Saturday, August 19 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The devotion of souls opens the doors of Heaven and creates bridges between the Celestial Universe and Earth. Devotion is a Universal Ray, which emerged from the Heart of God at the beginning of life, so that His Children could learn to be united with Him.

When the Creator thought of the Ray of Devotion, He placed in it His deepest Love, so that His Creatures could feel Him, but not only feel Him, that they could act through that devotion, by means of sincere prayer, by means of true worship, by means of a profound dialogue with God.

This is how the Ray of Devotion expresses itself and reveals to souls the deep Love of God, so that they may touch this Love, even if only for a moment.

Just as the Ray of Devotion, other rays emerged from the Heart of the Father: the Ray of Will and Power, which does not refer to human power, but rather to the Power of God, the true Power which is celestial and not coercive to creatures, but rather elevates them so that they may fulfill a Higher Will and manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth, far beyond the chaos that exists in the world.

The Ray of Will and Power was manifested by God to transcend human duality and permeate the darkness of this world with Divine Light. This Ray breaks barriers and breaks the chains that bind souls to states of consciousness that must no longer exist in the world. 

With this Ray, children, you can unite your hearts to the Heart of God and the Will of the Father and your will shall become one. This is how you will manifest the new life and rebuild this Earth through the Ray of Will and Power of God, which will lead you to overcome any obstacle.

The Creator also manifested the Ray of Love and Wisdom, so that you might not only know how to love with human love, but also that you might know how to love with the Love of God, that love which is wise and does not come from emotions, but rather from the Heart of the Father.

Justice, children, is the fruit of this Love, which comes from Divine Wisdom, providing each of His Creatures with what they need. With this Love, you will live through the end times, and know where to be and what to do; you will know how to welcome the souls that will approach, and how to be bearers of Mercy, as well as of Justice, so that beings may receive exactly what they need, no more and no less, so that there are no imbalances, so that the consciousnesses may find peace.

The Creator also manifested the Ray of Intelligence, which is not the intelligence of this world, but rather the intelligence that emerges and expresses itself through nature. And you must find in nature the Mirror of Divine Intelligence, by observing how nature acts, the perfection of flowers and plants, the perfection of life and organisms. This is how the Intelligence of God manifests itself.

The Ray of Intelligence only completes itself through Divine Unity. When you live through Unity, you can act with Intelligence, because you will not be intelligent on your own. The Intelligence of God completes itself through unity, when you unite with others to fulfill your spiritual mission. This is how you will bring down to Earth the way in which you must manifest the Divine Plan: with Divine Intelligence, just as nature lives. 

If you want to know how to be intelligent, divinely intelligent, contemplate life, the Kingdoms of Nature, the elements and the immaterial life, that which is known as antimatter, the life that manifests itself in the Thought of God and begins to descend from there to the Earth to manifest perfection in matter.

The Creator also manifested the Ray of Harmony, so that you could learn through beauty and, through the expression of beauty, be able to elevate consciousnesses beyond the material universe. Through the Ray of Harmony, you unite dimensions and Earth no longer remains in the third dimension, in a time separate from the Time of the Universe, in which the spiritual reality cannot touch the human consciousness. The Ray of Harmony unites times and spaces, unites realities. 

This is why, children, when you create harmonious altars, spaces of peace, you are uniting Heaven and Earth, even without perceiving it.

When you express yourselves through the arts, that which you call art, when you manifest the spirit through music, you are uniting dimensions through the Ray of Harmony. 

When you manifest in a painting, that which arises from your hearts and beauty is imprinted in matter, there, children, the eyes that contemplate this painting find peace, because they find the truth of the dimensions that unite, even if you may not perceive it.

The Creator also manifested the Ray of Science, which is not the science of the world, but rather Spiritual Science, which must be transformed into the Immaterial Ray of Omniscience, so that you may know the perfect Thought of God, the how, the why and for what He thought of each thing.

This is the Divine Science hidden within the evolutionary purpose of life on Earth. When you contemplate that Purpose, meditating within your own inner world, there you will find Divine Science, and understand why you are in this world. And one day, more than that, you will understand why you were created in the material universes. 

Why did life manifest itself between the dimensions? Why does each creature on this Earth exist? These are answers that the Ray of Science brings to you.

