Irdin Publishing launches illustrated book "Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War"

As a way of spreading among adults, young people and children one of the most important spiritual exercises that the Virgin Mary has offered us for these times, Irdin Publishing launched the book “Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War”, with illustrations by voluntary members of the Light-Communities.

To help the child audience to follow the prayers using their ability of interpretation and creativity, each decade of the Rosary is beautifully illustrated, as is the final prayer, called Supplication to the Three Sacred Hearts. In addition, the book comes with a coloring booklet.

The work, which is part of the Divine Messengers Collection, can be downloaded free of charge from Irdin Publishing’s website.

Help the Virgin Mary to convert hearts of all ages and creeds into sources of merciful prayer!

Visit the webpage of the book and spread the Rosary for the Peace of the Children in War: