Monday, May 21 of 2018

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of the Virgin Mary on May 21, 2018, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Today I come to the world as the Lady of Silence so that, in silence, humanity may hear the Voice of God, that sacred Voice that echoes through the times and brings the announcement of the new and of the salvation of humanity.

For this to be possible, My children, and so that humanity can truly listen, today I bring you the Gift of Silence, so that it can be awakened in you and in your brothers and sisters, so that through this Gift you may comprehend all things and, above all, feel all the requests that our Sacred Hearts announce to the world, again and again.

Today I come as the Lady of Silence, so that many more souls may hear God within themselves, so that through the path of silence peace may be established in the world through the ears that listen to God with sincerity and fervor; because it will be this silence that will transform you, it will bring the renewal of your lives and consciousnesses.

From the Celestial Universe today I come to you as the Lady of Silence, because I know that most of My children still do not listen, and the Word of God, My children, cannot be wasted.

With this welcome that your hearts lived today before My Presence, I invite you, My children, to deepen into the path of silence for humanity; so that away from the noises, the distractions and the perturbation, you can glimpse into the inner Universe of each being the path of healing, a path that will lead you to the truth and to the elevation of consciousness.

If you now listen to the Lady of Silence, it is because Her words bring a potent energy which will permeate your cells and consciousnesses with the Gift of Silence that the Mother of God has lived on Earth, from the birth of Christ to His ascension, and a little more, after that event.

The Gift of Silence, My children, will lead you to reflect on the Passion of Christ and you will discover great mysteries that are kept in the Passion of Jesus; I would say, sacred celestial merits that humanity needs at this time to be able to live the redemption and conversion, the total transformation of the Planetary Consciousness to a Consciousness of compassion and love, not only for the Creation and the Universe, but also for the whole planet and its Younger Kingdoms.

The Gift of Silence will make you see the truth and the need of the planet and even more: if you unite silence and prayer you will see many more things, as the Mather of God sees in this difficult time.

It is this Gift of Silence, the one that I must take to Europe in this cycle, in order to take My children out of the great planetary distraction and illusion.

You, My children, who are here, have heard, by means of the Gift of Silence, at some point. This is why I need this Gift to echo through these times, may it first incarnate in your lives so that afterwards it may incarnate in the world.

The Gift of Silence will lead humanity and especially Europe to become conscious of what it is not doing well and of how urgent it is, My children, to change the planetary situation.

Therefore, between your hearts and as sister nations, there can be no differences or omissions.

The Gift of the Silence of God is for all, and on this special day I come to generate it within you, because the Gift of Silence will bring humanity to have more wisdom and, above all, discernment before the trials it will face.

If, My children, you still do not understand what to do with your lives and do not have a clear answer as to which path to follow, it is because the Gift of Silence has not yet penetrated your beings; your thoughts have not been silenced, your feelings have not been quieted, there has not been a moment of peace in order to be able to reflect.

Through the path of prayer of the heart that you experience in these times, I invite you, My children, to invoke the power of the Gift of Silence; so that not only your lives but also the planet is transformed, so that there may be a greater time of peace in humanity and especially in those who are more disturbed and immersed in darkness and evil.

By means of My Immaculate Heart, as the Lady of Silence, today I pour out the power of this spiritual Gift so that it may be propagated in the world, in order for My Immaculate Heart to triumph for many more centuries, by the help of My children, by the response of My apostles and the sincerity of the servants who are prepared in this time to build the Plan of God on Earth and, above all, to manifest it step by step, according to the designs of our Father-Mother Creator.

May the Gift of Silence, My children, lead you to the understanding, so that the flame of the Wisdom of God may spring up in your heart. And when you have to make a very important decision in your lives, the Gift of Silence can intercede and bring Light to the necessary answers.

I only ask you to help Me build the Work in Europe and in the world. Today is Europe, but tomorrow it will be another part of the planet; for example, Asia and Oceania, which are being specially prepared by My Heart, so that it first gestates internally in you and then becomes a reality and not an extensive and extreme request to ask for loving help.

Through the Gift of Silence, that today pours My Immaculate Heart into the world, I come to speak to you about the importance of fulfilling the designs of God, not only through the path of prayer and faith, but also through collaboration, unconditional and permanent.

Children, it is important that you clearly understand My words so that you do not get confused. Everything I say and decree comes from the precious Source of God for the world; and today, it is the Gift of Silence that acts through this moment, but tomorrow it will be another gift or other Virtue of God that will act because of the great planetary need, because of the great urgency of a true and not a tepid response, a response that can overflow with love in your hearts, to make them everyday wiser and worthy to be receptacles of the designs of God and to fulfill them, one by one.

I do not need you to make great efforts to fulfill My call. Through the Gift of Silence that I bring to you today, I ask that your effort be true and transparent so that My enemy cannot confuse you.

Remember that my desire for Europe is to step on the head of the serpent and keep on stepping on it, in order for many, many more souls in the world to be able to enter through the heavenly door that I am opening at this time, through My Immaculate Heart, that everyone may cross and pass through, so that no one is left behind, none of My children, however small a believer they may be of the Will of God and His designs.

