Wednesday, March 13 of 2024


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May God’s caress be felt on your faces, but above all in your hearts. Feel the same caress that the little Child Jesus once felt.

Feel your souls in the Arms of the Heavenly Mother, and I assure you that everything will be well. Why worry, if I Am here, and Am your Mother? By any chance, haven't your hearts been consecrated to Me?

But I know that to your souls this day is important, not only because we are on the way to finalizing Lent, and preparing to contemplate the Passion of Jesus, and above all His merits and triumphs on Earth; this day is also special to you, My children, also because your souls, together with your guardian angels, before the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens, reconfirm their vows of consecration, of unconditional service, through perpetual prayer and service for those who suffer and despair the most.

May this offering, which pleases My Heart and comes from each Child of Mary, grant, to the souls who most suffer in wars, the Grace to again find peace, quiet and the goodness to rebuild their lives.

Just as My Son once entered triumphantly into Jerusalem and on that day no being died on Earth, today your Heavenly Mother, the Divine Mother of Heaven, grants a special Grace and a spiritual amnesty through all Children of Mary, so that the world may achieve peace, and peace may be established, so that the ambition of war and destruction may end, so that violence, indifference and moral or physical aggression may no longer exist among human beings of the same universal family, because all are precious in the Eyes of God. This dissolves all evil and all darkness that surrounds you.

Remember that in spirit, soul and essence, all are precious in the Eyes of God. Thus, the Eternal Father, on this day of reconsecration, opens again the door so that you may see, in yourselves, the holy virtues, to do good wherever you go or wherever you walk.

This is a main virtue: to do good. This is the authentic commitment of the Children of Mary, so that your lives may separate themselves now from all that makes the world and humanity succumb; so that your lives, now consecrated, may be a true attribute for God on Earth, which may represent the values of spiritual and human dignity.

May each one of you, offered to the fiery prayer of the heart, protect and hold the values that will emerge in the New Humanity. Because this is what the world is losing: the value of knowing how to love, the value of doing good, the value of living in peace, the value of knowing how to unite, the value of giving one’s life for one’s neighbor, just as My Most Beloved Son gave His Life for you. This is the lesson that I leave to all.

Who will give their life for others, just as My Son gave His Life for you?

Who, through this Lent and the next Holy Week, will be able to come to a decision and take a step to surpass in Love My Beloved Son?

This is possible. Do you know this?

This would justify the grave errors of the world, because the New Christs would now be a reality and would cease to be just a promise. The Christs of the New Time, consecrated as Children of the Most Holy Mother, who, although they are imperfect, transform themselves day by day and do not fear the transforming fire of My Most Beloved Son.

Through this special day, when your souls are before God for a moment, to make a synthesis of all experiences lived up to this moment, I come, as the Mother of the Redeemer, to establish a covenant between your hearts and God, a covenant that must become unbreakable, an unalterable covenant that no circumstance or situation can dissolve.

However, My beloved children, all this will depend on each one of you. God, your Father, Who loves you and contemplates you with the greatest Love that you can imagine or feel, is always with open Arms and with His Eternal Heart exposed in the Heights, His Heart which is adored and revered by all the angels of Heaven and the blessed ones. The Merciful Heart of God, which will never impart justice to you, but will rather give you Mercy. His Heart will never condemn you for your errors, but will rather save you.

This is the Sacred and flagellated Heart of the Eternal Father, which, in this end and crucial time, needs to be repaired every day through the actions of mercy of all the Children of Mary; through a prayer that does not become weaker, but rather stronger; through a conscious and spiritual discipline that will maintain you spiritually united to the Supreme Source and to all the codes of Light that it holds, which are inexhaustible, inextinguishable and eternal; codes of the Immaterial Source, which, in this coming Holy Week, that will be definitive for many of My children, are codes that need to descend to souls and hearts, to prepare them for the last and great time: the time of the Return of Christ.

I come here as a Mediating and Intercessory Mother. I come as a Mother that welcomes and receives you, and places you on this day under Her Spiritual and Divine Mantle, so that the Children of Mary in the whole world may protect, first of all from themselves, all the spiritual relics that My Son granted you throughout the times, precious and immaculate relics that are kept in the souls that are faithful to God and who represent, on this Earth, the servers and disciples of Christ.

All of them, Sons and Daughters of Mary, are the Legion of God for the end of times. Because when this planet moves in its entirety, your faith, the faith of each one of you, must not hesitate; it must be a faith that strengthens your brothers and sisters, because faith will always protect you. Faith nourishes you spiritually, because it is a precious and eternal gift of the Holy Spirit.

Behold the Holy Spirit of God, which comes to bless those who continue to walk towards Christ. The Holy Spirit that comes to supplicate and implore for those who suffer, for those who have lost Grace, for those who have lost dignity before God. The Holy Spirit that supplicates for the enemies and for those who are against the Plan of evolution of the Lord. Because the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, which also emanates through the Holy Spirit, is beyond any circumstance and situation.

On these days prior to the Holy Week, allow and let your feet and hands be washed by Christ, so that you may enter the spiritual temple of the Celestial Church cleansed and purified, feeling God’s Purity in yourselves again, which no one and nothing can take away from you; and above all, feeling the Love that you deserve from Our Eternal Father, a Love that will always impel you to transformation and change, to the transformation of your habits and human customs. Because remember that what Christ needs for this coming Holy Week are the virtues of each being.

Ask yourselves: what is the Virtue of God that dwells in me, and what shall I do with each one of the virtues that Christ entrusted to me? Am I capable of going beyond my personality? Am I capable of going beyond my human aspects? Do I trust in the unfathomable power of Mercy, which transforms everything?

Indeed, I want to tell you something: yes, your lives are on the way to freedom.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will listen, at the request of our Mother, to the Hymn of Consecration of the Children of Mary, and we will call to come here the Children who have offered to live consecration today.

You may draw near.

And before the Immaculate and Sacred Heart of Mary, let all those who can kneel down, because before the Divine Mother we will accompany this consecration of new Children of Mary; but  we will also have the inner and intimate opportunity, in the silence of our heart, to renew our vows to the Plan of God and to divine life.

Now, the priests will bless with holy water, those who are being consecrated today and will also incense them, so that the offering of each one of their hearts may rise to the Heavens; the sincere and honest offering of, from now on, not only being declared Children of Mary, but also of being a part of Her celestial army.

Before Mary, our Celestial Mother, we make our inner offering of renewal of vows so that, through Her Immaculate Heart, they may be raised to the Kingdom of God.

At this moment of silence, we make our offering.

We will sing this hymn, thanking our Mother.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.