Friday, May 19 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With these candles lit, I want you to pray for souls, the ones that most need the Mercy of Christ.

I want you to pray for the lost souls, for those who cannot find purpose in life, who cannot understand the gift of living, those who pass by the world without perceiving that it is sacred. For those who live upon the Earth without understanding that this is a unique opportunity, not only for their consciousnesses, but also for the whole universe, for all of Creation.

I want you to pray for souls, for those who live in ignorance and outrage their own bodies, those who submerge in the abysses of the world, for not perceiving the difference between the Light and darkness.

I want you to pray for the awakening of all the souls who made a commitment to God at the beginning, so that, while there is still time, they may fulfill their mission and resume their path, so that their commitment does not remain lost.

Today I come to the world, children, at the request of the Celestial Father, to ask for prayer for souls, for those who wound the Heart of God through their ignorance, their pride and for being immersed in the capital energies of this world.

But I come to ask you not only to pray for souls, but also that you may be examples of transformation, so that those who see you may find a path. May the Light ignited within each one of you not remain just within you, but that it may be exposed to the world through your actions, your words, your silence.

By simply observing the world, you can notice the needs of the souls. By simply looking within you, you can perceive the potential you have to transform this planetary situation.

Today, children, while you pray for the impossible causes, find the answer within yourselves, for nothing is impossible.

Today I want all of you to ask yourselves:

Why did you come here?

Why do you listen to My Words?

What are you looking for?

Are you thirsty souls seeking a source? Or are you serving souls that will take from the Source to give drink to others?

The whole world is thirsty. Thirsty for truth, for purpose, for Mercy.

Where is your consciousness when this Apparition ends?

It is through these reflections, which seem so obvious for the human mind, that you will achieve the transformation of consciousness. If you do not observe yourselves, if you ignore and hide that which must be transformed, you will never take the steps that the Creator expects from your souls.

Do not be afraid of seeing that which dwells within yourselves. Do not be afraid of answering these questions and of facing human superficiality, because it is apparent. Beyond this superficiality, there is a profound mystery of the heart and consciousness of all beings, a mystery that goes beyond that which you appear to be, your personalities, your physical, mental and emotional limitations. Beyond all this, children, beyond what you see on the mirror, a truth dwells.

Because before such a great treasure, humanity prefers to remain poor.

Do not allow superficiality to be enough for you. Do not let your hearts be filled up by that which the world offers, because you did not come here to be filled up by the world. You came here to transform the world and fill it with the truth that dwells within you, not the other way around.

Human beings came to Earth to serve it, not to be served by it. To serve it through their life, through the gift of love, of charity, of humility, through the gift of knowing how to unite Heaven and Earth, of opening the doors to the Heart of God, so that all creatures may start a dialogue with the Creator. This is why you came to Earth: to go beyond the limits of life that inhabited the universe, because evolution was no longer ascending, it was no longer rising. Creatures had reached their limit, they no longer learned how to love.

Will you stay within this limit, repeating your mistakes in the universe? Or will you welcome the opportunity to transform this Creation and open a new evolutionary door for all life?

When your Lord was on the Earth, He taught you the path, the path to overcome yourselves and, within yourselves, surpass the Love of God.

Has anyone understood this path?

I am not speaking to you about flagellation, humiliation or sacrifice. I am not speaking to you about dying on the cross. I am speaking about loving, about transforming the meaning of suffering when the consciousness is in the right place and can see the events of the world and transform it from within.

That which surpassed the Love of God within Christ were not His wounds, but rather the way He experienced them. It was what happened within His Heart, it was His Gaze of forgiveness in the face of human ignorance, it was His capacity to see the Divine Presence before those who expressed hatred and were only seeking to kill Him and feed on His suffering.

That which surpassed the Love of God in the Heart of Christ was His capacity to give a new opportunity, His capacity to understand that, beyond human darkness, dwelled a mystery which was the silent essence of God within humanity.

From this birth of Divine Mercy emerges the surpassing of God’s Love.

Who of you is willing to experience something similar, to look at your neighbor with compassionate eyes? To be willing to listen, understand, transform through your own example, love even if silently, to pray for those who suffer, rather than for yourself, to adore Christ so as to transform the human condition from within, to contemplate the Eucharist with humility, allowing it to transform you and, through you, transform the human condition? Who is willing to be nothing?

