Wednesday, April 16 of 2014

Sacred Week

Feel in My Silence the saying of everything, the truth that emerges to the life that was death.

Today I am together with the twelve, those who were with Me in the past. I brought them so that you may recognize and appreciate them as redeemed, the humanity that has redeemed and will keep redeeming.

While I walk by your side in these days, I bring good news to all, hope for the hearts and souls, and mercy to share and spread.

I thank this afternoon for those who make an effort and who in weariness work for My Father, without time and without deterring. Know that this will be rewarded in the Kingdom of Heavens. God does not separate from His prodigious children, but supports and accompanies them in the silence of the heart.

Today I would like to share with you an important deed: before the Last Supper in that time, many good souls joined Me in prayer.

In different parts of the East, around Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem they joined My inner Passion and opened the doors so that the Mercy of God would accompany them.

In that time, everything that was happening was important, from solitude to joy. I was living each step in the Passion, a new sign that God was manifesting, for My Consciousness and My Heart, when I instituted the Supper as an important ceremony.

I wanted, in that time, everyone to be able to live My Passion in a true way, therefore I opened the doors so that the Divine Laws would descend and everyone could recognize that the Son of God was present on Earth.

The Laws were fulfilled in that time so difficult, but My Mercy was diffused throughout the whole world in the same way that I did with Faustina Kowalska, bringing again to humanity something important and mysterious, which is the Mercy of My Passion, the Water and Blood that redeem and wash, that purify and transmute the sins.

Therefore, live in this Greater Source, the Source that springs out from My tireless Heart and is available for those who search for and are encouraged to serve from it and to be nurtured by the Spirit of My Heart, by My Divinity and My Greater Consciousness.

In these days I come to reactivate your hearts. I come to remind you of the commitments that you have with the Sacraments, because each ritual of the Sacraments is important for your spirits, gestates new things to the soul, to the consciousness and to the life, and everything becomes lighter, more serene and more peaceful.      

What I bring you in these times is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which you will live through the other Sacraments. It is not by chance that I instituted the Eucharist so that My Universal Spirit would be present in bread and wine, and in each new communion which the soul lives with Me, may renew and open itself to the Greater.

Know that your whole being communes with Me; each part of your beings and each particle, the cells and blood of your beings, the water that circulates in your bodies are nurtured by My Spirit at the moment of the Communion. 

I invite you to know this mystery, to open your eyes for the reality that you live for the Communion, because are kept there many keys for everyone, mainly for those who live in My trust.

In the Last Supper, at that time, I instituted something important for the planet which is the descent of God through My Body and Blood, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in bread and wine, the Transfiguration and Resurrection that I lived for all. Laws that are unknown by this Earth, but many who were simple lived and practiced them with humility.

Imitate those beings that lived holiness. Follow the steps that they followed in a simple way, because God needs from your hearts a pure and whole dwell, available to receive the Will of the Lord.

I come again to open your eyes to something greater and something divine.

I gather you in this afternoon again, so that you reinforce your commitment with Me and drink with peace of My Blood and My Water, spiritual gifts to the whole humanity poured out spiritually in this time for the hearts that thirst for the Light of God and need to heal their consciousnesses so that they may be redeemed, blessed and be good servers of the Firstborn Son.

From today on you will remember something important during three consecutive days, which is the birth of My Consciousness in humanity and everything that I did for you in that time.

In each moment that you share with Me, each deed and each passage that I will deliver you, live it as something true and important. Thus your consciousnesses will be nurtured through My Christic Spirit and you will receive the Divine Fire of transformation.

And after a time you will not recognize yourselves, because I will have you completely transformed and you will not notice it because you will be transfigured by My Light and My Love.

Be encouraged, risk yourselves that I may overcome you through Love and Mercy.

In little time you will not recognize yourselves, because you will have drunk from My Fountain in a sincere and true way by means of the Communion and constant prayer, keys that will help to change humanity, keys that will open new doors for the coming time.

But, for that to be fulfilled, companions, it is necessary to risk a little more  and fear nothing, because you count on My trust and My inner support, when you only say "yes" to Me.

Today the apostles come to bless you all, through the pastoral exercise, of the blessing of the great Spirit of God that each one of those consciousnesses cultivated within their hearts.

Today I show you all these things so that you may believe that it is possible to live in holiness. And it will not be necessary to consecrate just to Me, but to live a life of charity, service, of prayer, which may be testimonies to your brothers and sisters, which may be incandescent flames of light for the other brothers and sisters, wherever you walk through or wherever you go.

When you reach this point of consecration and surrender, many will recognize My presence in you, because I remain being the Great Shepherd of Humility, the Star of the Universe for the whole planet, who prepares the advent and return of the transformed and renewed Christ, who everyone will see and be surprised at.

For the first time, dear companions, I will answer to seven intentions of this basket. But know that all of them are important to My Heart. I deeply know them, but I know the meaning and value that the answers have to you in this life, answers which come from My Most Sacred Heart, light for darkness, wisdom for confusion, lightness for gloom, love for the one who is bad, hurt, whipped or tired.

I love and correct you because your are flocks with the potential of awakening. Everything that I say comes from Love, from the Spirit of My Father. 

"Juan, I wait for you, when you simply accept to enter in My Kingdom."

"Be calm, your family will be saved. Unite yourself day by day to Me. The reconciliation will be established, because My Spirit will be part of your home and I will comfort your consciousness."

"Franco, your angel is called Joel. My Path is being prepared so that you may enter it as a new apostle of love. Be encouraged to follow Me, I await you."

"May your aspiration be to love the planet every day, because it will be home for those who are coming soon."

"Humility is found in the key of service, in endless charity, in saying "yes" every day to every need that presents itself, thus the spirit is forged to transformation."

"Yes, they already know it, they are now in Heaven with Me, your steps have allowed it. Today they salute you."

"I would like you to be a daughter of My Divine Mercy, thus you may consecrate to My Sacred Heart and everything will be fulfilled in your spirit."

Yesterday, I liberated many souls that were condemned, but I need instruments willing to help Me, transmutation pillars that serve Me and constantly donate themselves. If that would be possible in the greater part of humanity, humanity would be saved.

Today I am going to give you a blessing through the sacred oil, the same oil that anointed My wounded Body, that restored and healed it and prepared it for the Resurrection.

The oil unites you to the soul, and you are anointed by the Divine Spirit of God, with the Primordial Source of His Love and His Unity.

Each time that you are anointed, your spiritual scars and wounds are dissolved by My Merciful Love.

The sacred oil has the power of reparation, opens the doors to the principles of the healing of the ill body and soul and opens the doors to the Greater Spirit of God, simply with a sign of the Cross. Thus all will be done.

I bless all these elements that today will be part of the new communion of you with Me, preparing you for the Holy Thursday, where I will invite you to sit at My table and to confirm yourselves as the apostles of Love, as the servers of Mercy.

I bless you always with My Spirit of Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for being with Me today.