Thursday, May 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy

My Silence is not because of you, but rather for a world that does not want to listen.

The silence speaks about the Will of God and of its destiny, of a celestial decision for the world and for those who persist in faith.

I do not want you to try to know what I have revealed up until this moment. It is sufficient for you, companions, that I am present to pour My Grace and My Pity over you.

Let us pray so that the Plans of God may be fulfilled up until the last moment. That is what I need at this moment, what I have received from your hearts through this meeting of prayer with Me.

Receive My Peace and My Mercy. This is what will free you to be able to reach God.

Who washes their feet recognizes that they still have to be purified by My Light. And after the purification, to find the calm in their life so as to be able to live in peace.

I sanctify this water created by My Father because from My Father it comes and to My Father it will return, healing all the wounds of consciousnesses.

Holy Father, wash and purify Your children with the water you have created in the image and likeness of all the elements of the Earth.

 That through the washing of feet, souls may consecrate themselves to Your Heart and the angels pour their Rays of Mercy into each drop that is poured onto the feet of Your children.

That they may vivify their redemption and find in this time a definite alliance with You, until I return to the world.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And today I once more return to give you the perfect symbol of My Love for all the essences created in the image and likeness of My Father.

Today I come to pour out, especially over you, the divine codes of My Blood; Blood shed for the world and humanity, and for each being of this planet.

Receive this Grace and live Me until I return.

Our Father...

Today I rise up to Heaven, to the heart of this Universe, contemplating your prayers.

I hope that tomorrow you will have more light and devotion, more hope and renewal, for all those who do not listen to Me.

I thank you!

Under the blessing of the whole Universe, I absolve you: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And today you will sing the Pater Noster (Our Father) to glorify My Father, because He has sent me among you and in you to be able to reach others.

Be sparks of light in these times, so that the darkness not cloud the world.

Be real consciousnesses that mirror peace and love in the world.

Remember the Archangel Michael, your loyal Father and companion during the battles. May His Sword of Light command you to God and His kingdom descend upon those who invoke Him in honor of God and of His celestial Throne.

Peace for the world and redemption for those who do not listen, because those, who will be the last, will open their eyes too late.

Song: Let us entrust all to the Lord...

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Brothers and sisters, it is a joy to have shared this day with you, and as Christ said, tomorrow we will have more devotion, more faith, raising our prayers to Heaven for this purpose of the Master.

Before closing, we want to share a short story with you of what happened during today's Apparition, because many of you would like to ask what happened. 

Today, when the Master arrived in quite a special and unusual way, He revealed a secret.

Sometimes, as Mary also does when She comes, He visits and shows us some things which we should be aware of in order to be able to help in the change.

But as they are some things we cannot be aware of because they are a secret, He used this Apparition, to say it in some way, to call our attention to something that the Universe knows may happen.

As the Divine Messengers sometimes do, they warn us, they call our attention, they inform us that we have to follow a certain path so that some things not happen.

So, during the whole Apparition of today, during as much time as possible, the Master showed many things, an infinity, so many that a large amount do not stick in our consciousness, but which He left imprinted with His Presence, with His Energy.

The angels who accompanied the Master supported and helped Him to make this revelation, which lasted quite some time. And afterwards, what he did was to address these words to us.

And something that I can say about this secret, which He allowed and authorized, was: What happens, for example, when a consciousness does not want to take a step? What impact does that have, for example, not only in the life of a consciousness, and in all of the lives that are behind this consciousness, as Mother María Shimani said today at the beginning, but also, for example, in a nation. And how that, our consciousness, in our daily life, is not incarnated.

It was something like this that He was trying to explain to us. How that call made by the Hierarchy is so important and so defining so that some things may be changed in time, many things of humanity may be safeguarded through the intervention of the Hierarchy, and many others can be avoided.

And He knows that the response of humanity, of the majority, is not sufficient. This was Christ's regret today, in the Apparition.

Something that maybe one could ask oneself is: But why does the Master reveal things that are not good, if He is a being of Light, right? Why does He come and insist on that? Because many of us can ask ourselves this. Sometimes the Divine Mother also shows us things related to this matter.

It is because they are really doing even the impossible with us and with humanity so that some things may be avoided, and it not be necessary for us to suffer; because God wants us not to suffer, that nobody suffer.

But humanity is adopting a position. The nations, consciousnesses, according to the Divine Hierarchy, are adopting a position, assuming an attitude, making a response in relation to the Universe that is not positive.

For this reason, today He was saying in the Apparition, He was also saying, He was reminding us that He was calling us to this retreat, so that we, when He is present, may be able to perceive the urgency of what He calls upon us to experience, what He calls us to attend to as humanity, as siblings.

So that was more or less what happened, what I can share with you.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

I believe all of humanity knows, it has been written in all the sacred books, what is foreseen if we do not change our attitude. And some may feel: "but I am here, I am fulfilling my part, why am I going to have to go through some things?

We should never regret being with the Hierarchy; because when one works for God, you work without expecting any results, you do it for love. And under that love and in that protection, it will always be present.

Because we are representatives of this humanity, but we are not all of humanity. We are representing some in this country, but we are not all of this country.

But we should never do things expecting a return, a reward, or that things be the way that we need them, because then we would be working for us and not for God. The one who works for God does not expect anything, only to be able to serve and love Him, and to have the absolute certainty that they are in His Hand and in His Heart.

Then let us continue forward until the last moment, doing all we should do; because that peace that we will have in our heart, only this can give it to us.

So let us all go forward, because the miracles... it is the time of miracles. It is the time in which anything may happen because everything is allowed. And one never knows when a heart is going to wake up, when something that happens will cause a consciousness to realize that it can do much more.

So we invite you to fight until the end, without giving up, because this is what God needs.

We will see each other tomorrow; we will pray as the Lord has asked us to, with more devotion, more fire, and we will wait for His Words, that incalculable Love and all that Light that He is pouring out here, in this place, in this Kingdom of Aurora and on all of us.