Friday, August 18 of 2017

The Sacred Call

Sometimes I cannot tell the whole truth to My companions because they would not be able to bear it.

That is why today, with My bear feet, I touch this sacred ground to bless it once more, to protect and guard it through My Sacred Heart.

The time of the Universe is detained, because your humble Shepherd has entered into the orbit of this planet, through this portal of peace to help the world.

Humanity still does not know the true scenery of the end of times.

Everything you see on television is only a small illustration of the truth, because there are still worse secrets that are kept hidden under keys of uncertain doors.

I come to place My Light on that reality.

I come to bring consciousness to my companions so that, in the most critical moments that are approaching, they are not asleep as were My apostles in Gethsemane and fell into temptation.

I ask you to be awake beyond your awakening.

I Am not just talking about coming out of sleep, I’m talking about a spiritual awakening, of an extreme vigilance before the events that surround you every day and that only one percent knows about.

Today at My Feet, I bring the planetary reality and hope that those who have consecrated themselves to My Heart, pronouncing vows of life, fulfill them.

I do not come to judge your difficulties, nor your imperfections.

I want you to give Me what you can give Me, because through what you give Me I can help the world.

The arms, the hands and the feet with which I count on are not enough for Me to fulfill this Work of world service.

I need your talents to be available for Me, because while your talents are not available, millions of souls despair, and many are victims of death, of the unjust death.

The seals of the Apocalypse are already opening. When the seventh seal is opened, everything will unravel. No one can escape from this.

I do not come to bring you terror, but consciousness.

I aspire that you can get out of yourselves, every day. That you do not give work to your brothers and sisters on the path. That you comply, in these times, with the Gift that you came to offer Me.

Do not waste time with superficial things. You were called by Me, you welcomed My call throughout time.

I know that this extreme surrender is not for everyone, but I do not come to ask for the impossible.

I need you to accompany Me with maturity in these times.

Stop being children and, from now on, be My apostles, My warriors of peace, unconditional servers of My Heart, because the needles of the clock continue running and the events are rushing one after the other.

Who will detain this stream of evil in the world?

I need My foundations to be ready so that I can return. And that Will be through your hearts and surrender. While that does not happen, I do not have permission nor the authority to return.

I am not making a complaint. I am not depreciating your efforts, nor your sacrifices that are visible to My Merciful Heart.

I need you to be in maturity and loyalty. You know, companions, that that is not happening.

Meanwhile, My Heart is flagellated by the world, seeing so many victims in the abyss of death.

Who will rescue them? Who will give their life for them? I am not only speaking about humanity, but also of everything that is invisible to the eyes.

Today I come to declare My preoccupation for humanity.

I have the power to stop all that is happening, but many choose the path of suffering. And My Heart is so full of Mercy, like a chalice that overflows and still is not drunk by anyone.

I feel, in Me the wounds of the planet.

I hear, through My Ears, the crying of the victims in the desert, in the desert of this planetary transition.

I need you to unite definitely, truly, because in truth I tell you companions, you no longer appear so. It is not good for you nor for My Work in the world.

I have come to call hearts without experience, lives in redemption, hearts in transformation.

Saint Joseph is the path to reach the goals.

He has offered himself to Me, in extreme sacrifice, for those that will persevere and who will follow His teachings, step by step.

Because He is the example of a possible and true humanity, of a new humanity bearer of a new consciousness.

In the meantime, Saint Joseph does the impossible for My Project to be fulfilled in humanity.

The Divine Messengers do the unattainable by means of all creatures, to comply with the impossible.

Today I come to talk to you from the Principle of spiritual adulthood because, since the last 8 of August all has changed, much more than it seems and of everything you know.

I must place My servers in places of conflict.

I must arrive, through your lives, to the places of greater chaos, with the aim that you may go through all the difficulties without losing strive nor hope, so that I can place My Sword on the highest mountain of this planet.

At that moment, everything will fall and it will be the end of human corruption.

The Earth will open like a mother that is ready to give birth.

Everything will be purified and no one will be able to stop it, because the time of the great Redemption will come.

And like a starry night, I will come silently, although many will be agonizing, suffering the consequences of these times and of all that govern them.

I Will bring on My Back the Cross of Salvation and I will no longer carry with the debt of humanity, instead I will bring the luminous Cross of Emmanuel to illuminate the world in the four points of the planet.

Many nations will be against each other, but do not despair, the apparent captivity will end and everyone will be able to see it consciously until the self-destruction of humanity is ended.

I come to bring you a message of Wisdom, I come to radiate to you My Discernment.

It is time to grow, not only internally, but also externally.

Each one knows what he or she needs to mature, that each one take their place in this transition, because there is no more time.

You will remember this message when everything happens and your souls must serve themselves from My Light, to be above the events, without indifference.