Now look within and ask yourselves, “Why am I here?”

Can you rethink the purpose of your lives at this moment?

What is your goal on each day?

Why do you wake up?

Why do you get up and begin to act?

What moves your actions?

I would have a lot more to say to you today. How many mysteries I could unveil! How much wisdom I could bring to your hearts! But what I am doing today, children, is teaching you to enter the mystery, because I could say a lot to you about life in the universe and about life on Earth, I could speak to you a lot about the mystery that dwells within your hearts, because human ignorance is endless and you do not even know about yourselves.

But if you do not learn how to look within, if you do not learn to find the true purpose of your lives, there will be no point in revealing the universe to you, the intra-terrestrial worlds, the celestial mysteries, because they would remain in human superficiality.

But if you are willing to go beyond, to transform your human condition, to give an example of a new life, to be new beings, to overcome yourselves little by little, day by day, then yes, children, that which is Sacred and descends from the universe and rises from the intra-terrestrial worlds will touch your consciousnesses and lead you even more deeply, so that what you cannot solve by yourselves may be touched by Divine Grace.

All is available for those who do not fear to say ‘yes’. All is available for those who will take the first step. All that is needed is to take the first step.

When you walk toward the truth, the truth also walks toward you.

When you walk toward overcoming, overcoming also walks toward you.

When you seek renewal of love and, with your imperfection, you aspire to live this renewal, it comes toward you, because this is part of a Law, a Divine Law, which immediately responds to the effort of human beings.

When you decide to live that for which you were designed to live, this very same purpose that dwells within you attracts from the universe the rays and energies that will help you to live it. The essence that beats within your hearts will attract, by itself, the manifestation of its expression, as long as you allow it to express itself.

What I am bringing to you today is the understanding of the Higher Life, the one I learned to live, with My Son in Nazareth and with the Holy Spouse that God granted to Me.

There are many mysteries that will remain in the Heart of the Sacred Family, and what I am doing this morning is to prepare your hearts to enter these mysteries.

Praying, children, is the great door to transformation. It is the great opportunity to transform the impossible into the possible. This is why, when I came here, I asked you to pray, but do not pray only for yourselves. Pray for souls, pray for this planet, be capable of having a more encompassing gaze, like the Gaze of Christ, who would contemplate not His suffering, but rather the human ignorance that needed to be transformed.

The prayer of Christ for Himself was only a few words: “Father, let this cup pass from Me, but Your Will be done, not Mine.”

Everything else during the Cross of Christ was a prayer for the planet, for His neighbor, for the universe, for all those who had reached the limit of their evolution and who, to continue existing, evolving and manifesting the gift of life, needed a new opportunity.

This is why I invite you today that your prayer for yourselves also be this, “Father, Your Will be done, not mine.”

Today, in the silence of My Chaste Heart, between one word and another, I observe you and lead your souls to the depths of the Heart of the Sacred Family, so that you may live this experience of simplicity, yet of spiritual depth, so that from this, from this Triune Heart, you may take your steps toward this definitive cycle, which is beginning in humanity.

The Presence of the Three Sacred Hearts does not happen by chance, but rather because we are bringing to you, as well as to all of humanity, the impulses you need to go through the end of the end of times. In this way, when the Real Time of the universe touches the Earth, you will not be in human superficiality, but rather in the depths of the truth that hides within your hearts.

Reflect upon My Words and about that which each Sacred Heart has brought to you. Do not only meditate, but also relive each impulse so that they may be present in your lives and may thus lead you to the fulfillment of the Will Of God.

This is what I have to tell you today.

Place your hands in a gesture of reception and receive from My Chaste Heart a virtue so that you may respond to the Divine Purpose.

Place that Grace in your inner world and send to God a prayer for some situation that seems impossible to you today, impossible to be reversed, to be transformed. May your prayer touch the Heart of God and may the Heart of the Father emit His response.

I bless you and thank you for persevering on the path of transformation, for opening from your hearts to see that which is hidden within yourselves and dive beyond the human condition.

You have My blessing for this.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, we will sing a song that He said is very dear to the Divine Messengers, because it teaches us to intercede for this planet and for all Kingdoms of Nature. We will sing “Rains of Love.”