Sunday, May 21 of 2023

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the Empress of Peace, the Supreme Consciousness of the Love of God, eternal and inexhaustible Love for all creatures, the Heart of a Mother that gives of Herself to Her children, so that they may attain peace; the pious and serving Hand that is outstretched to caress the face of the children, all of you, My little children.  

Behold the Mother of Infinite Grace, the Mother that untiringly prays for all, the Intercessor and Mediator of impossible causes, the Queen of the angels and of the universe.

Behold the Heart that feels love for Her children, the love of those who trust in My Presence, although they cannot see Me with their own eyes.

My Love is an unknown essence that permeates the depths of the human heart, to mold it with My own Hands, to transform it into an instrument of God and to make each life a server of the Plan.

Behold the Heart of a Mother that suffers for those who do not listen to Her, the Heart of a Mother that suffers for those who deny Her, for those who have not decided to enter My Maternal Heart.

This is the Mother that gives of Herself to all, night and day, all the time. My Eyes of a Mother are upon the Children of God, and I wrap My Mantle around those who ask Me.

Barefoot, I mark the path of your transformation, in a way that you do not fear suffering or loneliness, because I Am the Mother who loves unconditionally, the Mother that loves even those who deny Her, all those who recognize Her as a simple woman. My Heart thanks you for saying this, because I Am the Slave of God in Heaven and on Earth, in the dimensions and on the planes of consciousness.

The Mirror of My Heart is the sacrifice for My children, so that they may never lose the Light of My Motherhood, the protection of your Heavenly Mother, the embrace of Mary of Nazareth, because I Am part of your people, and to your people I will return.

In this way, I will share with you again, as I shared with the holy women and the apostles, and with all those who walked in hope by My side, even after the Ascension of My Son to the Heavens. For a long time, the Mother of God was here among you, as She is now.

I Am the Mother that does not give up. I Am the Mother that does not rest, and My Heart is distressed when souls lose the path of love, unity and truth.

For this reason, I Am here once again today, to give strength to those who need it, to give My Faith to those who do not have it, to give My Love to those who cannot experience it. For My only goal, dear children, is that you may be through Me and by being in Me, you may be in My Son Jesus, the Christ.  

In this way, you will attain the celestial spheres. The mysteries will no longer be secret. Your life will be part of the great cosmic network with all Mirrors and beings of goodwill.

When a soul truly prays to My Heart, it mysteriously becomes My own Mirror, in which My Spiritual Life can reflect. For My only goal and aspiration, My children, is the eternal self-giving of Myself, as I have been doing throughout the centuries and times, by means of the Apparitions. This is why I Am untiring, because I know that your essences can surpass Me in Love.

We are here with My Son and Saint Joseph, to be witnesses of this aspiration in each human heart, to achieve this aspiration and carry it to the Feet of the Creator, as a sacred offering so that the Love of your Mother, which acts, works and gives through the Love of God, may be a reality in the life of each being.

I come here as the Mother of Spiritual Contemplation, so that souls may enter the universe of My Heart, because I can renew them in the name of My Son.

The Love of the Mother will always protect you and guide you to My Son Jesus, so that you may feel as part of His Kingdom, so that all those who aspire to be part of the New Humanity may also be part of His promise.  

In these confused times of the planet, may your lives be My Mirrors, and may you be transformed through love, to understand the human condition of your neighbor, and not judge or punish it.

I come to ask you to open your consciousness.

My Words are Water of Life, inexhaustible Source of My Graces and Mercies. For God needs, in these times, that the life of each being may be the very model of redemption that experiences the degrees of the Love of Christ, which aspires to attain humility and strives for the holy virtues to awaken in souls, so that they may consecrate themselves as did the apostles and holy women in those times.

Today, with the permission of My Son, I come to give you a testimony and an example of transformation of life through the Love of Mary, an unchangeable, perpetual, selfless and unconditional Love, which, as small drops of Light, enters the consciousness and the human heart, to convert the life of each being into a worthy example for God and for His entire Universal Project.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Mary said that you should not worry, because She sent the angels to play with the children. And now, She ceased to speak because She is accompanying the play of the children, which reminds Her of the Child Jesus when He would teach the little ones through such simple and pure games.


My Son told you once that the one who is not like a child cannot enter the Kingdom of the Heavens. Here, around you, is the example through these children and these families that are considered in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Have you noticed this?

God is alive there, through those who play and have fun, because God is small and humble like the children. In this way, He blesses the life of all children and families, as, while they live and share these spaces consecrated by God, He renews Himself in the smallest and simplest ones, because this relieves the Heart of the Eternal Father, and the hearts of the children who suffer, of the children who become sick, the children who disappear, the children who are aborted, the children who are trafficked and enslaved in this world.

Do you now understand where the hope of the Islands of Salvation lies? Everything must be renewed and expanded through the lives of the children.

Give an opportunity to those who want to grow in love and as a family, because in them is the Project of God for the New Earth. God created you to live in this way, under His Happiness and Spiritual Joy.

In the children there is the joy of the Mother of God, in the young people there is the maturity of the apostles, in the adults there must be wisdom and acceptance, because Our Words will live in those who accept them, and will be flesh of their flesh, will be spirit of their spirits, so that someday they may understand the Will of God in the sacred existence of His Project in families.  

I come to apologize to the families who have not been understood and accepted. My Heart amends the errors today, and makes love be born again in those who trust in the Family of Nazareth.

Before I bid farewell and thank you again for the bravery of accompanying these meetings with the Divine Messengers, through a soul deeply appreciated by Me, I will give you the example that I have promised to you: how, in the apparent defeat of life, in suffering or in sickness, God does not move His Hand away from those whom He loves. Rather, through the tests, He strengthens the hearts so that they can love as He loved on the Cross.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Our Lady is calling Shadam here.


My dear daughter, I rejoice at having you in the name of Jesus here on this day, and that you have found in Adoration the spiritual strength of your heart.  

Through your wounds, the Wounds of My Son were closed. Through your tests, the anguish of My Son was dissolved. Through your faith, the Heart of My Son was ennobled in the universe and on Earth.

May your hands never tire of serving God, and may your gaze never move away from the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. May you always do it for your wounded and outraged country, for the souls of this nation that are desperate and helpless. And may that great phantom of the lie be dispelled from the soul of this country, so that Argentina, through your prayers and the prayers of your brothers and sisters, may be born again in hope, faith and in the joy of being the cradle where Christ will place His Feet on the sacred mountains when He returns, with all the Inner Retreats of Argentina.

I thank you for having brought your other son here. I open the door for him, for his awakening and for his consecration as a faithful apostle of Christ. I will pray for this with you. My silent prayer will always unite to you, in the joys and sorrows, in the triumphs and in the defeats, because the one who believes in Christ will never perish, but rather will have eternal life.

Today, I give you My maternal blessing and My thankfulness. Behold the example of overcoming, perseverance and faith in Christ, just as it was with Me in Nazareth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Follow the footsteps of Christ for the redemption of humanity and the planet, for the One Thousand Years of Peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will stand up to say goodbye to Our Lady, while She rises to the Heavens, carrying our prayers, intentions and supplications to the Heart of God.

Let us sing a song She has asked for, which, according to Her, reflects our daily life.

Song: “This which I am, this I give to You.”