I invite you to be precursors of this Gift of Silence, so that the Gift may impel you to carry out the Will of God, just as it is presented and displayed.

With this love that today I give you from the depths of My Spirit, and as I have done in other moments, I implore you for collaboration, because greater things must happen and this will depend on the response of My children and the sincerity of their hearts.

Again I say to you, My dear children: May the Gift of Silence show you the truth of all this, which goes beyond the power of men and the will of souls; it is a Higher design, which your Heavenly Mother is weaving and building in the world through the nations and the response of Her children.

I would like, tonight, that your immediate response, your unconditional collaboration and your greater dedication to God, were like this flowers placed at the foot of My altar; and that today I can raise to Heaven, not only your prayers and supplications, but also your confirmed response before the Mother of God.

I know that you will not reach full consciousness about the Mysteries of the Father yet, but believe, My children, that through the Gifts of God and the experience of each one of them, you will be able to reach it, because this is My desire of Mother, for your spiritual and inner growth in these times of emergency.

Europe needs a lot of help, like you.

I invite you to live, through the Gift of Silence, what the Holy Family of Nazareth lived in fullness and love; not only sharing what little they had, but also donating themselves unconditionally to those most in need, to the great Will of God, for it to be fulfilled, even though at some point our poor and humble minds did not understand it.

Love can do all, transform all and reach all. That is what opens the Gates of the heavens, so that the Graces may descend and the consciousnesses are redeemed according to the Will of God.

I invite you, My children, to pray for this cause, for the mission in Europe and Africa, because very difficult things could happen in those places and much more blood could shed, not only in the Middle East but beyond that region.

I do not want you to see My Face full with tears, but full of love, sweetness and light, reflecting the joy for the response of My children, who become aware before everything happens and who's hearts move more than their minds to carry forward the Will of God, the infinite Work of His Mercy and His divine Pity.

With all this, I invite you from tomorrow on to pray, with your Heavenly Mother, a novena, for the concretion of the Plan of God in Europe and Africa; so that each step that will be given and each effort that will be lived, can be realized by all in an unconditional and true way.

For this I ask you to invoke, through prayer, the Sacred intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph; and that through His presence and His divine intercession, this Work is fulfilled as planned, with the help of My children, with the sincerity of their hearts, with the truth of each of their lives.

On the ninth day, I will announce if this mission will be fulfilled or if the tragedy in Europe will be installed.

As the Lady of Silence and Dame of Justice, I would like to see the plates of the scale in balanced and not in imbalance, as it is at this moment.

Balance in the world is build, by the consciousness of the humanity of the surface, and this brings opportunities to the world and the plenitude of God in the hearts of the simple.

This is all I wanted to say today, thanking you for the love that I have felt in you today, the fervent devotion you have expressed and the peace that you have implanted through this offering to the Mother of God.

I would like these sacred expressions of love from My children today to be repeated, celebrating with the Heavenly Mother the triumph of the Plan of God on Earth, in order for the angels to spread throughout the world the infinite Graces from the Heart of God, which will transform those who suffer and heal those who are sick of spirit and body.

Receive now My blessing, placing your hands in the sign of reception and gratitude.

Beloved Mother of the world,
incandescent and Universal star, 
pour your powerful rays upon the whole world, 
pour the codes of the precious Blood of Christ, so that all may be purified and we may be worthy of living in the Kingdom of Abba. (x3)

Let us raise all gratitude and honor to God; and also to all the angels of Heaven for transforming and transubstantiating all forms, within and outside of beings, and in all the planetary consciousness.

I would like that on this day of celebration and light, confirming your absolute 'Yes' to God and the fulfillment of His Plan on the surface of the Earth, we offer to our Creator Father, on this sacred day, the song 'Hallelujah', as a praise to the Father and as a moment for each one of you to make an offering to the Creator, so He may welcome it in His bosom and thus, He may mightily express His Mercy.

I bless you and I thank you for responding to My call, up to the present.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Tuesday, May 8 of 2018

Special Apparition
Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Mother of God penetrates the planet today with Her Light and helps, on this special day, in the awakening of humanity, of the hearts that are asleep and that need to recognize their commitment to God in this time.

Today is a special day, in spite of the events and of the climatic phenomena, in spite of the purification of the planet, of the purification of the Kingdoms of Nature and of the transition that many, but many hearts live at this time.

It is a special day because it is the day of the last saints, of those who in spirit of abnegation and surrender, of renunciation and sacrifice for their Heavenly Mother and Her Beloved Son, offer their lives so that, through silent pain and inner recollection, the souls may be liberated in different parts of the world, in different continents, in order to exit the profound dream and inertia, the spiritual somnolence and the blindness that does not allow them to see the light. And that, by this sole act of love and surrender, they will awaken someday and they will feel the call inside of them, as you also felt it at some moment.

They will feel the need to serve and to get out of themselves as you did it at some moment, even though you are still learning it through transformation persistence, and faith.

