Monday, November 25 of 2019


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My message comes again to the world, especially for the hearts that are open to listen to the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, a Word that resounds in the Universe, because it is a Word that comes from God.

Because from the Word emerged the Creation and all that exists, just as the children of the Father also emerged, those who have been walking upon this cosmic trajectory in order to someday attain redemption.

But forgiveness is granted to those who decide to live the path of redemption.

Therefore, the Universe and the Hierarchy still sustain this world and humanity, because there is still time to live this path, in spite of all that may happen in this cycle.

The Hierarchy needs that the daring decide to submerge into Universal Life, a life that shows them their origin, their existence and their purpose. In simple words, the revelation of their truth and also of their past. Not of a past for them to turn back to or to remember the errors committed, but rather to remember what they learned, what they experienced and what they acquired throughout the times, the cosmic time.

Today I come to speak to the world from the Andes, one of the places where the Hierarchy has Its Heart and Its Presence, from the Mendozan and Chilean Andes, because for the Hierarchy there is no division nor borders; there is one people, a single people, one race, which, in spite of its experiences, must someday be recognized as unique in this Project of Love and Redemption, of Forgiveness and Mercy.

Therefore, I open the doors of the Universe within this place, where you are today, in order for you to accompany your Heavenly Mother; where the fallen stars and the suns that awaken can find their origin again and feel that they are a part of the whole, feel that they are a part of the Creation, of Universal Life.

Therefore, today your spirits are placed before the presence of the Universe, before the presence of the Hierarchy, before the Fount of the Love of God, because it is from this that the beings from the surface of the Earth, in this time, must be nourished from in order to learn how to survive these crucial moments while humanity faces the result of what it chose.

Therefore, I come as Mother, but also as the Governess of the Universe, as the Matrix of the Mirrors, to help you to correct the path, to teach you to find the path of peace and harmony so that your inner suns can shine and manifest the Purpose, beyond the human life, beyond superficiality.

The opportunities that the Hierarchy gives at this moment are unique and will not be repeated. For this reason, you must make use of the times and of the events. You must nourish spiritually upon that which the Spiritual Hierarchy gives you so that, each day more, you can reaffirm this commitment and this purpose that you came to fulfill for a Greater and still unknown Will.

The origins of those who have awakened, and of the ones who will awaken, unite today to this moment and to this meeting with the Divine Mother so that the true lineage, so that the true gift or virtue of each being, may give impulse to the tridimensional consciousness to take the step that it must take, and to help reverse, in service and out of love, the situation in which humanity finds itself, which is an adverse and very dark situation.

But while I am with you, beloved children, while I speak to the center of each one of your beings, where the Word of the Hierarchy truly resounds, the Universal Mother and the Greater Governess dissolves the contrary currents by means of the path of peace and harmony, without generating conflicts nor spiritual confrontations. Because love, as you know, is above everything, any situation or moment, any inner desert or agony.

Love allows you to renew and permits you to again find the path that you sometimes lose for different circumstances.

The world, and especially humanity, must acknowledge today that it is not alone in this macrocosm. This will grant the intervention and the help of the Celestial Spheres. And humanity, at least a small part of it, could then recover that which it has internally lost; and would continue to receive the impulse to live the path of Light.

Therefore, all efforts that the Hierarchy makes at this moment are immediate and urgent. Thus, your response, at this moment, must be immediate and urgent so that the greater balance can be attained in the whole human race on all the surface of the Earth, in each heart that is part of this universal family

Thus, while I talk to you and transmit My words to you, your Heavenly Mother and Greater Governess works with humanity in those situations that are not solved yet and that need the powerful Hand of God to find a solution and a path of return to the origin.

When I am here with you, I bring you the Universe, not only that which exists out there, in the Cosmos, but I also bring you the spiritual Universe where the beginning of everything and the origin of your existence is, the primordial and fundamental essence that created you, so that you might be here today, on this planet, and living this school that My Son lovingly offers to you.

By assuming a commitment with what you truly are, and not with what you appear to be, you will allow the Purpose to be attainable, to everyone, and you will be able to keep contributing to the Plan of the Hierarchy in this acute time of humanity.

Today I come to contemplate what is true within you and not what is apparent, I come so that the center of your being may rise, which is a sun, an essence, which fulfills a purpose and a goal in this Creation, as many, many essences in the Universe and, thus, I come to unite you to the one Source, to the divine Thought of God.

I come to elevate you toward the Heart of the Father because there you will always find the inner strength you need in order to transcend and to redeem in the name of My Son, your Redeemer.

While this happens, the essences of humanity are also worked on by your Heavenly Mother, by the Greater Governess, so that at least a spark of Divine Grace may ignite the consciousness of those who sleep and thus they may awaken to universal truth.

For this to be possible, I need intermediaries, servers, faithful collaborators who follow the instruction of the Spiritual Hierarchy and not of others, so that you do not get confused, so that you do not take vainglory, so that you only fulfill Divine Will, in obedience and gratitude,which is the Will that will always free you and guide you toward the just and right path.

While the planet experiences its purification and purification mobilizes chaos and conflicts, let Peace reign in the hearts of those who believe in God and in those who fulfill His call without conditions nor rules.

May the advent of the New Humanity now become a reality for all, because this humanity, children, must first be born within you, and then be present upon the surface; it is something profoundly spiritual and non-material.

The New Humanity will be a gift of God granted by the Eternal Father Himself for the regeneration of life and the whole Creation after the traumatic and painful experiences lived in the whole human race throughout the times and the decades.

The gift of God of the New Humanity will be a living reality in those who self-summon, so that the old flock of Israel may gather and congregate again and finally they may fulfill the promises that are written in the Heart of God, your Eternal Father.

At this moment of planetary transition, gather the inner forces that come from the love of the heart and from the love of the spirit to carry forward, upon this path, the wills and the projects of My Son, which are still to manifest in this time, although humanity lives this harsh reality.

Trust in that which is possible to fulfill, in that which is possible to concretize and in everything that is possible to attain because, as it is the Will of God, it will manifest and present itself before your eyes, and you will carry forward everything the Father has expected, for such a long time.

It is possible to decrease the risks that the planet and humanity could experience in this time, if the offering is sincere and does not waver; the Plan will be fulfilled because it is a Law, and you must believe in this, every day.

I am here with you always, to help you to build, within you, the Plan of God, so that later the Plan may be a reality upon the surface.

Obedience and fidelity will be the great key for this moment of transition, for all servers and collaborators of this work; thus, the bridge of contact between your Universe and Ours will never be missing.

May the Love that My Heart brings today rebuild you internally and place you in the Commands of My Son, so that the Work of His infinite Mercy may come to all, without distinction.

From the Andes, I invoke and proclaim to all the return to your origin, so that in this time of purification you may believe in the gorgeous and beautiful that God gave to you in the beginning.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this planetary moment! Because I know that you have never lived or experienced it. This is the great moment and the great time for all. Help yourselves of Our Love to live it. Welcome Our support to be able to face it.

I am here and I am your Universal Mother.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.