In May, Divine Messengers aspire to reach the United States

The Divine Messengers are working tirelessly in this final cycle of redemption for humanity. Thus, right after Sacred Week 2024, They aspire to carry out an important Mission, which had already been announced: the Pilgrimage for Peace in the United States.

This spiritual task should take place in May and will initially focus on the State of California, with Mount Shasta as its epicenter. As Christ Jesus revealed in His Message of December 5, 2016, from this place arises the first Source of Redemption for all those living in the United States.

In this way, from Mount Shasta, the Divine Messengers will set in motion powerful currents of Christic energy to assist the souls and consciousness of this nation. The complete Pilgrimage itinerary will be updated according to the indications of the Sacred Hearts.


The resources for the Pilgrim Group's trip to the United States are still being raised.

Donate any amount! With everyone's unity, we will be able to achieve this goal!

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May we collaborate so that the Source of Divine Mercy pours out upon the North American nation, bringing love, charity and light to the souls and situations that need it most.