Today is a special day for your Heavenly Mother because many more lives receive, in spirit, an extraordinary Grace that is not palpable to the eyes of men, to the feeling of humans, or to the vision of those who are concrete; but it is profoundly internal, I would say immaterial; that descends from above to this world, to the inner universe of each being and brings the new, what it renewing, what opens the consciousness to the unknown, to what is imperceptible and dwells in the Heart of God.

The angels of the Universe help in this impulse of this day, bringing among their hands the Treasures of the Father, precious spheres of light full of many codes that are sown in those who sleep and in those who will be about to awaken in these coming times.

In this way, children, I show you that the task is deeper than it seems and that each encounter with Me is a moment to enlarge, even more, the Plan of God in humanity and that the divine and spiritual fruits may be available to the souls that need them the most and that still have not recognized their mission in this humanity.

These Graces of Heaven and of this day, come today for those who know and for those who do not know.

Because in the Spiritual Universe of each being it is possible to do everything, because the Laws flow there, the Principles manifest and the different Rays of the Universe are shown, which foster in the souls the awakening of the consciousness and the defeat of human illusion so that the new apostles may be born, so that the new apostles participate in the last Redemptive Supper of Christ at the moment of His second return to the world.

All that is lived at this time is a preparation, My children.

Each moment offered by you is a Grace. Each step given is a new opportunity that presents for souls so similar to yours.

Like this a great network of light is woven and brings to the world a greater rescue, although most of humanity does not respond as God needs; but everything is possible by those who offer themselves and because your Heavenly Mother is here, bringing you what is new from the humility of Her Immaculate Heart.

This opens doors to new events; this brings to the hearts a clear truth of knowing that there is still much to do and that the world awaits the help of more hearts and more servers, especially projected on the youth, who are the ones who will help to sustain the world, although it does not seem so. Because they have come thus, at this time, to be able to move the Plan forward with the impulse of the Hierarchies of Light, with the company of the Sacred Hearts.

Children, everything can still be renewed and many more can follow the path of holiness, even if they have not thought about it for their life. Holiness is surrender for something greater, it is service for something unknown, which is not palpable. Holiness is to say "yes" at each moment and before any circumstance. Holiness is to love your fellow beings as they are and not to have preferences for anything, without expecting any result and without expectations.

This is the holiness that God and His Heavenly Messengers live, and the holiness that the Father expects to be able to see in His children on this planet.

Therefore, from time to time and from century to century, there have been saints, souls that have incarnated in humanity for a greater service, even if they did not have total consciousness of this. Because everything is part of a greater Purpose, of an idea thought by the Father for the evolution of His children in degrees of love and service.

This helps to sustain the lost humanity, the lives that are blind on their spiritual path and all of those who are fallen and will need to rise from the abysses in order to be able to see the light on the large horizon of Christ.

Children, today I will be like this with you, because the Father wants it so, so that in this school that I invite you to live daily and, through this Work you may learn in simplicity to recognize the Supreme Will and not to force changes of events, and to learn to read in everything that happens around you on a daily basis in order to be tuned with the Highest so that you may understand it all and thus, carry the Plan forward.

For this reason, today is a special day, not only for the incarnation of your spiritual Mother on Earth, but for all that this means in the inner plans and in the Supreme Consciousness, because in the same way, children, each one of you is important for Me and above all, for God.

A destiny is written in your lives. A purpose is still to be manifested and expressed upon the surface of this planet and for the renewal of times.

Continue walking with Me through this burning love in the heart for the Work of the Divine Messengers, which is the Work of God, alive and intact in the Universe.

I encourage you to deepen the apostleship through the next mission in Europe and Africa, which, this time, as in other moments, can be followed by everybody at each moment of prayer for the nations of the world, at each moment of recollection and introspection, to be able to follow the Will of God, by means of each part of the Purpose that is gradually fulfilled with the help of My children and in the company of your prayers.

After thirty years of instruction as a spiritual family and as a people of this planet, you were called to follow the same steps that Moses followed with the ancient people of the desert, but this time with more commitment and with more conscience, knowing that everything you offer will be a treasure for God, preciously considered by His Divine Spirit and by His precious Source.

Your lives, as so many other lives that are consecrated in this world, have come to testify that it is possible to live the Plan of God and to make it part of you every day.

With this Light and this Love that spring from My Heart, I bless you and give you the impulse to follow the new through the history that Christ is writing in the hearts that have awakened and in the hearts that will awake.

Today I leave My Rose of Light on the heart of your mother, so that this Love that comes from Me and directly from the Source, may reach those who need it most, under the Spirit of motherhood and the acceptance of all things.

May this Spirit of Love reach all the mothers on the Earth and especially the mothers who have removed the children from their wombs for fear to fail.

May all lives be reconstructed and may the lives that were not born be contemplated, so that they may reach Heaven and return to start a new universal trajectory someday.

I thank you for responding to this special call and for accompanying the steps of the Divine Messengers in the lands of Europe and the Middle-East.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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