Wednesday, June 19 of 2024


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

When the superficiality of the world becomes so great that hearts no longer know who they are, this is when, children, the most lost souls will turn to God.

It is when nature becomes agitated, and shows its pain to the world, that souls can understand the existence of all the Kingdoms.

It is when the men and women of the world seem to not know how to love, and wars are growing ever more, within and outside beings, that the human essence will cry and souls will turn to God.

In this universe of dualities and extremes, it is in this way that the human consciousness chooses to learn: through extreme suffering. This is not so to punish you, children, but rather for you to awaken. The divine essence that dwells within you will never remain silent, seeing how the Light that God deposited in His Creatures fades away.

So great is the Divine Power that dwells within beings, that there is nothing or anyone capable of extinguishing this Purpose that the Creator deposited in His Creatures at the beginning. However, until they can manifest this thought, long will be the path that they will tread.

I tell you this not for you to fear, but so that you may understand suffering, so that you may understand the tests. Everything that leads you to extremes causes your souls to cry within your beings, and many times, children, it is only in the silence of your inner abysses, when the distractions of the world no longer fill you, when you are in the deep emptiness and loneliness, then you open yourselves to listen to your souls.

When you see the agony of nature, when you see that your material goods are destroyed, your souls wonder again what the purpose of life is. The distractions of beings end before the greatness of suffering. Suffering becomes an instrument of awakening. Emptiness becomes an instrument of listening, because in it beings learn to turn their eyes and ears to God.

It is when you no longer find answers outside of you that you turn inward and discover that within you dwell all the answers that you needed.

When you turn inward and enter through the door of your own hearts, you will discover in yourselves an infinite mystery, an infinite wisdom, which does not come from the human condition or mind. It is not a knowledge that your minds can elaborate, or even explain. It is the wisdom that comes from silence, from the depths of the Heart of God, from the perfect union between the Creator and His Creatures.

It is at this point, at the center of your beings, that you can look at the destruction and understand that in it there dwells the power of renewal. It is from this point, at the center of your beings, that you can experience suffering, knowing that it leads you to a deeper union with God, that it reveals to you not only the human frailty, but the greatness of this Project, which is far beyond all that which you can see, touch or feel.

Through My Presence, children, seek this point within you, this inner space in which your souls can be heard. Just be there, at the center of your own hearts, where you can find the All, the Heart of the Creator.

Each time that I come to meet you, I come to teach you how to transcend superficiality and appearances. I come to teach you how to transcend the senses and all inner, mental, emotional, human prisons. Because your eyes will see many things that you will not understand, that you will seem incapable of bearing. Your senses will be before situations that will demonstrate the deep fragility of human matter, but you should not remain there.

You must enter this point that I show you today, at the center of your own hearts, so that in silence, in the emptiness, you may learn to listen to your souls, and through them, listen to the Heart of God.

I know that you seek answers and references, I know that you seek examples to follow and imitate. But in these times, children, you will not find references or examples, because in this time of purification, all that someday was an example and reference, will demonstrate its deep imperfection, because it is no longer time to imitate what is old; it is not time to imitate what already exists, but rather to find references in that which must be manifested, which dwells in the invisible of your consciousnesses.

The reference can be found at the center of your own hearts, because from there the answers will come. Do not look at others seeking examples nor be frightened by the miseries you will see.

No longer seek to affirm yourselves through the imperfections of others, looking for the miseries in someone else so as to feel less miserable. No longer do this.

When your souls feel the need for examples, be an example.

When your souls feel the need for references, look for the reference within yourselves, at the center of your beings, there where the new humanity is beginning to be born, there where the Graces that you have received throughout the last 30 years are fertile.

When you cannot find an example or reference outside of you, understand that it is time to look within, because from there the new life emerges. And it will not express itself in words, through feelings or thoughts. It will express itself through actions, it will manifest itself through Cosmic Rays with a pattern of higher life, which will express itself in fraternal examples, fraternal actions that each one of you is called upon to live in this time.

No longer look at the world seeking to drink from a fountain that is dry, but go to the center of your beings, where an unfathomable and inexhaustible fountain dwells, which is the union of each being with their Creator. Do you comprehend what I am telling you?

Many souls in this time will agonize, because their reference and their sustenance are in the world, in a world of appearances and superficialities. And these beings will become tired, children, and will need to learn, like a little child, how to enter within themselves to find the answer. And all of you, who are children of the Grace and of all the wisdom that the Creator deposited in humanity through His Messengers, must live what you have received.

Meditate on the Divine Words. Meditate on the Sacred Instructions.

Seek the center of your beings, so that your lives are no longer sustained by the senses, but rather by the center of your consciousnesses. This is what I come to tell you today, because this is the foundation of the spirituality of the end of times.

Without this learning process and this experience, all that you have read, heard or seems that you have learned will not make any sense, because it will lose its meaning in the face of the events of the world. It will lose its meaning if your inner reference is the world. Therefore, turn to the center of your beings and find there the Fountain of Peace.

Let those who will be consecrated as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph come to the altar.

Bring incense and blessed water here, please.

May your souls find peace, even when there is no longer peace in the world.

May your consciousnesses be an answer for a lost world.

May your gazes be hope for empty souls.

May your prayers be pure water for thirsty souls.

May your clamor be Mercy for the souls that live in Justice.

May your service be relief for the outraged Kingdoms.

May your transformation be joy for the Heart of God.

May your redemption be hope for all universal life.

May forgiveness of the past also be a source of forgiveness for the most sinful souls.

May your lives bear witness that nothing is impossible for the Heart of God.

May the Graces deposited within you be fertile, manifesting strength amidst human weakness, manifesting humility in the face of miseries, manifesting understanding in the face of limitations, manifesting patience in the face of the difficulties.

Do not be in a hurry, because human transformation is a process. Do not try to be perfect overnight, and do not demand this perfection from others, but every day, children, seek to overcome the human condition a little more, seek to liberate yourselves a little more from the superficialities, from what is mundane, what is apparent.

Give yourselves the time and space to look inwards, to find the center of your own beings, and to find there a moment of union with God. Believe in the answers that He gives you, do not doubt when His Voice speaks within you, but do not remain there, in that unique experience with God. Allow this experience to bear fruit; allow the Voice of God within you to generate transformation, forgiveness, redemption and peace.

Many souls that hear the Voice of God only stay there, holding this experience on the shelves of their inner beings like a trophy, “The day when I heard God.” What are the fruits of this Voice?

Worthier, children, is the heart that bears fruits and blossoms in the desert and the void, than the one that hears the Voice of God but does not follow it. Therefore, when you are at the center of your beings, with your souls in silence, with your beings in the void, and you hear the Voice of God, even if it is a word, a breath, a whisper, may this voice be fertile, may it move you towards transformation, may it lead you to find peace again and multiply peace for those who need it.

Therefore, today I bless you. With this incense, I liberate, purify and consecrate you. And with this water I cleanse you, renew and bless you as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, as My companions along this path, those who are willing to be molded and mold through the example of your own lives.

I will be with you and you will be with Me. Count on My intercession, because I am always attentive to your supplications.

I do not want to bring you to Me, but simply to lead you to God. And as a being who deeply knew and still knows the human condition, I come to meet you, to lead you by the hand toward the Heart of God and to a profound encounter with the Lord.

Today I leave you an open path to the center of your own beings. Remember this key that I give to you is for you to overcome what is superficial and mundane, and to enter the space of your own beings, at the center of your hearts, where you can be in God.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

Let us now sing the hymn of the Children and Friends of Saint Joseph, “Father of Souls,” and prepare for the Communion.