Wednesday, July 13 of 2022


Today, My Heart opens to receive all of you because in My Heart of a Mother rests your refuge and your peace.

Today, I come with all the Light of Heaven, with the Light of all the stars and suns, with the power of all Creation, to pour out My Graces upon you and the world, and, especially, to remind humanity of its spiritual debt with Africa, which still must be negated by everyone. Because this continent, and all its souls, must reemerge in the hope and faith of someday waiting for the Arrival of Christ.

This is why I am here with you today, to confirm your salvation and your great moment of redemption.

I am here to embrace and hold you so that you may feel the beating of My Heart of a Mother, a beating that is always with you, that understands and accepts you, that receives you and loves you, just as God loves you in essence and spirit.

For this reason, I am here, My children, not only to bless your home but also to bless all of Africa, to remove from suffering and spiritual captivity all those who are within it, in many places of this continent. This is why I Am the Mother of all, the Lady of Africa, the one Who is Crowned with Stars, Who has the Moon at Her Feet and the rosary in Her Hands.

Today I have especially Heard your voices and deeply felt your love, your faith in My Immaculate Heart. This opens the doors of the Heavens, despite the conditions of the surface. Through the doors of Heaven, hearts are healed and redeemed, and they receive the Grace that they so much expect and need at this hour.

Just as I told you the other day, today I tell you again to trust, My Son has already thought of His Return, the great moment of His meeting with each one of you. For this reason, obediently follow the teachings of Christianity, the powerful exercise of the prayer from the heart.

In these difficult and definitive times, I come to ask you, My beloved children, never to fail to build the bridges between Heaven and Earth, because in this way you will allow not only My Heart to be present among you but also the Powerful and Eucharistic Heart of My Son to be present among you, to protect you from evil and adversity, from lack of peace and tranquility.

He sends Me here, on this special day, to re-consecrate your hearts and lives, so that you may accept this path to the Kingdom of God that I show you today. Because through effort and dedication in the Redeeming Work of My Son, you have allowed Me to come to Africa and, through here, to the whole African Continent.

Think for a moment about what it means that the Virgin of Kibeho, the Mother of Africa, may return once again to your continent, because I want the whole world to remember what it must still collaborate with and rebuild in Africa, because it is an obligation and a commitment of all My children of the Earth.

Here, there are spiritual treasures unknown to all, and today I reveal this to the whole world so that you may value and support all of Africa. Because there are very precious hearts here, hearts that strive and are dedicated to be by the side of My Son on His Path of Redemption and Peace.

Your spiritual nourishment in this place has been abundant: the nourishment of faith, trust, love and perseverance, which has allowed to create the necessary conditions for this pilgrimage to be accomplished.

Those who apparently have nothing, have the first Grace, directly from the Eternal Father, of receiving His Consoling Love, His Compassionate Love and His Saving Love, because the faith of the simple and poor hearts is true; and this is what transforms the whole world.

My children, rejoice, because I am here today and I Am your Mother.

Today I come for you and for all your brothers and sisters of Africa. I come for those who are discarded, enslaved, oppressed, rejected and for who are under the impunity of these times.

Upon this place where I appear today, in the heart of this sacred house of My cousin, Saint Elizabeth, the Mother of God again steps upon the head of the cunning serpent so that hearts may be liberated from hell and souls may be rescued from the abysses of the Earth, under the powerful intervention of Saint Michael the Archangel and all His Hosts of Light.

For this reason, rejoice, My dear children! My Word comes to comfort and heal you.

My Heart opens as a sacred temple so that your essences may enter and, once again, be in adoration to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, because this, once again, will allow Africa and the whole world to build a path of the peace that is lost, of the love and reconciliation that many need.

Extending My Arms and Hands upon you, My children, as the Immaculate Mother of God and Lady of all of Africa, I come to pour out My Graces upon you, as a powerful affluent of Light and Mercy, so that your sequels and traumas, pains and anguishes, disturbances and chaos, may be dissipated by My intercession.

Accept this Light that I offer to you today.

Place your hands in a sign of reception and deep gratitude to receive, from the Heavenly Mother, that which you so much need and aspire to, because God has allowed Me to grant a spiritual Grace to each one of you, that Grace that you will not understand today, but which you will someday come to know.

This Grace that I am offering you today will save and redeem you, will elevate you to God as worthy children of the Father. Therefore, take this Grace to your hearts and commune with My Presence so that, in this way, you may commune with My Son.