The Lord also manifested the Ray of Order and Ceremony, which, starting from the peoples of the desert, the people of Israel, gradually began to learn the meaning of the ceremonial aspect of life, which is much more than what they were taught. It is not just a ceremony that begins and ends, it is rather the ceremony of life, the consecration of spirit, soul, consciousness, matter, of all that you are.

The Lord taught you to consecrate bread and wine so that, through the surrender of Christ, you could learn how to surrender your own lives. One day, children, the Eucharistic ceremony of communion with Christ must expand to each creature on this Earth. All must learn about surrender, about reverence, the ceremony of life, and thus this Sacred Ray which comes from the Consciousness of God will manifest itself.

When life developed in the material universe, the Creator manifested Immaterial Rays so that consciousnesses could learn how to transcend matter and begin to tread the path of return to the Heart of God. 

This is why God gave you the Ray of Liberation, so that you could learn how to free yourselves from all human atavisms, and even from the Law of Duality, so that you might liberate yourselves from your concrete minds, to plunge into the Divine Universe, into that which has always been a mystery to your consciousnesses.

The Creator manifested the Ray of Transcendence so that you could leave behind the time of the world and enter the Time of the Universe, where unity dwells. And I am not just speaking of you, beings who dwell on this Earth, but of the entire Creation, much beyond this world, because all that was created by God must return to the Source with all the learning experiences that were lived upon receiving the Gift of Life. And upon returning to the Divine Consciousness, there again, children, God will begin to recreate the Creation, in a deeper spiral of the degrees of love.

The Creator manifested Omniscience so that you would be able to be present in all that which is life, and thus experience what it is like to return to Divine Consciousness.

The Creator manifested Omnipresence, which is the perfect manifestation of unity. It is not just being in multiple spaces simultaneously, but being united with all creatures and perfectly united with God, where you can understand the interior of each being, just as you can understand the Consciousness of God.

And just like these Rays, God manifested many others, which you will gradually begin to know, whenever you are interested in spiritual life, when you, children, cease to place your consciousness only in that which is material, when your lives no longer spin around human problems and you awaken to that which exists in the Higher Universe.

Thus, you will understand that you have come to Earth for a Greater Purpose: to learn, to love and to begin to return to Divine Consciousness. I tell you this today because the Earth is purifying and agonizing, but your consciousnesses should not remain solely there; you must be able to go beyond, so that you can endure the times to come.

This will be the only way, children, to know that life does not begin or end in the sufferings of this world. There is more than your eyes can see, more than your hearts can feel at this moment. And every time you begin to aspire to this divine reality, you will begin to attract this reality into your lives. 

This is how you will transform them, by moving beyond the dimensions of chaos and conflict, elevating your consciousnesses so that you can observe the troubled sea of the Earth from above. And in doing so, children, you may be able to help others.

This is the Purpose of why we are here; this is the Purpose of our coming to meet you, of consecrating your lives and consciousnesses, so that you may make a difference in this world of illusion, so that you are not trapped in the atavisms of the Earth, and may learn to go beyond them.

May the Words that We deliver to you not be forgotten. May you begin to slowly study, step by step, so that you may understand today what We have been telling you for the past 15 years, and much more than that, because We have been speaking to humanity long before the world knew about it.

If you begin to study what We have been saying to you throughout the years, today you will be able to understand that which in other times you could not understand, because Our Words were spoken to build a path: the path of elevation of the Consciousness, the path of transformation of the human heart. 

And that path was gradually built within you, through each prayer, each song, each spoken word, each moment of experienced peace. And now, children, the time has come for you to plunge even deeper, so that you may not only listen to what We have said, but truly live it.

The Creator has given you all the Graces so that you may live His Will. From the beginning of the Creation of life, the Celestial Father has manifested all that you would need to fulfill His Purpose and return to His Heart. However, today the Creator observes the world, realizing, children, that His Creatures are blind to His Graces, that the opportunity to live His Will is before their eyes, that the Divine Gifts for the transformation of life are before their hearts, yet they are distracted by suffering, chaos, inner purification, and the distractions of the world.

Raise your hands to the Heights and ask the Father for the Grace to move beyond this state of consciousness, so that you may truly enter a new cycle, in which Graces and Divine Gifts will no longer be before you, but rather within you, and acting in the world through you.

Pray with sincerity for this Purpose to manifest itself. This is how, children, you will transform your lives; this is how, the action of the Law of Justice will not be a source of suffering or pain for you, but you will discover in it the expression of Divine Love and Wisdom. 

