Thursday, December 15 of 2016

Special Apparitions

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Today I come surrounded by many choirs of angels in order to establish, at this place, and throughout this whole nation, a purpose that may be impossible before your hearts and lives.

But if faith emerges from you, this purpose will be carried out, because it is my ardent desire that it may be fulfilled in this part of humanity which absolutely needs the Love of God to be able to redeem itself and once again find the path into the Light. The path into the infinite, which many consciousness, beyond those present, have lost at some point when separating from God, for not having known the Will of His infinite Love for each of their lives, and for each of the members of their family

It is in this way that I have decided, dear children, to arrive here, in California, to open a new cycle in this deep-sleeping humanity which must awaken to My maternal Love, to My infinite Love, to My most pure Love, which I have for each one of My children.

If I have come here, to the United States, it is because other children throughout the world have created the spiritual and material conditions so that I would be here, lovingly among you, bringing peace, the inner peace that you need so much to be resurrected into spiritual life, to the path of redemption which My Son offers you in these end times. A path that is a preparation for each one of you. A path which will take you to redemption, to conversion.

And this will be possible, dear children, when your hearts decide to trust in My Heart, because from this trust the Work of God will be realized in the hearts of North America, including Canada and Alaska. Because I desire to arrive there some day, so that hearts may once again find the Love which they have lost, the Love that I have poured out in these times over Central America, Mexico, South America and Europe.

I want you to know, dear children, this most powerful Love which is the Love that emerges from My Immaculate Heart, which comes to separate you from the obscurity that surrounds many governing minds. A Love that comes to remind you of your affiliation with the Celestial Father, a Father that patiently expects His children to be able to awaken to this call from My maternal Heart. 

This is how tonight I invite you, dear children, to live the first step of the reconciliation with the Father. The Father is very offended, the Father who are in Heaven has been denied by many children in this place.

This is the reason why, dear children, by means of the Latin Americans and all the immigrants who live here, looking for the hope of life, looking for an opportunity to carry out their projects, I reunite you with the North Americans as one people, as one race, as one sole humanity that emerges since the beginning of Creation, to live and fulfill a purpose that is still unknown by many.

But it is through the greatness of My Immaculate Heart that I bring you the Love from Heaven, the Love that God has granted in My Most Pure Heart so that souls awaken to this Deep Love which comforts and heals any wound or illness that might seem impossible.

Through this declaration, dear children, I bring to the United States the last Grace from God. After having begged, at the Feet of the Creator, together with the holy women who accompany me in this Mission, I bring you this special and infinite opportunity, beyond your lives and hearts, because I desire, dear children, that this Grace may descend into your hearts, because this country needs this Grace so that it may not lose sight of the sacred Purpose of God that it is still shining upon the horizon of the Celestial Universe, and, that, through My sacred Words and the absolute love from My Heart, I come to bring for each one of you today.

Perhaps you were waiting for a miracle and a confirmation, dear children, that could change your lives around. But truly, I tell you, dear children, that the true miracle that My Son permitted Me to bring you on this day is that you may remember love, that you may experience it, practice it through works of service for those most in need, through an ardent prayer that may consecrate this nation to My Immaculate Heart through the charity and fraternity that make you embrace, at your homes and within your hearts, all the immigrants who arrive here, seeking an opportunity to survive, just as you are.

When everything is about to happen, in the upcoming months, dear children, do not fear, do not fear evil, because if My Heart is within you and in your groups of prayer that must be formed to bring even more of the Grace of God, I can assure you that a good Mother will never abandon you.

Because if God has allowed me to arrive here on this day and on this crucial moment for this country, I implore you, dear children, to not forget the unity among you and your fellow beings, because, this unity, dear children, will always lead you to peace and to the discovery of a profound love that will avoid many social and national conflicts.

Thus, peace will prevail when each one of you confirms it within your hearts as the emblem, as the universal flag to bring to Earth, in order to establish upon this planet an inner peace, that is very unknown to all.

With the rosary in my hands, as your Lady of the Holy Rosary, just as I told you in Fatima: “Pray, dear children, may the prayer transform you completely so that the Gifts of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may descend upon this part of humanity, and especially upon the hearts that are fallen”.

Through My Presence, on this day, I come to avoid many things that could come upon this American people, because My deep desire, dear children, is that all of you may be redeemable beings in the Eyes of the Father, before His Celestial Thrones, before all His angels and archangels.

Thus, with the motherhood of My Heart, dear children, I come to remind you that each one of you has a Guardian Angel who waits to serve and help you in order to lead you on the path of goodness and brotherhood. This is My desire on this day.

Keep listening to me with the love of your hearts and the devotion of your spirits, because this has allowed Me to arrive here, on this day and at this end time.


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the words of the Virgin Mary:

I have opened the doors of My Kingdom in this place because it is from here and through the devotion of your hearts that I expect to reach this whole nation.

Through your prayers, My children, God has allowed Me to send each one of My angels to those places that are most in need, so as to take from the abysses of ignorance those children of Mine who have a commitment with God, and the moment to fulfill it has come.

I arrive in this nation, children, so that you may learn to fight for peace and not for the establishment of human will.  

I do not come to ask you to fight for another government, but to open your heart to learn from human choices and demonstrate to the world that it is possible to convert these actions when the heart simply prays and cries out for peace.

