I want My voice to be conducted to each space of this world.

I want My message to be diffused as the wind that permeates everything.

I want you to breathe the air of My Mercy, so that My Peace reigns in your lives.

I want My words to be the guiding star of your hearts, the only breath of your souls, the Source of Redemption and Faith for your spirits.

I come in Spirit, in Divine consciousness, to announce that it is near the day in which My feet will touch the Earth and all that live in the world will have knowledge of My Presence.

I hope that today, while I come in Spirit and My Fire transforms your hearts little by little, each one of you can prepare yourselves to receive Me.

Prepare in truth a dwelling place for Me in your hearts. Clean your spirits and cleanse your souls, because today My Mercy touches you and tomorrow My Divine Fire will touch you. This way nothing will be hidden from the eyes of the great Master.

Confess today your hearts with Me, surrender yourselves to the Universal Love that flows from My Divine Essence. I Am the Shepherd for your souls and I aspire to prepare My Flock to cross the portal that will take you to the Infinite.

My Companions must bare their feet, surrendering whatever ties them to the material world. Place before the King of the Universe everything that today you are not able to understand.

Aspire with fervor to be ready so that your eyes meet with My Living Glance and that your hearts at last merge themselves with the Heart of the Master.

Walk tirelessly towards My Mercy. My Arms open for each one that searches for Me, My Heart welcomes the ones that arrive before Me, and I knock tirelessly at the doors of the ones who do not listen to Me.

Come to Me, enter in My Ocean of Redemption and Peace.

I want to conduct you to the Eternal Encounter with My Father, the Creator.

Purify your interior, be capable of looking with sincerity at yourselves and when facing everything you are in virtue and in misery, strip yourselves of what you see and say in reverence: "Master, I trust in You."

I thank you for listening to My Words with the heart and for coming to My Encounter.

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of souls.


Children of My Father, come and enter into My Heart if you truly want to be apostles of My Sacred Mercy.

Today I come to wake up one more part of My flock. I come to summon the sheep that faithfully follow My Heart so that they may confirm the vows of trust in the words of God.

If your beings truly aspire to live the Laws of My Kingdom I tell you that you will have to walk much, that there is much sacrifice to live from now on. But those of you who say yes to Me and who renovate the commitment with Me will always have My hands to sustain you and to elevate you each time that you see yourselves fallen.

Dears, do not worry about the falls because only the soldier that takes the risk of walking can fall. And for those I come every day.

My sacred eyes of Mercy observe you always and accompany your awakening and your walking, ready to impel you each time that it may be necessary.

I asked to be among My favorite flock because I know the need that each sheep has of being by the side of its Shepherd and Redeemer.

Feel at this moment and all of the days, by means of My words, the true power of My Mercy because the time has passed, all have before themselves the keys for transformation. I am no longer able to see soldiers that stay behind from being asleep.

Soon will come the time in which I will knock on the door of your houses to reclaim that which was given to you so long ago so that it could be multiplied.

From those who so many times have heard My Call I will seek the multiplied gifts and talents. And about those who have never heard the Voice of the Master, I will try to enter into their hearts

and I will deposit there the Sacred Mercy that will exist until the last moment of this test that My soldiers and My servers are taking today.

Listen to My Voice and multiply My Love.

Today I bring all to you.

By the Grace of God, be blessed.

Christ Jesus.

Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more