Novena of Saint Joseph for Beginning New Spiritual Cycles

Novena of Saint Joseph for Beginning New Spiritual Cycles


During the first days of August 2017, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph transmitted this important novena to begin new spiritual cycles, through special daily messages.

Saint Joseph invites us to enter a new spiritual cycle, by means of the revelations about His transformation and the tests He had to overcome together with the Sacred Family.

He indicated that the prayer, on each day of the novena, can be prayed for 14, 33 or 72 times, according to the need of each soul.

May we walk hand in hand with Saint Joseph, taking firm steps towards our transformation.


Novena of Saint Joseph for Beginning New Spiritual Cycles

First Day of the Novena

“Today I will start giving you a novena to begin a new cycle, not only between My Chaste Heart and humanity, but also so that each being may find within the way to renew themselves, to take steps, and to embrace with joy the cycles that come, with the heart free and in peace.

Each day will represent an impulse lived by Me through humility, constancy and persistence in order to transcend the human condition and embrace the new spiritual cycles that are presented.

May these impulses reach your hearts and strengthen them through the Grace of prayer and unity with My Chaste and simple Heart.

On the first day, you will meditate on My childhood, as a poor and simple child, in the face of the Mystery of God, which was calling Me to take steps that seemed impossible to Me, facing My smallness and childishness. Embraced by the spirit of faith, I responded to the call of God, and even though I was so small, I allowed Him to make Me great.

When you are faced with challenges that seem impossible to overcome, you shall pray to God in My Name:”


as you did to the Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
concede us the Grace of Faith to live Your Will,
even if to us it seems unreachable and sometimes impossible.

Transform our smallness into the Grace of Your Greatness;
our weakness, into Your Strength.



Second Day of the Novena

“On the second day of the novena, you will meditate upon My youth, when My Heart was facing all the worldly stimuli, all impulses that called Me to be like the other youths of My time, when I was faced with the rejection, humiliation and incomprehension of My brothers and friends because God called Me to a life of surrender, chastity and silence.

At a period when the human condition was rude and far beyond any spiritual aspiration, My Heart prevailed in the face of the stimuli of the body and I was able to offer God an instrument in the world through My Life.

When you are faced with worldly stimuli, capital energies, humiliation, rejection and the incomprehension of the world, you shall pray to God in My Name:”


for the sake of the overcoming of Saint Joseph
and for His absolute surrender that conquered the human condition,
help us overcome the atavisms, the lusts
and the superficiality of this world.



Third Day of the Novena

“I was still young when I met the Essene people in the desert. God placed a great mystery before Me, which at the same time was absolutely different from everything that I knew, as a culture, as a spiritual life and as a way of social life, but which was also known to My inner being. It was like a mirror of all that I held within Myself, as a hidden life that could not be expressed, for not finding space.

Being still before something new and unknown, a teaching that transcended the Sacred Books and renewed itself in each instant, as Life, I launched Myself into this experience and allowed My inner World to find that safe space it had searched for so much in order to express itself.

When you are faced with a new teaching or a new way of understanding Life, when you are faced with something that calls you to renewal, meditate upon My example and pray to God in My Name, saying:”


just as Saint Joseph recognized
Your Impulses and Your Truth in His Life,
teach us how to be before the new and 
allow us to be renewed, without fear,
by Universal Truth.



These will be times of many tests, but also of many revelations. You will be faced with Truths that you did not know, and you will also be able to more broadly understand what you have been taught through symbols and parables. Thus, children, pray and prepare your hearts so that you do not fear to face the new.”


Fourth Day of the Novena

"When I was called to the Temple to marry a Pure and Holy Virgin, My Heart was faced with a challenge and an inner test.

For My life I had planned a life of silence, chastity, and solitude. I had not thought to marry, form a family, and share My experience on Earth with it, because I thought that My mission could not be understood by anyone, since even to Me it was a great mystery.

When I saw the Most Holy Mary, a deep Love for God was awakened within Me, and this Love was reflected in Me as a purity never experienced before.

