Wednesday, March 13 of 2019


Thirty-three are the principal constellations of this Universe that carry forward evolutionary life, places from which many come and that have come for a special reason to the Earth, to be a part of this school of redemption and of forgiveness that My Son has been offering to you from the beginning.

Nobody will be able to enter the Kingdom of God without having first gone through this school.

It is necessary that the Universe becomes recreated again, based on feelings of peace, of love and of charity, based on experiences of redemption and of forgiveness; experiences of a feeling capable of going beyond everything, just as My Son did up to the last moment on the top of the Cross.

But in that time He gathered together all those who were needing redemption and forgiveness; not only those present during the event of the Passion of My Son received this great universal opportunity, but also all the constellations that are a part of this system of life, of which the Earth has also been a part for a long time.

But for this humanity to reach a new state of consciousness, it will be necessary to live the school of redemption and of forgiveness, placing at the feet of the Creator all the events, all the experiences and all the facts that have altered His Divine Plan of Love.

For this reason, My children, today I say to all creatures of the Earth that we are now in the time of living that redemption to be able to definitely transcend the suffering and the after-effects that pain leaves within the lives of human beings.

It is no longer necessary to learn from mistakes; it is necessary to learn from love, from an unconditional and living love that is capable of giving one's life for another, just as My Son gave it for each one of you.

In that time, when Jesus was on Earth and lived His Passion, the door to the great opportunity for humanity opened, and that door is still open in spite of the currrent errors. It is the door that We cross each time We come from the Universe to the Earth to announce the Word of God, to give the graces to My children, and to give new opportunities to all those who have disregarded them, for some reason.

All, absolutely all are before that door of redemption. This goes beyond religion, society, peoples or nations. It goes beyond all the errors that you have committed in the Universe, because this door is open for the Love of God, for the Love He has for each one of His children, in spite of the disregard that He receives in this time.

This too is the work of the divine and unfathomable Mercy, so that all the creatures that came from the Universe, and that are present today in this humanity, do not miss the opportunity of redeeming themselves and of unconditionally loving as Jesus loved them.

In the face of the revelation of these times, it is important to be aware of what we are experiencing, My children, because this opportunity that you receive today can also be received by your brothers and sisters throughout the entire world, seeking in a precise and objective way that souls may be able to awaken to what they came to realize on Earth, and can make the Divine Plan of our beloved Creator Father a part of themselves.

The Universe does not only revolve around this world. The Universe is something more than the Universe itself. It is broader than it seems, more vast than what it has, more infinite than what it possesses. 

The Universe is yet to show itself to humanity. Only in recent times has the Universe showed itself through the spiritual Hierarchy in order to seek the awakening of humanity, to deliver warning of the deviation from the Purpose of God, from going down the path of self-destruction.

That is why divine intervention occurs time and again, just like the intervention of the spiritual Hierarchy in different regions of the planet, with different cultures and with different impulses of light that come from the Source of Creation, to bring awareness to humans of the surface.

It is thus, that today the whole world, on this March 13, 2019, is before the presence of its origin, with the opportunity of spiritually reconsidering and of amending all events, even though they may be unknown and far away.

Today the first veils of consciousness fall from your faces so that you can see the reality that must be redeemed and forgiven, because that reality will no longer be in the New Earth, will not be in the feeling or in the consciousness of the New Humanity. Everything, absolutely everything, will be transformed, especially during this time of transition and of chaos.

The expansion and the deepening of love in the consciousness of the human being will be the great key of the end of these times that will be able to remedy the chaos that exists in the nations, bring peace where it no longer exists, and fraternity where it is not present today.

That key of love that is in your hands and especially in your hearts will be the door that Christ will use to return to the Earth.

It will not be an allegory; it will be a living reality that will come overnight.

This is why it is the time for the whole world to solve its debts, forgive its conflicts and transcend the mistakes through the help of divine intervention that the Universe gives you on this day.

Each new consecration of a Children of Mary is the opportunity to expand that divine knowledge and approach this revelation to the human consciousness, of what exists in the Universe, as well as what exists within the inner universe of each being.

This is the time in which knowledge can be deepened, when souls can become more aware of everything they have done in order to amend it and forgive it, to finally be able to live the purpose that brought them here.

That is why today the consecration of Children of Mary will be special for Me, because it goes beyond your personality, it goes beyond your spirits, it comes very close to the Divine Purpose, to the main and primary reason that this consecration will generate within humanity and not only in a group of people.

