New request of Christ Jesus: Intercessory Novena of Padre Pio for all the Priests of the Entire World

"Pray for My priests, because it is only through them, being worthy in Christ, that I will be able to expand the Work and the power of My Mercy."
Christ Jesus, Jan. 21, 2020

The Divine Messengers have always emphasized the importance of our praying for the priests, for they are the bridge that unites Heaven with Earth. Their mission is to follow in the footsteps of the Great Priest of Love, Christ Jesus, emulating His example, propagating His teachings and awakening new apostles. For this reason, they were ordered by Our Lord to administer His Sacraments, one of the principal ways for souls to receive Divine Grace, experience redemption and awaken to the realization of their spiritual purpose.

In His message of January 21, 2020, Christ Jesus revealed that without priestly life, communication with the celestial worlds would not be possible. He announced:

“If there are no priests, there is no Mercy, nor Grace;
there is no true sacramental life in Christ....
For this reason, I ask you to wholeheartedly pray for the priests....”

The Virgin Mary also explained about the need for priesthood for the elevation and spiritual rehabilitation of humanity. In Her message of January 4, 2016, She affirmed that the young priests are the first expressions of the life of Christ; however, because of the challenges of the Armageddon, there is no more difficult era for the concretization of this blessed vocation. And so, Our Lady prayed: “let us petition for the priests because, through them, the steps toward Christ will be able to occur.”

With the intention of supporting this special cause, in His message of January 27, 2020, Christ Jesus transmitted a new spiritual practice: the intercessory Novena of Padre Pío for all the Priests of the Whole World. This Rosary invokes the sublime merits achieved by the holy Italian Priest, reflected in his five stigmata, to illuminate and protect those consecrated to the priestly ministry.

Intercessory Novena of Padre Pío for all the Priests of the Entire World

Union bead

Oh, Jesus! Greater Priest, King of Love,
protect, safeguard and guide all the priests of the entire world.

First decade

For the sorrowful silence experienced by Padre Pío,
may fortitude and faith overcome all weaknesses.

Second decade

For the inner and physical agony, experienced by Padre Pío,
may the priests of the entire world love their sacrifice for Christ.

Third decade

For the wounds that Padre Pío carried in his body,
may the priests be living temples of the Love of Christ.

Fourth decade

For the loving and unconditional surrender of Padre Pío,
may the priests be true and holy instruments of Christ.

Fifth decade

For the compassionate and Christic love experienced until the end by Padre Pío,
may the priests be pure sources of self-giving and of love.

Final Prayer
(repeat three times)

For all the merits, renunciations, sacrifices and surrenders of love
experienced by Saint Pío of Pietrelcina,
may the priests of the world be protected and safeguarded
by the invincible priestly Mantle of Christ.

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Let us pray for the priests of Christ so that, fulfilling their sacred task, they may be vehicles of the Holy Spirit, supporting the spiritual foundations on the planet, and allowing new hearts to draw close to God.