I am here, happy to be with you and to be able to fulfill My promises, as well as the promises of My Beloved Son, Who will arrive in the coming days to meet you, to embrace you with the powerful fire of His Love and Redemption, so that your souls may be elevated, so that your gazes may reach the promising horizon that brings you the Promised Land, the Good News, the reencounter with the Peace and Love of God.

Entrust all your anguishes and afflictions to My Heart. Entrust to My Heart all that is happening to you today and allow Me to transform you, allow Me to console you. Just as I had My Son Jesus in My Arms, I wish to have each one of you in My Arms.

Do you accept what I offer to you today?

Those present respond: Yes.

I cannot hear.

Those present respond with intensity: Yes!

I know that you accept it, My children. Also for this reason I am here, so that this Grace may illuminate and shelter you, so that you may again be in My Peace, which is the Peace of the Kingdom of God.

From Africa will emerge vocations to be a part of the legion of My Son, to unite to the Work of His Mercy and Redemption. And these hearts that will live the vocation toward the total consecration of their lives, My children, will someday be precious mirrors of God that will help rebuild all of Africa spiritually, because, through the consecration of life and the heart, the world receives peace.

In these last five years, I have closely accompanied you at each moment of prayer, as well as in each moment of sadness.

My Mantle has always been with you and it will always be with you, because this is My duty, the duty of a good and powerful Mother Who unites you to God through the Light of My Heart.

May this Mantle of the Lady of Africa extend throughout this entire continent so that more souls and hearts, so that more lives and consciousnesses, may be protected from all evil by the powerful sword of Saint Michael the Archangel, which will always liberate you from all adversity, because today He decrees, in Heaven and on Earth, the end of your captivity, and all His Angels work for this liberation to occur.

Trust that this will happen and the doors of Mercy will open upon you, and, thus, just like many of My children throughout the world, you will see the Son of the Father come among the luminous clouds of Heaven, together with your Lady and the Archangel Michael, in eternal service to God, to put an end to the darkness of the planet and reestablish the Kingdom of God in hearts.

So be it!

For five years I had been waiting for this moment, for this moment of your consecration to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart.

I invite you all to stand up so that I may consecrate you as Children of Mary, and may this moment of consecration not only be a blessing for you and for the whole world, but also a deep transfiguration of all of Africa so that all of My African Children may reach the Rays of Christ's Mercy and awaken within themselves the treasures that God granted them.

Thus, at this moment,
listen to the voice of Your Servant, Adonai,
Who cries out for these children of Yours,
Your children of Africa.

Bless them, Lord,
with the Light of Your Powerful Spirit,
just as you blessed Your Slave
and the apostles of Christ at Pentecost.

Pour out the Gifts upon them 
so that, in their lives, they may discover the virtues and Graces 
of living the sacred commitment to God,
for the fulfillment of His Plan in humanity 
and upon the whole planet.

radiate the Light of Your Most Sacred Heart,
under the intercession of their Guardian Angels,
who today expand their wings to protect the Children of the Father,
those who have been consistent with the prayer of the heart,
who have adored and praised You,
who have recognized and invoked You
as the Powerful Lord of the Universe and the Earth.

O Beloved Lord, 
pour out Your Graces upon them and the world.
May the deepest and most unknown wounds be healed

so that, at this moment,  hearts may be liberated.

Listen to the voice of Africa,
listen to the voice of those who cry out and clamor,
listen to the voice of those who implore for the end of this captivity.

Through My Heart, Lord,
have Your Powerful Celestial Kingdom descend 
so that these innocent and pure souls
together with the angels and blessed ones,
all saints and all beings of goodwill,
may announce to the world the Arrival of the Savior.


Thus, I consecrate you, on this day, with all the Love of My Heart, with an inexhaustible and incomprehensible Love that leads you to Truth and Peace.

Come to Me, My children, the Children of Mary, may the Holy Spirit bless you at this moment, under the Grace of God, for the One Thousand Years of Peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now, I want to listen to the hymn of your consecration because, through this hymn, I will reach the neediest souls of Africa.

Sing, Children of Mary!

I thank you for having been with Me up to today.

I love you always.

May My Light and My Protection be upon My daughter Domingas, so that she may always be the pillar of Christ, the bridge between Heaven and Earth, which will carry the innocent souls to God.

Thus, My daughter, I also bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Song: Hymn of the Children of Mary.