Because that way you can accompany Me and I will be able to support My tired Body upon you, lean My Head on your shoulders so that, like John, you relieve your Lord.

Relieve your Lord. Relieve you Lord. It is the only thing I ask you, and you can be in My Peace.

Relieve your brothers and sisters, relieve those that guide you, and you will be in My Peace.

Relieve the Eternal Father and you will be in His Plan of Love.

Do not give work where it does not exist. Do not create complications where there are none.

Be intelligent, much more than My enemy, and you will cross the bridges towards My Kingdom, do not delay your steps, do not delay My Plan.

Today I confess Myself like a son confesses to his father.

Today I lead Myself like a master leads himself to his disciples and he also shows his concern. But not the concern as you understand it in this earthly life. I would call it “celestial impotence”, such as some of your companions live daily.

Now do you understand the commitment of those that have consecrated themselves to Me?

I do not come to give alliances for them to be thrown to the earth or hidden by the dust.

I come to recognize what is in you internally. I do not have doubts because, despite having been a man and having been incarnated in this world, in My Kingdom doubts no longer exist; that is of the enemy who confuses the hearts and deviates them from My path of Redemption.

I invite you again to be intelligent and, as an army of Light, to close the doors so that he who is My rival cannot enter through any gap.

My Mantle of Light will always be upon you, and if some day it is not, observe if you have not  taken it from your head or if you have separated yourself from Me, to the  point that I am not able to reach you.

The nations of the world need a lot of Mercy.

I come to strengthen the prayer for Latin America, as well as for the entire world. The new Eden must not be dissipated from the minds of those that have faith in it. Hope is the base for the new Eden.

I would like My followers, from tomorrow, to receive this message in writing, and all who ask for it, will receive it. You have My Permission for that. This message must reach the whole world and in all possible languages.

I appreciate that, from any part of the world, knowing or not knowing My Work here in South America, the souls offer themselves to transcribe My Words and to translate My Message in all possible languages, so that many more know that I am here, accompanying you in these times of darkness, just as I accompany My Church in the agitation and tremor of its barge. But I have already taught you that everything can be reversed.

I told Peter, once, when he was at the sea of Galilee, what are you afraid of Simon? If your Master walks on water, do you think that your faith will impede you from it? Leave the boat and walk to meet My Sacred Heart! Your faith can be as unwavering as a mountain, I give you the strength to do all things.

And Simon walked on water. And without realizing it, he distanced himself from fear and entered My Love, in the Universe of My Love.

I invite you to traverse these times with much faith, much faith.

The terror can be great, the blood that runs throughout the world can be unending, but nobody can surpass God.

Human beings must understand that they are far from God, that they have turned their backs on the Universal Kingdom of Light. That is why He sends His Only Begotten Son to give strength and courage to the simple and good hearts.

I come to offer you tonight My Communion, because it is that Sacrament that will always restore you.

Let us ask the Father for His Mercy, through His children, because in His children is the Mercy of God, especially in those who believe in His Divine Source and realize His Plan on this surface.

Sow in your hearts My Codes of Light and all can be fulfilled as My Father has requested; suffering will end and the souls will find love and hope once more.

So be it.

Do not be afraid that your Master will give you definitive and convincing revelations.

I need you to follow Me with the same Wisdom that I have, with the same Love that I live, with the same Mercy that I express for this beloved humanity.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Let us sing the Names of God, at the request of our Lord.

Today I consecrate this Blood as My Blood of Life, for the blood that is shed in the world for the victims that suffer the human injustice, in each of the nations of the world.

Today I consecrate this bread as My Body, for the souls that are mutilated, exploited; for the souls that are victims of slavery and that are in captivity; for the souls that are imprisoned by the hands of human being; for the mothers that abort their children; for the children that are sold and lost in the world; for the old people that are mistreated; for the souls that are sick in hospitals and only receive contempt, without knowing the consoling love.

Today My Heart is pleased for each one of those souls, for the souls that have nothing to eat, but only live in prayer, waiting for a Greater Grace.

Today I offer this Sacrament for the Kingdoms of Nature that, in silence, are outraged; for the animals that are despised, that are killed and served, unjustly, like luxury at the table of the rich.

For all that blood unjustly shed, for those who do not know God and who have hardened their hearts to the Eternal Love, I offer this Communion and I ask each one of you to do so, because this will be My last intervention for humanity before everything happens.

That your hearts be brave to offer this sacrifice for Me, even if you are not prepared.

I will collect your appeals, just as I always do, to deposit them, as petals of light, at the Feet of the Creator.

Because, in spite of all the suffering in the world, great is His Mercy, beyond this Universe.

I consecrate, on this night, the wine and the bread, bringing the Piety from our Father God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May your voices be heard in this Universe, proclaiming the Names of God.

I thank you.