Friday, May 17 of 2019

The Sacred Call

Only the Light of My Spirit will be enough for you to go through the end of times, because it is through My Light that you will go beyond all darkness, will traverse the times with courage and valor.

You will not measure yourselves by your fears but rather by your fortitude, the fortitude that comes from God, that comes from His Spirit, from His Temperance, and from His Wisdom.

I come here, companions, to bring the Light of the divinity of God so that all created essences may achieve the Light of the Celestial Father and may be removed from the abysses of the Earth through the powerful intercession of your Master and Lord and of all the angelic choirs.

I come to bring Italy the spiritual balance of equality and of justice so that this principle, which comes from the Father, may be established in this part of humanity, and someday, in the rest of the world.

Without Divine Justice and without Divine Equality, the humanity of Italy will not be able to be redeemed.

Thus, I come to offer you My Heart. I come from the deepest and most unknown part of the Universe so that the eyes of your consciousness may open and recognize the powerful Light of the Son that comes, in the name of the Father, to bring salvation to humanity, the end of spiritual slavery and of the damnation of all souls in the world illusion; indifference, pride, lack of charity and love for the one who suffers, for the neighbor, for the one who despairs.

I need your hearts to open, companions, so that the Heavens can open over Italy, because it is a nation that greatly needs God, an absolute reconciliation with and trust in the Almighty, the Celestial Father.

In this way, you will learn to be just and will be equal one with another. There will be no mediocrity, there will be no indifference in your hearts, you will not repeat the same mistakes that the Pharisees repeated in times past.

You must be the New Christs, the most imperfect among the imperfect, those who should rest their heads on the ground to implore for their redemption and for their homeland before everything is unleashed, before everything manifests, before you cannot control anything.

I come through the word of the Justice of God, full of His Mercy and of His profound Love, because I know that on some level you can hear Me. 

I do not speak to your material ears, I speak to your inner ears, to your essences, to your souls, to your spirits that must assume the path of light, of the good and of peace again, so that this may not only reflect in Italy, but beyond this land.

God needs you to convert into His worthy children, that you set aside appearances, pettiness and the power that you believe you hold in your hands.

My companions and new disciples, let me be able to transform you, love you, have you able to feel Me, recognize Me and live Me as hundreds of disciples of Mine fully live Me, recognize Me and love Me.

Your duty to the Universe and to humanity, as a nation and as a religion, is very great. For this reason, I choose the most simple places such as this one, in which the Justice of God is still lacking, so that His Wisdom may be present, for My need is within the most simple and humble, in those who have not known the Love of God, My Christic and sovereign Love can awaken them. So that, as My merciful Heart, your hearts may be merciful, hearts of goodwill and hearts of peace so that your land and your country may be spiritually rebuilt and you not fear the Truth, the sovereign and unknown Truth that I bring to you from Heaven and from the Universe. So that your essences, which await this moment and this opportunity, can recognize it, can see and accept it as part of your lives, I bring the Light of the divinity of God to an Italy that must be redeemed, in a religious, social and human way.

There is still much to be healed here, there is much suffering to alleviate, there is much mercy to be poured out. For this reason, I come from Heaven, bringing you the Word of God so that the Word which comes from the Divine Word can awaken, redeem and save you.

Open your hearts to what comes from Heaven at this moment. The Lord of the Universe, in the action of His profound Mercy, by the merits of His Passion, dissolves the darkness of the planet, the conflicts of nations, the misunderstandings of peoples, the errors of each one of you.

This is the time of Grace, it is the time of the Mercy of God, but it is a time that will end before everything comes to the world in an unknown and surprising way. I come to prepare your souls and hearts for all that will come and will happen because, in truth, I tell you that you will not be able to believe it.

The time that will come is definitive for all nations, but if your prayers and your hearts reach Heaven in a constant, permanent and continuous way, everything, everything will be transformed through your good actions, through your example of life on the path of charity and of good.

Italy needs to live the Plan of God, fully support the Holy Father in the changes he wants to make and carry out. He counts on My divine authority, that is why you need to hear him, so that you are able to hear Me. Italy has always been a blessed land and must continue to be blessed so that its sicknesses may be erased from human consciousness.

As a testimony to that Love that comes from the Universe, I offer you the merits of My Passion, of My Death and Resurrection by means of the Sacrament of Communion. This is why today I come to anoint you with My Spirit, in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Today I come to bring you Peace, so that your hearts feel encouraged to experience the transformation and the apostleship that I offer each one of you, as well as each one of your brothers and sisters in the world.

