Devotional to the Saint of Charity, Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Devotional to the Saint of Charity, Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Devotional transmitted by Mary, Rose of Peace, on December 25, 2015.

"Today I deliver to you a new exercise of prayer to be done from the next December 26th until the mission in the Middle East has ended, an exercise of prayer which, by means of the praying groups, will help to support the divine protection, the service and the spiritual task that My missionaries of peace will perform in the Middle East by means of the holy intercession of Mother Teresa of Calcutta."

Union bead
For the spirit of Love, incarnated in the heart
of Mother Teresa of Calcutta,
may all beings of goodwill awaken to service.

First decade
For the sacred self-giving,
delivered by Mother Teresa,
may our hands be in constant offering.

Second decade
For the consolation expressed 
by the gaze of Mother Teresa,
may we learn how to love Christ through our fellow beings.

Third decade
For the light radiated
through the service of Mother Teresa,
may we always manage to radiate the Love of Christ.

Fourth decade
For the humility and sacrifice,
reflected in Mother Teresa,
may we reflect our eternal surrender to Christ.

Fifth decade
For the mercy poured out,
through the hands of Mother Teresa,
may we aspire to pour out pity on the poorest.

On the tenth bead of each decade, repeat: Amen.

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