Monday, August 8 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Fifteen years ago, I called upon you to be by My side and, although you did not know what that meant, you were obedient and followed My call. Through your response, you taught many others, who are here today with Me in this Work, to also be obedient to My call. This obedience is what builds the Purpose of God upon the planet, because it is the first step of the disciples of My Son who dares to love the unknown.

You, without really knowing what this was about, on that August of 2007, reflected an innocence that allowed the Eternal Father to authorize the Mother of God to carry forward a Purpose and a Plan, beyond Aurora.

As you well said today, remember all that you have lived with Me for fifteen years, because I Am the Mother of Peace, I Am the Holy Virgin, who emerged and was emanated through the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

It has been a request of My Son, since before 2007, that this would happen, by a mandate of the Celestial Father, so that you could accompany the Redemptive Mother in this Work, which has grown a lot internally and which has been able to embrace the whole planet, through the fidelity of those who said ‘yes.’

With this I want to tell you, My children, that your step toward the total consecration of your lives was major for God. Because, after the first meetings with Me in Aurora, not only did the Light and Power of this Center of Love definitely emerge toward humanity, but so did the great spiritual task of Aurora, for then the healing, rescue and redemption of souls began to take place, according to what had been indicated by the intervention of Archangel Raphael.

Stop for a moment in that which I am telling you and think about how you have never been alone and you have never lacked anything, and you never will, because God has determined it to be so.

For this reason, you must keep learning to take care of the manifestation of the Plan, in obedience and adherence, just as you have done with Me up to this moment, fulfilling fifteen years of inner experience. This has led each one of you to give their best for My Son and this will lead you to give your best for God, in the times to come.

Now you are no longer children, you are now adults on the spiritual path. This is what I must give to God so that He may see, with His own Eyes, the offerings of the life transformation that many have gone through, although their transformation was not easy, although their transformation was even painful.

And they will keep transforming so that I may give to God, through My Son, this precious crystal that He wants to polish and polish, which is the inner essence of each one of you and of each one of your brothers and sisters of the planet.

This is why, also for My Heart, as it was for the Heart of My Son, Africa has marked “a before and an after” in the spiritual history of His Work. And all that will take place on the planet, through the Work of the Sacred Hearts, will also transform all your lives, and lead you to live new events and experiences so that you may keep maturing in the humility of the heart and in selfless service.

The second step that you have taken, which was very significant to My Son Jesus, was the concretion of His Monastic Order, which has grown throughout the times in its virtue and gifts and, mainly, under the teachings of My Son Jesus.

Up to the present, not only His Work, but also the planet, not only your lives, but also the lives of your brothers and sisters, have continued learning about the degrees of Love-Wisdom, in the same way that We learned about it when We were here on Earth, as a humble and simple Family of Nazareth.

And see how important this August 8, 2022 is, for the sacred task in Africa, which has also been very significant to all, and has opened the definitive door to the Middle East, where My Heart can no longer stand seeing the pain of the innocent, subjected to war and conflicts, to hunger and to tears.

All this has been foreseen by My Son, and I, as His Mother and as the Mother of each one of you, have committed to My Lord so that His Plan may work out, whatever it takes.

And the preciousness of His treasures and gifts do not hide in what is external or visible to human eyes. The riches of the Kingdom of the Heavens hide in simple hearts, in the hearts that are capable of loving the Plan beyond themselves, that are capable of placing others first, knowing that, with this attitude, they cross the threshold and the portal toward Eternal Love, which is what each one of Our Words and Messages have been teaching you up to the present moment.

Do you want to know something, My children?

From this August 8, 2022 on, beyond the Justice that the planet and humanity deserve, I ask God, the Eternal Father, that His Divine and Unfathomable Mercy may give a new opportunity to all My children of the world. Because when My Son, the Christ, returns, just as He has taught each one of you throughout the times, He will call one by one by their names and He will keep being capable of leaving His ninety-nine sheep to rescue the lost sheep, as someone among you has experienced in the most recent times.

By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming Justice?

By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming indifference?

By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming the power and love that you believe you have?

Yes, Love will be capable of all this and much more. It is this Love that I have been teaching you in Aurora since 2007, and your Heavenly Mother, more than anyone else, has seen how many of Her children have left unjustly, missing the opportunity of knowing Love and Truth.

However, I will not rest, for I have never rested. My duty and commitment is to fulfill the promises of God within My children, the promises of His Celestial Kingdom in hearts, the promises of His Hope, His Love and His Faith in each one of His Creatures and, especially, in those who have lost Divine Love and Divine Unity.

This is why I will keep working, My children, this is why I also invite you and call upon you to keep working for this cause, because nothing else matters at this moment, but the Love of God in hearts. Because, truly, My beloved children, there exists an intention to root out Love from humanity, through vengeance and impunity; there exists an intention to root out Love from this humanity, through inequality and injustice.

For this reason, this is the great time of the attribute of fraternity, because while each one of you and of your brothers and sisters place another first more and more, I assure you that you will be taking one step more in the Love of Christ, just as He placed on His Back all of humanity, through the wood of the Cross. He taught you how to do it and He taught you what the path is, for you to be the New Christs.

For this reason, have faith and never doubt that you will not fail, because the heart that trusts in My Son will never perish. The Heart that is capable of completely surrendering to My Son will never perish. For this reason, I am here, to remind this to everyone, to tell you that there is still a very long path to walk and there are many experiences to live within this duality of the planet.

But if your purpose lies in Love and in the fulfilment of the Will of the Father, and if you feel you are within this Eternal Love and this Divine Will, what should you fear? In Love and in the Will of the Father there is no injustice nor darkness, therefore be brave and take risks.