With this expansion of consciousness I call you here today so that you may be consecrated, because you will be making vows not only with your inner worlds, with the purpose that brought you here, but also you will be making a vow with humanity, knowing that humanity must finally learn to live the Will of God, that it will no longer be necessary to go through so many mistakes and so much suffering in order to be able to learn something.

Today it is the school of Love that I am offering to the Children of Mary, especially to those who are being consecrated today and placing the offering of their heart and of their life here at My feet to someday reach the Will of God.

Let the spiritual flame of your hearts be lit today so that wisdom may be present on the Earth, beyond the events or the tests, so that the Wisdom of God, like a living flame, will always carry you to the Love of God and to the experience of forgiveness, which must be lived in this time with deep sincerity and truth.

Listening to the hymn of your consecration, today we again renew the vows before the Celestial Father on the path of persistence and of faith, of constancy, of charity and of good above all evil and of every test, of every difficulty or every illness, fully trusting in the Presence of Divine Grace, in the Universe of the Mercy of God, that on this night assembles you in the Presence of the Divine Spirit to consecrate you and bless you in the name of Love

.May these flowers, which were placed at My feet today, not only be received by those who will be consecrating themselves today, but also by all those who are here, who accompanied Me here to Aurora, to support your Heavenly Mother in this impulse of the new revelation that the Universe of God is giving you so that forgiveness and redemption may be lived.

May these flowers you left at My feet today remind you of the return to your origins, to your inner essence, to your original purity, to your truth, the truth that God placed in you since the beginning as essences, as souls, as spirits.

May these flowers, these roses, always remind you of the Truth of God, and especially of the infinity of His Love and of His Wisdom, present and alive in all Creation.

May your lives, My children, someday convert into a flower, so that the Light of the Christ, of the living Christ, may be radiated to Earth. Amen.

I bless you, I consecrate you and I awaken you to universal truth, to the truth of love, to the truth of wisdom, and of the healing that all beings can experience to reach the celestial joy of being in God and with God forever.

I bless you with the authority that My Son granted Me and by the merits of His most precious and divine Passion, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

You may sing.

I thank you.



Monday, March 25 of 2019

Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

When I do not speak, it is because something very difficult is happening. My silence is because the world does not want to listen to Me, and that goes beyond this place. I am speaking about those who do not truly listen to the Heart of the Hierarchy, and omit the Will of God all the time.

But with My armies, I will support the planet and will be able to give the world what it would not deserve. That is why I am here as your Attorney, as your Intercessor and Mediator.

Perhaps you do not understand what I am telling you, but welcome My Words in your heart and pray even more fervently so that God may pour out His Mercy rather than His Justice.

Everything that you have done until now has an incalculable value. All that you have prayed until now was contemplated by the Creator Father, and that goes beyond material life. For this reason, take My Words into your heart as much as you do not understand them.

The third secret of Fatima is drawing closer and what, up until now, the church has not announced, disobeying My request, will be shown to the whole world in an unexpected way for everyone.

When God sends a warning to the world, as happened in Fatima, He has a profoundly spiritual reason, unknown to humankind. There is no church or nation that can stop it. Thus, trust was placed in the small shepherds, because in such pure souls the Presence of God and His Message was revealed. But the world, in its majority, decided to learn through suffering and to generate suffering to the rest.

The cup is overflowing and the Blood of My Son, which was spilled for all, must be justified by those who pray in the world with their fidelity and their absolute unconditionality to the request of God.

With all of this, I want to tell you, My children, that I do not come to convey any fear to your inner worlds, but rather a call to pay attention in the face of the events that the world experiences today and in which humanity is completely submerged, especially the most innocent.

May your hearts not be touched by anger, by indifference, by frustration. Let your hearts; especially your lives, be an example of prayer, of constancy and faith, for what will shortly come to the world.

Many will repent for not having heard, and as was written in the Sacred Bible, many will beat their chests, crying out to God for an opportunity.

Thus, before that event, the red moon came, and all of humanity was able to see it. It was not a pretty or beautiful event. It was the announcement, the advent and the preparation of humanity for the next signs that will be revealed in this cycle.

The last seal of the Apocalypse is already open. The war of everyone against everyone will not cease. For this reason, new martyrs will come and will not emerge from the church, but rather among the most innocent, who will testify, until the end of their lives, to the Presence of Christ without anything causing them to change their faith or their belief.

