and contact, they decided to remain on the planet to be able to safeguard and protect the essence of the project of humanity and its evolution.

They thus came to know the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the science was shown upon the path of this sacred people, this civilization that found a deeper meaning for being present upon the planet, to live the Will of God and greater designs. 

But this story did not end here, because this story, this event and this school is still being experienced up to now. This sacred people and civilization is to be found there, living this experience of evolution and of awakening the consciousness, and as a group of souls, as a group of consciousnesses, they continue to emit and emanate these principles to all of humanity, the more ignorant and unconscious humanity of these times.

Is this people now a brotherhood? A still unknown and unrevealed brotherhood. It is more than a brotherhood; it is a universal and inner fraternity, a spiritual fraternity that also lived its experience and took its steps through the giving of self and the surrender of self to the Greater Will. 

But the time has come, My children, for the humanity of surface to contact these realities and be withdrawn from the deep sleep of illusion and ignorance, where all consciousnesses are placed through modernities and indifference. 

All the sacred peoples who went through the school of the planet will, in the coming time, show themselves from within the inner planes, so that souls that are on the surface of the planet, which also experience the same school of evolution, may be able to avail themselves of the knowledge that they experienced and learned, which continues to be an eternal knowledge that leads you to expand your consciousnesses even more and leads you to elevate, transcend and ennoble the human genetic code that needs to continue to achieve, in the same way that Christ did, His great expression of Love and of giving of self.

This sacred people of the Grand Canyon of Colorado continues to learn even more things about the Hierarchy itself, and many have now entered into new schools of instruction and knowledge, to expand their cosmic consciousness, and thus are able to continue to embrace the Plan of God in its different manifestations of Universes.

Human beings of the surface of this planet and of other times, having gained this degree of awakening, are giving today's precarious humanity the impulse to seek the same level of consciousness and awakening, even though it is silent and in retreat. Because this sacred people experiences its permanent retreat in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, but it also experiences its intelligent activity that the Holy Spirit provides it with, within Its service of love for humanity.

It is thus, My children, that they never lost their roots nor their culture. They carried all this schooling and experience with them to present them and share them with the Greater Consciousnesses of the Universe, with the great regents of the Celestial Brotherhood.

It was all complemented and understood. And this makes it possible for the human project to be understood and known in the rest of the Universe as a possible experience of redemption, forgiveness, change and, above all, of love, of a love that expands, a love that is lived, a love that leads consciousnesses to accept the Plan of God and to fulfill it beyond their possibilities or their understanding.

This sacred people of the Grand Canyon of Colorado mirrors to humanity what humanity needs to spiritually find in these times. And it is their goal, intention and purpose that the majority may reach and contact that which they reached and contacted in their simplicity and surrender.

It is now, while you are aware of all this, and illusion has withdrawn from human sight, that you can find the truth of the existence and the real history of your whole civilization upon the planet, from the beginning times. It is time, My children, that you impel humanity onto the same path, onto the path of achieving that same evolution through group life and a true connection with what is High.

Thus, the Essence of the Will of God will be better known and understood by the men and women of the Earth, and ignorance will no longer embrace them; rather, they will understand the meaning of being here, incarnated in this world and in this time, to continue on with what God needs, within this experience and this human civilization which cannot continue to deteriorate nor self-destruct, but rather should embrace the vision of the Purpose and of the goals that the Eternal Father presents for each group of souls, within His universality and His divine Consciousness.

In this way, you will be part of a great fraternity and you will feel yourselves to be part of a great existence, which has no human condition and is not restricted to inner processes or mental ones, but rather, through the profound spirituality of life and of science, everything is understood and evolves.

From the Grand Canyon of Colorado, today your Heavenly Mother announces Herself and presents Herself to the world so that it may know that it is in time to recover its civilization, roots and culture, its evolutionary lessons and, above all, its contact with the Heights, the contact that nourishes the spirit of each being and which comes through the impulses of the Hierarchy, from a single and absolute contact coming from the Law of the Hierarchy, which all may avail themselves of and learn about so as to be on the correct path, rather than on others, rather than on other paths.

This is the time to become aware of the truth and to know that all My children are called to continue this human civilization which must embrace the Purpose so that it may be expressed and fulfilled in these times, so that the planet can be regenerated, so that humanity can be redeemed and healed of all it has experienced throughout time, for there is still much to do, there is still much to accomplish and carry forward.

But by placing your consciousnesses on this level of evolution and contact, your miseries will dissolve, your problems will end, and you will place your heart at service to the Heights, a heart that will be given the impulse to always find the truth and the meaning of its existence within this Universe and within this planetary school.

And this too is a part of the redeeming Project of My Son, which arrives in the cycle of divine revelations of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

So remember, My children, everything that happened here in the Grand Canyon of Colorado, and which continues to have repercussions throughout time and the generations so that humanity does not lose the meaning of its purpose and of the essence of being here, on this planet.

With this announcement, I take you by the hand and lead you so that you can achieve new schools, deeper schools of love and of the giving of self, of surrender and of trust in the absolute guidance of the Eternal Father.

From the Grand Canyon of Colorado, I allow souls to again find the meaning of their origins, of their origins of Earth and of their ancestors, who had the experience of love and brotherhood.

Through this impulse, I bless you so that you may continue upon the same path, and as much as you do not know how to do it, that you allow your inner worlds to be able to guide you to the same level of contact, wisdom and understanding as the sacred people of the Grand Canyon of Colorado experienced it, and continue to live it throughout the course of time.

I thank you sincerely for responding to My call.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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