Humanitarian Lebanon/Angola Mission

The Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions, will conduct during the months of May and June two humanitarian missions in the Middle-East and Africa, focusing on the help to orphan refugee children and those in situation of social vulnerability.

The group will be composed of 12 missionaries of six different nationalities (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Portugal) and will support humanitarian actions in Lebanon in the city of Beirut and in the Valley of Bekaa, East of the country, especially in an orphanage where Syrian children are welcomed. Then, the missionaries will be active in the city of Luanda, in support of the House of Santa Isabel, where hundreds of children and adolescents are attended to in situation of social vulnerability.

The work will be part of the Campaign for Peace, which is an international movement that fosters the experience of peace and of fraternal life by means of charity and of selfless service in behalf of the common good.

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Article originally published on the website of Fraternidade - International Humanitarian Federation