You will understand that Justice is as much a part of God’s Love as Mercy, but in order to experience it in this way, in order to experience the operation of the Universal Laws as they truly are, you must change the attitudes of your consciousnesses, you must pray from the heart, and serve. 

And thus, with the sincerity of your souls, you will begin to attract those Rays that come from Divine Consciousness, and recognize the opportunities that the Creator will send you so that you may act differently, so that you may repair your lives, so that you may mend your actions.

This is the moment of reparation. Reparation is that which this month of August brings to you, it is what the Universe presents to you, so that you no longer look at the past mistakes, do not get stuck in what you have lived, in darkness, in traumas, in pain. Instead, live in the present moment, repairing with what you are today what you have experienced before. 

This, children, is called redemption, and no one can live this for you, not even the One who created you.

From the moment when life manifested in matter, it also received independence so that you may learn and experience, so that you may undergo the trials that duality would present to you and through these trials, you may renew your lives, and thus also renew Divine Consciousness.

However, when you decide to be instruments of God, and when you grant Him permission to act through you, that is when, children, God will live through your lives. He will manifest Himself through your hearts and with His Holy Spirit, the Consoling Spirit, He will show you how to live this cycle of reparation.

Today I bring you a Grace. Will it remain before you or will it enter your spirits and become life within each one of you?

Today I bring you the Grace of Consecration and I ask only one thing: that this consecration may not be superficial, but that you may renew it throughout each day, in each moment of your lives. May this consecration come to remind you that you are Children of God, just as you are children and friends of My Chaste Heart.

Do you know why I call you children and friends?

Because a child is one whom we love deeply, one with whom we establish an eternal bond that will not dissolve because of their actions or the paths they decide to tread. A child always carries within them a part of their parents. 

And do you know why I call you friends?

Because a child might journey through this world, but a friend never loses contact, always remains there, walking alongside, learning together, a companion in the transformation of consciousness. This is what I hope you will be, children and friends. And I will be a father and a friend to you.

May those who will be postulants to consecrate themselves as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph approach this altar. 


Sister Lucía De Jesús:

The residents of the Community of Figueira and other Light-Communities, those who have not yet been consecrated, can come up on the stage. 


My Heart rejoices that so many souls are offering to live consecration, to renew their consecration and to deepen into this path.

Today, children, I come to grant you a Grace which the Creator granted Me when I was still in this world, in body and soul, and needed to learn about the transformation of consciousness. This Divine Grace entered My Spirit while I was sleeping, so that I could welcome the Virgin Mary as My Spouse and Jesus as My Son.

Do you understand the magnitude of this Grace, which I bring to you? 

It was the first door that opened for me so that I could begin to return to the Heart of God. This Grace remained within Me, within My Chaste Heart, beyond the centuries and times, and even in the Real Time of the Universe this Grace continued to expand within My Heart, it multiplied and grew so that, on a day like today, I could grant it to humanity.

And this is what I give to you, like a lily from My Heart, so that your beings may blossom, transform, learn and grow. Not with the growth of the world, but rather with divine growth, in which God is the One Who grows within you. Receive the Grace which I bring you and place it within your hearts.

While attracting the Rays that emanate from the Heart of God, through incense and water, through the ceremony of life, let the priests come forward, these children of Mine who will bless and consecrate you in My name and allow you to touch My Grace through the water that I will bless and the incense that I will spread upon you.

May My Peace manifest itself in these elements. 

May the Divine Rays manifest themselves in this water, the Material and Immaterial Rays that unite the consciousness to the Heart of the Father, that allows them to return to His Divine Thought. 

So be it.

Receive My Graces.

In this way, may you enter the school of the consistent, and bear witness to the Divine Presence among beings, through the love of your hearts.

You have My Blessing for this.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, we will prepare for the Communion by singing “The Father of Souls.”

Song: The Father of Souls

Sister Lucia de Jesus:

When Saint Joseph asked for this song, I did not remember well what song it was, and He asked for it to be the hymn of the Children and Friends of Saint Joseph. And now, as we were singing, it all made sense. Because all the principles that we aspire to live are kept in it: the service in families, with children, with the refugees, and this falling down and rising every day.

We are being called to this persistence. When things are difficult, sing this hymn, ask Saint Joseph to imprint with fire these Gifts of God on our souls. Those of you who are brave, really ask: “Go beyond everything, go beyond my resistances, go beyond anything and imprint this gift with fire on my soul!”

Let us remain with this impulse in our hearts.