But do not think of what they will suffer, rather think about what humanity has still not achieved, and that for the world it is no longer necessary to shed more blood, like some nations in the world do today, letting injustice fall upon the innocent, upon the poorest among the poor.

So your faith must be doubled. Your enthusiasm for the commitment must expand, and your fidelity and obedience must be established. Because even though the Earth trembles, your equilibrium must be untouchable, unalterable and irrefutable. Nothing must move you from the place that you have won in the heart of the Hierarchy.

But on the other hand, My children, not everything will be a disgrace for humanity. You must again see the Christs that were once with My Son and that in this end time will awaken so that, finally, they may express their task and the concretization of their purpose.

The flame of Christ in each human heart will shine, and at the most acute moment of the transition of the Earth, the tribes with their different lineages, schools and experiences will gather together to offer God a single path and a single goal, which is to achieve the New Humanity.

It is time to grow, My children, to mature in knowledge and to know, deeply, that your participation in the Plan of God has a purpose and a goal that your lives will not be able to change.

The salvation of humanity will depend on your adherence and on the surrender of your wills to the Greater Will. For this, you must never lack wisdom or discernment, nor attention and vigilance in the face of the events of the world.

Today, a sword of humanity pierces My Heart. It is a more painful sword that the one I once received when I came to know about the definite surrender of My Son.

Continue praying for the nations because, if the nations are not well, nothing will be well. You must reach Heaven with your prayers, touch the Heart of the Celestial Father, and console His Spirit for so many offenses received.

Let the sacred spirit of compassion be built in you because Divine Compassion will be the fundamental attribute for this time in order to be able to see and participate in what will be seen in the world, even though it is not within the Plan of God. Because the majority of the events in the world are generated by human beings rather than by Heaven, through the lack of filiation with God and of communion with the Highest.

But you, who have gained the inner Christ, must have this precious presence be of value for all those who do not value the Presence of the inner Christ within themselves.

In honor of the Birth, the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of My Son, I come to request that for nine days, before the beginning of the Holy Week, you pray the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus so that the Heavens may be filled by your prayers, that God may have pity on the whole world and His wrath may be calmed by the angelic choirs that accompany Me today.

If the whole world truly takes on this work of prayer, on the eve of Sacred Week, if it prays with fervor and devotion, I will come to ask the world once again for the consecration to My maternal and Immaculate Heart so that the nations that call themselves powerful before God, through the mediation of My Grace, may achieve penitence and a complete repentance of their faults.

This will prevent, My children, the Angel of the Justice of God from descending to the Earth in a surprising and unexpected way and, by the order of the Highest and Almighty, pouring the power of the Throne of God with greater potency than hundreds of lightning flashes and thunder.

If your prayers reach Heaven during these nine days, your Attorney and Mother will be able to intercede, at least for a quarter part of humanity, because the rest has already defined itself.

Our Lady lowered Her face and closed Her eyes; we accompany Her, we feel Her, and we contemplate Her in our heart. We support Her and inwardly pray before Her Presence.

My silence comes to ask the world for the impossible. Just as I asked in Fatima, I come to ask for you, in spite of the events, to definitely commit with Me to pray the Rosary every day. This time not only for peace but also for the intervention of your Divine and great Lady before the authority of the Celestial Father and all of His angels.

The Children of Mary who will be consecrating themselves today can stand up where they are.

Beloved children, I will never disparage your aspirations. Console My Heart every day with your examples of peace, of love, and of prayer for the world.

Today I will not be able to attend to you directly, but know that My pure and Immaculate Spirit, a Spirit that comes from God and from His Source, today overshadows your souls to consecrate you.

Today, the Mother of God cannot bestow Graces; God has not allowed it, but it is not because of you, but because of the world.

The light of My Heart will always appeal for guiding you. Follow My steps of a Server and a Pilgrim. I bless you and I love you.

You will take the flowers of this altar with you as a testimony of My Love for you and for your families.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Piedad, come here.

Today I am calling you like in other times, My daughter, so that you may help Me to intercede before God, our Creator Father, and so that, through your devotion to My maternal and Immaculate Heart, you may supplicate, through the Ave Maria, singing to the Thrones of the Father so that He may hear the voice of His Servant. With this song and this supplication, I will consider My task for today finished. I expect you on May 8 in Fatima so that this Kingdom of Love, of Peace, and of Light may convey its intervention within the world. So be it.

Song: Ave Maria.

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