I was lonely in this world, like the dry tuberose I carried in My hands, and the Purity of the Most Holy Mary, reflected in Me, caused the tuberose to blossom. Then I understood the Will of God and renounced everything that I had thought for My life.

When the Will of God calls you to renounce your own plans, even if they seem spiritual, so that you may experience something you have never thought to live, become empty of yourselves and pray to the Father in My Name, saying:”


You, Who awakened Purity in the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph
and caused Him to renounce His human will,
give us the Grace of being pure and simple
so that we may renounce our will
and live only Yours.



“There is no greater gift than to live the Will of God and see it manifested in one’s own life. For this reason, lose the fear of tearing up your own plans and opening your hands to receive the Scroll of Divine Will.”


Fifth Day of the Novena

“When the Holy Spirit descended upon the Most Holy Mary, placing in Her Pure Womb the Savior of the World, the Son of God, the Messiah waited for by the people of Israel, My Heart was shaken when faced with this mystery.

Between the feeling of not being worthy of such Grace and the struggle with My human condition, to truly understand the Will of God for Our Family, I had to take a leap in faith and spiritual maturity, for I knew that after the “yes” of the Holy Virgin, My response would be definitive for the fulfillment of this Plan.

Many times, God places His greatest trust in His smallest and most imperfect children. This causes them to grow and to surpass themselves, and with the step of these, His children, all of humanity takes a step in its inner growth.

When God entrusts a mission to you that you feel is great, even if you do not understand its greatness or cannot encompass the responsibility that it brings, say “yes” to the Father, praying in My Name:”


just as Saint Joseph, Who was small and imperfect,
accepted the great mission that You entrusted to Him,
help us to accept Your Will, to assume our mission
and grow in maturity and love for Your Saving Plan.



Sixth Day of the Novena

“When I was called to go to Bethlehem with the Most Holy Mary, She being so fragile and close to giving birth to the Child, I found Myself facing another test of faith. I knew that the Prophesies were beginning to be fulfilled and that the Son of God would come to the world just as in the Sacred Scriptures, but My mind and My Heart were being tested and harassed in each instant of this mission. I had to inwardly bear with all the discouragement of the enemy of God and keep the faith, above and beyond its false strength.

The journey was long, and in spite of the Virgin Mary being assisted by the angels and the archangels, She was tired, for She also had to bear with the harassments of the enemy. The Son of God was about to arrive and both the Light and the darkness had their eyes upon Us.

Arriving in Bethlehem, I wanted to find the best place for the Child and His Holy Mother, but all that We received was humiliation and successive disdain. We prayed to God for His guidance until We were led to the caves of Bethlehem. After so many tests, I understood that God had not abandoned Us with His Son, but rather that He, in His Divine Thought, did not have My human idea of what was best for the Child. The Father wanted His Son, from the beginning, to demonstrate His Humility to the world. And it was among the poor and among the most humble and servile of the animals that the Son of Man came to be born.

Sometimes, children, we need to be tested, humiliated and even disdained, to purify our human will and discover that God has not abandoned us, but rather, He had been waiting for us in the inner precinct, where our heart is able to live humility. So, when you feel lost, tested, humiliated and alone, pray to the Father in My Name and, with My intercession, I will help you to find the place of inner humility, where God awaits you:”


like the Most Chaste Saint Joseph,
test me, so that my faith may be fortified;
purify me, so that I may set aside the old human;
and teach me to let myself be humbled
so that I may discover that, in humility, You wait
to reveal Your Heart to me.



Seventh Day of the Novena:

“When the Angel warned Me that I had to leave for Egypt with the Holy Virgin and the Child, because they would try to kill Him in Bethlehem, in My Chaste Heart I saw all that would happen. I took the Child up into My arms and placed My Holy Wife on the mule. We then understood that Our life would be an eternal battle, until the Child could accomplish His Mission.