You must be a part of My army of Light of the end of times so that Italy may have a special oopportunity. But it will depend on its people, on its culture and on its homeland, that you truly open the doors for your Master and Lord so that He may once again return here and you may live His Will rather than your own, the Will of God, what He has thought of for each one of you.

His Divine and Unfathomable Will, for each one of the Italians, still levitates in the Universe and waits to descend upon your consciousnesses so that his Plan of Love and of Redemption may manifest.

With loving gratitude, in the name of your Divine Lady, with immense Love, I accept the Prayer for Peace in Italy and I invite all the praying people, as up until now, to take up this commitment. Because it will be South America and a part of Europe that will help Italy in its true process of spiritual conversion.

This will help the Holy Father, and a spiritual and inner communion will be established and will go beyond dogmas and beliefs. Because the purpose for praying for Italy is to support Christian ecumenism and the so awaited alliance that this work of love will carry out with the Holy Father, respecting the principles and the beliefs by means of the Love that I gift to you through My Heart.

I wish this prayer to be permanent, beginning at least once a week. Because love, divine love, untiring love, incalculable love, the love of the Fount of God must descend upon Italy by means of the Prayer for Peace. Because until hearts feel love, which many of you received from My Heart at some point, the change will not come, redemption will not happen.

So I invite you to not only pray for Italy, but also to make some sacrifices such as the one we asked you to make many years ago, when all of this work began in sacred Aurora. And a place, so unknown and small like Uruguay, was thought of by God and by His Divine Son, in confraternity with the Divine Lady, so that Redeeming Love might emerge from Aurora to humanity.

We love the sacrifice of Aurora. We recognize its sacrifice, its service, and its untiring giving of self so that the light of the new dawn, as Aurora is, may reach all the hearts of the world, all nations and all peoples, all souls that have sought the Light of God for a long time.

This is the reason why we are here, renouncing as I ask you to. Just as your Master and Lord renounced from the Last Supper up to the heights of Mount Calvary, until the last moment of His expiring on the Cross. This is the sacrifice, so great and so similar to the one of the New Aurora, the Light of the new dawn, is making for humanity while God has need of it.

So, companions, your house, your dwelling will be the planet and not the land of your origin, nor your culture, nor your people. Your dwelling will be the nations, so that those who need love may reach the light of redemption in the name of Christ.

The moment has come to renew the sacrifice of the Lamb of God by means of the memory of the Last Supper. I invite you, at this moment, to relive My Passion in any place on Earth, where you may be gathered together or whomever you are with. As much as sometimes you do not understand your peers, thank God for whom you are with at this moment and at this time, because it has a reason.

All will participate as essences and as souls in the inner mystery of the Eucharist, in the immensity of the Love of God by means of the celebration and the consecration of the bread and the wine as the Body and the Blood of the Redeemer.

Just as John the Apostle washed the hands of his Master at the Last Supper, secretly, to gift Him with the love of his heart and strengthen the experience of the Sacrifice of his Lord, today, by means of Divine Grace, I wash and purify the faults of Italy so that souls may emerge from the hells and reach the Celestial Light. So be it.

We reverently stand up or kneel.

At that time, your Master and Lord took the bread and, gathered together with His apostles, gave thanks to God for the sacrifice, even while knowing all that would happen with humanity and the planet after His ascension until the present days. Even so, in a profound act of love and of reverence for souls, your Lord said to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, which will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins." And the Light of the Divinity of God descended upon the world.

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

Before ending the Supper, your Master and Redeemer took the Chalice and, thanking God again for the sacrifice, gave it to His apostles and said to them: "Take and all drink of It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be poured out by your Redeemer, for all the martyrs, for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me." And the Light of the Divinity of God descended again over the Earth, the hells were closed and souls, in a deep spiritual joy, were saved.

We adore You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

Prayer: Our Father (in Spanish).

We will now hear the Our Father in Italian.

The Body and the Blood of Christ. Happy are those who are invited to avail themselves of the Redeemer. Amen.

In an immense Love, I place you. With an immense Grace, I leave you. And through a great Love, I renew you so that you may recognize Me within yourselves; and the Work of My Peace and of Mercy is fulfilled in humanity, for the centuries to come..

In unity, forgiveness and reconciliation, in the name of the Love of God, in fraternity for Italy and for the whole world, give one another the greeting of peace.

I thank you for having responded to My call.

We can give one another the greeting of peace.