I come here to ask you, children, not to allow any more wars in this world. Do not allow that more hearts suffer because of the human need to stretch their power and submit more souls because the time has come for humanity to live unity with one another, and with God.

I want to teach you to manifest this unity in your lives, children, beyond religions and creeds.

I want you to learn to recognize the One God, respecting the religions of each brother and sister, trusting that each one, when they proclaim love and unity, may lead you to One Creator, who is the Creator of all things, who grants you one universal Love so that you may awaken the true potential of the human heart, as His Son did.

All that I say to you is not a utopia, it is the truth to those who awaken faith and cry out to the Father every day, so that they may be true, transcending the human condition, awakening love, proclaiming peace on this planet.

Today, I also come to ask you, My children, that you may gather with the Kingdoms of Nature, that are so outraged by the human heart, mistreated to create conditions so that humankind may have more comfort and modernity. And you are not seeing, children, that you are killing the planet, little by little. Which is the Holy Heart of God expressed in all life.

When the Creator manifested Earth, He placed in each space, hidden in each being, His perfection and the potential of His Love.

Not only do the human beings of this world have the possibility to manifest Divine Love, but also each Kingdom, from the smallest to the greatest, keeps this potential of loving that awakens when the human hearts comprehend the unity that is in all life and commune from the existence as a whole, finding the Divine Presence in each creature of this Earth.

Today I want to awaken your consciousness to a superior love and not only to a human love.

I want you to understand, My children, that for borders to be dissolved between nations, first they must dissolve within the consciousness of each being.

It is for this reason that today I teach you to commune with life, with the universe, with Creation, so that in this way Divine Unity may descend upon you and upon the whole planet.

In the same way, My children, for peace to be established among nations, and in each human heart, first you must live this peace in your inner world, in your homes and in your families.

Before praying for the reconciliation among peoples, cultures and religions, reconcile with your families, reconcile with your friends, reconcile your spirit with God, because in this way you will open the doors so that a superior reconciliation may occur. 

Today I tell you, My children, that to consecrate this nation, first I will consecrate your lives. And through your hearts I will reach every space of this nation as well as this planet.

Through you, I will consecrate each heart, and together with My Son and the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, I will make the intercession and the Divine Grace descend upon this soil, to convert the evil that embraces it, that blinds and deceives the human heart, to allow you to live, from this day on, a new horizon before your eyes, the possibility of a new life and of a new being, that is at reach for all of you.

Just pray wholeheartedly. Surrender your souls before God. Ask Him for forgiveness. Ask Him to teach you how to be humble and simple of heart so that He may enter into your lives and transform you forever. 


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

For this reason, I come, dear children, as the Great universal Spirit of Peace, to consecrate souls and consciousnesses to the Divine Plan, so that this Plan may be fulfilled beyond these children. Today, My holy hand, with the luminous sign of the Cross, will consecrate each one of them.

Let those who today will become children of My Immaculate Heart come here. I wait for them.


Sister Lucía de Jesús transmits the words of the Virgin Mary:

I want you to offer this consecration for each being of the North American nation, thus generating merits so that I can pour the Celestial Forgiveness upon all souls that do not deserve it.

Thus, I will entrust you, children, with the task of praying for those who do not listen to Me, do not love Me, who ignore My Presence in Heaven and on Earth, who do not allow My Peace to be established in the world.

I will ask you, children, to offer at least one Hail Mary every day for the most ignorant and blind souls so that their eyes may open to the true Light of God and their souls may be liberated from obscurity and ignorance.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús transmits the Words of the Virgin Mary:

Like the Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, I want you, My dear children, to symbolically, in this night of consecration, place your heads upon My chest, to feel the beating of My Immaculate Heart, a Heart that sometimes is full of thorns and is not alleviated by the world, but only by the hearts that, in trust and in love, pray to My Heart so that It may pour its Peace and thus avoid Divine Justice in the world.

Today, during this consecration, dear children, I contemplate each one of your souls. With My gaze of Light, I penetrate into the depths of your spirits to bring to you healing for your wounds, liberation of sins and the ascension of your souls, together with Me, to the Kingdom of the Redeemer, before His throne of Light and the Sovereignty of His Love.

By the authority that God has granted Me, I consecrate you, dear children, to a life of ardent prayer for peace in the world, for peace in hearts, for the awakening of consciousness to the truth of the Celestial Kingdom and for the consecration of a peaceful California, and of a country that attracts fraternity into the world, unity, and, above all, the Love of God, to share and radiate for all humanity.

Together, with the angels that accompany Me today, opening the Portal of Peace from the Heart of Lys-Fatima, I consecrate you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear children, may the hymn of your consecration, in this moment, be heard by the Celestial Father. So be it.

I thank you for responding to My call and for opening your hearts to receive me here, in San Francisco, to all of North America.

Hail Mary ( three times in English).

Song: Hymn for the consecration of the Children of Mary.

Through this water I pour My Grace upon your souls, being washed by the Holy Spirit, who spreads Its Gifts within all hearts of North America.

Keep singing.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

With these words that Mary has given us, with these impulses of love that She deposited into each one of your hearts, let us promise, on this day, to Our Lady of Fatima, to bring this Love and this Peace to our brothers and sisters.