The Most Holy Mary also could see what would happen with the children of Bethlehem, could hear the screams and cries of their mothers and could feel the pain of God in His Pure Heart. We had to leave without looking back, trusting in the fact that we were leaving so many children for the salvation of One, Who would one day give them back life. In Our Hearts we strengthened our faith in God, and during the whole journey, we pleaded for His little children and We knew that He was hearing Us.

Sometimes, children, God asks you to walk without looking back; to apparently leave people alone who you love and that need your care, but you must know that your spiritual steps will bring them greater sustenance than your presence. Physically, you can safeguard a body; spiritually you can save a soul, an essence, the complete evolution of a being.

So, if one day God calls you to walk without looking back, do not fear to take these steps, for they one day will be the reason for the salvation of those who were left behind by you. In order to not fear, and to fortify your own faith, pray to God in My Name:”


just as You called Saint Joseph,
and He responded to Your Call,
call upon us and teach us not to look back;
lead us and strengthen our faith in You;
guide us so that we may know
that life in this world fades away,
but the merits of the spirit endure forever.



“Trust, children, in this transition, in the fact that what is most important is to take spiritual steps, for although the world trembles and life fades away, it will be the merits generated in the purity of your hearts which will allow life to be recovered and the Earth to be rebuilt with Principles of Love and Unity.

I saw the world tremble. I saw war consume the hearts of humankind. I left those of Mine behind to protect the Child, and one day I also left the Child by the Will of God; and it was from Heaven, with My invisible eyes focused upon the Earth, that I saw souls recover their lives and Love become stronger than war.”


Eighth Day of the Novena

“When we were in Jerusalem and We saw that We had lost Our Son, the Son of God, My Heart filled with anguish and affliction. I felt I was the worst of men, the most unworthy and inattentive, because I had not been able to take care of the greatest Treasure of the Universe.

For an instant, I fell into the test of thinking that I was responsible for the Plan of God and that, as I had failed the Lord, losing His Son, all was lost with Him. The Most Holy Mary remained serene, as if She knew where the Child was, but My human and fragile Heart was at the point of taking my life.

This anguish lasted three days, until We found Him in the Temple, full of His Father and with the most resplendent expression that His little consciousness had manifested. Jesus was in the House of His Father, taking care of the things of His Father, doing what He came into the world to do.

At that moment, My ignorance gave way to humility and I understood that the Will of the Father is unalterable. He gives us the possibility of collaborating with His Plan, for our own salvation, but this Plan does not depend on anyone, but only on God.

Children, so that you may face the mission entrusted to you by God with humility and you may understand that His Will always will be fulfilled, beyond human actions, pray to the Father in My Name, saying:”


just as you tested Saint Joseph,
for Him to awaken Divine Humility within,
test us so that we may be humble,
and show us that it is not You Who need our service,
but we are who need to serve You in order
to reach the Redemption and Salvation of our souls,
for Your Plan will always be fulfilled.



Ninth Day of the Novena

“When the Child Jesus was small and the Most Holy Mary was a young woman, and I had to leave Their Sacred and Pure Hearts to be beside God, My Heart was anguished.

My life was always a life of renunciations, from beginning to end; it was in this way that God polished My human condition and manifested His Divine Purpose in My Being, in all of My Consciousness.

To renounce, children, was never a simple thing for Me. My Heart, as each human heart, was full of attachments, of wills, that little by little were sumblimated, but it was at the last instant of My life, when I had to renounce being with Mary and Jesus, that I could finally surrender the human will and live the Will of God.

This is the impulse that I bring you for the last day of the novena that I am transmitting to you, because to begin each cycle, it is necessary to renounce the past cycle, surrendering everything into the Hands of God so that nothing belongs to you, except the Grace of being in the void.

On this last day, you shall pray to the Father in My Name so that you may learn to renounce and so that, like Me, you may take sure steps, for you will be empty of self and full of God:”


just as you taught Saint Joseph to renounce,
up to the last instant of His life,
teach us to renounce, teach us to surrender our lives
and give us the Grace of being in the void, in the nothing,
which leads us to the fullness of Your Heart.


The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Spiritual exercise transmitted between August 10 and 19, 2017, through special messages.

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