Saturday, August 5 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

On the inner planes, I show My experience of the Passion, because I need the most contrary forces of this planet to learn to be redeemed and to turn into Light. And although that may appear impossible for the world, when the Scepter of God is taken by My Hand and your Master descends to the world, darkness will end.

You will no longer see faces with tears, nor people suffering, because the planet will have been purified, will have already gone through the last phase, the most acute one for humanity. And so you will see the signs in Heaven that I have revealed to you at other times: signs that will indicate a new time for the awakening of a new consciousness.

The New Testament will be fulfilled, because in these times I have rewritten the story in the souls that listen to Me, in the hearts that are within Me in solemnity, in the spirits that perpetually adore Me.

The Archangel Gabriel will come, bringing the Tables of the Law; and in this way, what humanity has never known will be revealed to the world: are the Tables of God, the eternal Laws that live in His Celestial Universe.

That will be the moment in which the world will enter into judgment and your Master and Shepherd will presence this event.

But from a very unknown place will come the Woman clothed with the Sun, bringing under Her mantle millions of fallen stars, which as essences, She will place at the Feet of the Creator.

And in the presence of the Holy Archangels, at a certain moment, you will see a very powerful sign, like hundreds of storms all together, that explode in the Heavens to emanate Light.

This will be the Archangel Saint Michael, who will bury His Sword of Light in the planet, burning the last cores of damnation; and everything that was the rival will be defeated by the testimony of His Infinite Love to the Supreme Source.

In this time, souls will no longer feel lost, nor lack in guidance, because your King will be here to entrust you with new challenges, to accomplish new goals, to manifest the New Humanity, that will be full of gratitude, that will be vivified by Love, the Love that has always prevailed throughout all time.

And the Woman clothed with the Sun will intercede one last time, after having escaped the desert, from the great beast that seeks Her children.

But the shadowy one will be confused, because its fallen stars, the last rescued stars, will become part of Her Crown of Light, of the Crown of Light of the Great Lady of all times.

The Crown will illuminate the planet, will illuminate the nations, will fill to the brim with Graces the spirits that never received a opportunity.

Your Master will also be a witness to this. He will write with His own Hand in the Book of God this great event, in which the Lady of the Light will have triumphed over evil. 

Those who have been marked by the Seal of God will be recognized in this next time and many will not believe that this is possible. For this reason, the Son of Man comes again to meet with you, to gestate in essences this moment, a moment that is non-material and that will become material in all this world.

When Archangel Gabriel arrives with the Tables of the Law, many things will end and those who have lived the martyrdom of the times will be freed of their captivity.

There will no longer be man or woman in this world that is able to govern the planet, because the Almighty will show Himself through the Resplendence of His Divine Son.

All the cultures and all the people will recognize Him, because they will know that He comes from the Source of Love, from which everything has emerged and begun.

That is why you are receiving the sacraments in this time. Do not think that a Sacrament is just another sacrament, because if your brothers and sisters live it, you too will be living it.

I invite you to enter into eternal Communion, to be able to understand the Divine Knowledge.

These are My last Words for the world, My task is finishing, and when it ends, you must enter into vigilance, because from that point, everything will happen.

Today I am telling you this for real, not so that you be afraid, but for you to grow in consciousness and always, always step outside of yourselves. And in this way, you will be able to see what the true reality is.

Many will come knocking on your doors in various ways to ask: what have you experienced here? Some will seek help and others will seek to have you lose the faith you live in Me.

That will be the moment when the world will be on trial, and if John, who baptized Me in the Jordan River, gave his head for Me, who will give it for Me now?

My Project in this time is bold, but My Victory is unknown by My eternal rival.

I come to make of your lives a new dwelling place, so that you may be strengthened. And if sometimes you feel that I have spoken these words many times, ask yourselves if in truth you have heard them attentively. I come to repeat what humanity has not yet learned, because it is necessary to grow inwardly, to be a soldier of the Light in the end of times.

Do not think now about who will give their head for Me, because I will not let that happen. A lot of blood is already spilled in this world through the wars and many innocents suffer all the unimaginable things of those who want to govern.

I bring you the true Government of the Universe, one that is far from the lie and deceit, from illusion or appearance, from materialism or impunity.

I wish you could enter this Universal Government, which is formed by many Consciousnesses of the Light.

The time has come for you to, in this month of August, enter the domain of the Brotherhood and for your lives to, on the surface of this Earth, be mirrors of the Centers of Love, of all the islands of salvation that I will gradually activate in the end of these times.

So everything you live, offer it to Me, as a sacrifice, as an opportunity of maturing your love and of expanding the consciousness beyond the stars.

I do not wish you to leave here distracted, feeling and thinking the same, but rather growing in the Truth that will make you free, just as humanity needs to be free from its own spiritual illness.

I come to bring you the healing you need, but I also come to offer you the surrender you need, because that will make you more merciful, full in Unity and in Grace.

Not all will be here when the Universal Judgment takes place. That does not mean that it will be delayed, because the first steps of this Judgment have already begun. But yes, all will be called, regardless of the place where they are, or the plane of consciousness they inhabit.

All, absolutely all, will be called by Me; the believers and the non-believers, the atheists, the humble, the peacemakers, and also those who have deceived this humanity throughout time.

Archangel Gabriel will call all of you and Archangel Michael will order the lines of this Universal Judgment. Through His sword and the emanation of His Light, He will indicate the different contingents where you all should be, to declare to the Universe.

In that moment, it will be the loving Divine Justice that will act and nobody*, nobody will escape this Justice.

Happy will be those who have followed the Dame of the Light, because they will be on the correct paths, on the pathways that will take them to the Kingdom of God.

The last one that will be called will be the father that has fallen, one of the twelve archangels, but the Earth in that moment will be a little more uplifted; unimaginable things will be seen, because it is its own hell that will be seen on the surface.

The planet will be in a golden ruby fire, a thousand times more than a sunset. That will call the attention of humanity, because everyone will already know that they will be judged, not as a punishment, but as an opportunity to change, and of living new instructions, in other points of the Universe.

I know that not all understand what I am saying today.

So that you can understand what I tell you, through so many symbols, review My Words as many times as necessary, because  remember that My Words are not wasted and if they are lost from you, it is because you are not attentive, in order to grow in consciousness.

I confess that I can count on only one Hand, those who read all My Messages.

I am not complaining about your lack of love for My eternal Plan, for the Divine Instruction and the Sacred Knowledge. The most important thing for Me is that your hearts grow and expand in Love, just as you have demonstrated today, bringing hope to the world.

Do not feel judged. I am the Lord of Divine Mercy and Mercy is in My Words, no matter how direct they may seem.

I open My Heart of Light in this afternoon of this month of August to reveal the Mysteries to you that are very far from souls, very far from the true consciousness. But your prayers have allowed that.

After forty-nine meetings, today I can tell you all these things, because your hearts are softer, more flexible, to hear the Word of your Lord. If I had told you this at the first Marathon of Divine Mercy, you would have already left Me behind, or you would have thought that all this was a big lie.

See through My Presence, the Presence of God, the Patience of the Father, the Love of the Son, and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

You have the key, through prayer, to change the world. For this reason, My Holy Mother, through the ages, has repeated to you: pray with the heart and do not tire of doing so, because if you pray, you will not be mistaken nor will you step outside the Law, like the world does every day, abandoning the Love of the Universe and the Mercy of the Father.

Your missionary hearts are already prepared to know the Truth and know, consciously how to disseminate it , without changing My Words, nor modifying My Message, because it could be lethal.

I choose each word with love, to be able to pronounce it to My companions. Because each word that comes from My Lips is Living Water.

If I come from the Source, you must be satiated through Me, not because I am better than you.

I Am the Great Slave of God, Who has surrendered to redeem the world.

I Am Jesus, the Nazarene, but also, I Am the Universal Christ.

My Consciousness has risen up to the Father so that at the end of these times, I am able to uplift humanity from its permanent deviation.

Feel gladness for all that I tell you, because you are waking up to a reality that is unknown by the majority of the world.

I come in this way, to give you, through these worlds, the revelation of the Glorified Christ for the end of these times.

Remember that you signed the commitment of being here, in this time, and in this humanity, living this transition of the whole planet.

From you may emerge the possibility of changing everything.

From you may emerge the Grace of being able to love beyond how this world loves, just as the Father loves.

Through My Wounds, I come to leave the signs for the end times.

Through My Heart, I come to give you the symbol for your awakening.

Never cease to be sincere hearts, because in this way, you will be protected from yourselves.

Be like My sincere Heart that comes, in this time, to transform everything, to make of this humanity a civilization that can be rescued from the most profound miseries, from the most extensive abysses, in which My Love will triumph.

I want to hear your sincere hearts through this Glory that is descending, so that many more hearts wake up to the definition of these times, of being in love, or in indifference.

I want to hear your sincere hearts, as if you were singing to a child that must learn to survive in these times.

Sing this song softly, while your hearts become sincere with Mine; because the great definition is coming for this world in flames, in which the peacemakers must achieve the goal so that the Kingdom of God may be established.

I'm listening

We stand up.

Pray for the world... canto No. 93

From the most intimate of My Heart I leave Peace for you, for the whole world. Amen.

May the Lord always bless you, keep you, and make you happy in His Celestial Kingdom.

May your feet be free to walk toward the near future, in which the new christs will repopulate the Planet. Let it be so.

We place our hands in the sign of reception.

Receive from the most sublime of My Consciousness, the gifts of the Light, which will make the servants of Christ souls committed to My Plan of Love and of Redemption.

May this Light that I place today over your hands be carefully guarded.

Call for this Light when you are being tested, or in some conflict, because know that My Light, is the Light of My Father, is the Love of the Source for all of this Creation.

Now, hold it.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for being here today with Me and for having the courage to listen to My Revelations of the end of these times.

Remember to be guardians of My Words and My Messages, because the souls most in need will come to meet you to seek what you found. They will come with the hope of regaining peace, and this is everybody's task.

I thank you.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting we honor You, Lord.

Now for the last time let us sing Sincere Heart, offering this song in gratitude like a prayer.

*Jesus has lowered His Eyes, looking at the ground.