Because not only you as a Work, but also the whole world, is called to take a step in the maturity of consciousness, through love for the fellow being and through respect to the life that God has given you.

From this August 8, 2022 onward, may the flame that today you are offering to Me always guide you and sustain you. May the flame of faith and hope never be put out. And not only in you but also in your brothers and sisters of the whole world, may this flame guide you toward the great purpose of Love, toward the Heart of My Beloved Son, where He always wants to have you and hold you.

Today Aurora shines more than in other times, because Its powerful healing and redeeming Light attracts towards itself the essences of the world so that the most suffering and traumatized essences may be healed through this amnesty of August 8, the spiritual Grace that I once again bring to each one of you and your brothers and sisters. 

For this reason, before Me and for a moment, empty yourselves and divest yourselves, walking barefoot to be before God, just as your Divine Mother, Saint Mary of Aurora, is before God and before you today, to transmit Her Eternal Love and to share it with you.

Thus, today I offer and ask you to again sign your commitment in the Sacred Book of God, which I have in My Hands today, so that you may seal this commitment to the Father and to Christ, knowing that the world needs not only love, but also peace, faith, compassion, healing and forgiveness.

Sign your commitment toward eternal transformation. The Elders of the Universe are also witnesses of this today. Because They want to lead you to love the Plan of God ever more, until it hurts. So that many more may be free from illusion, from spiritual captivity and from the slavery that this surface builds in good souls.

Today, I come to undo the knots of consciousness. I come to break, with My Feet, the shackles of perdition, through the essential Light of Aurora that emerges from My Heart.

The power of healing and will blend today as one, so that all lost souls may remember the purpose that brought them here to Earth, so that they may recover their filiation with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

One the inner planes, many more than just you have signed this Book that I presented to you today. I give thanks for souls having dared to make this gesture, because this means a lot to the Eternal Father. This means that much more than what had been foreseen will be able to be done and that, when each one of you knows what will have to be carried out and fulfilled, concretized and manifested, you must fulfill it, because you have signed the Book, and this is indissoluble.

I bid farewell, carrying gratitude in My Heart for each one of you and your brothers and sisters who, in these last fifteen years, since My first Apparition in Aurora and up to the present moment, have learned to follow and understand the Hierarchy. Remember that this is an incalculable treasure and it is an incomprehensible Grace for the hearts that can live it, and for you, who can feel it together with Me at this moment. 

Remember that those who have been a part of the pilgrimage of the Divine Messengers throughout these last years always have had their families and loved ones held in My Heart, because I take care of them.

Therefore, I thank those who have left their children and their loved ones entrusted to God to follow the Heavenly Mother in this challenging task of the end of times. Because just as My Son Jesus, I have had your children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, your families, under My protection. Just as you made a commitment to Me, I also made a commitment to you.

We must always give thanks so that the world in itself does not lose gratitude. Because gratitude opens the doors to the Kingdom of the Heavens and grants incalculable Graces to all.

Through the Light of the essence of Aurora, which springs from My Heart today, on this sacred anniversary of My Apparitions, I bless you and reconsecrate you to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that the One Thousand Years of Peace may be fulfilled.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Well, brothers and sisters, what a moment!

As fifteen years ago, during the first Apparitions of Aurora and Figueira, I do not know if some remember that the Divine Mother asked us to make accounts of the Apparitions.

Today She asked us to do the same, and communicate to you something very special, which I felt this is really one more Grace of Mary.

I say that this is a Grace because it demonstrates to us once more that Mary is in all places, in all situations and that She takes care of the whole planet.

We have learned with the Hierarchy that, when They communicate something to us, the brothers and sisters of the Council of our Work are the first who should come to know about it, because they all obey an inner and universal order. And after this happens, everyone is informed of the requests of the Divine Messengers.

But today the Divine Mother was very explicit, and I tell you that I asked her three times if I had to talk about it, and She told me, “Yes, yes and yes.”

So, before I tell you the special request of the Divine Mother, before I forget, She said that this request is a gift of God for all, an inner gift of God, a gift of God for all.

But before I transmit this request to you, I will try to make a synthesis of the moment of the Apparition, which was extremely intense. I say extremely intense first due to the way the Divine Mother appeared, as she came dressed as the Spouse of God.

Why do I say this? Because not only was Her beauty so clear and indescribable, but Her gaze was also a penetrating gaze, which demanded an effort from me to stare at Her continuously, because it was like seeing God through Her. And through the garment of the Divine Mother, which was like a silk from other dimensions, so to say, She came with a ceremonial that I had not seen in all fifteen years.

Why do I make such emphasis in the details of Her garment, of Her Mantle?

Because Her entire Mantle was made of stars and radiated and filled all hearts, the planet. Also, through the garment of Our Lady, today, She was representing all the Attributes of God in one, these Attributes that we pray in the prayer of the Universal Mother and many more that we do not know. And the central axis that united all these Attributes, which She was expressing today through Her Presence, was the Love of God.

So, through all this Energy and Divine Presence, at one moment of the Apparition, I perceived that Mary wanted to be with Her children for as long as possible. Because the Angels who obey Our Lady were doing a very important planetary work.

This was possible through something that She revealed to us, which you will now remember, when She spoke about the essence of Aurora in Her Heart.

That is to say, Light was springing not only from the Mary’s Hands, Mantle, Face, but also through Her Heart. It was an image in three dimensions, as if I were seeing the brothers that are filming or as if I were seeing you.

So this Light was a Light that had no end, it was the Light of the Essence of Aurora, which She was bringing through Her Heart, and it seemed that Mary’s Heart was going to explode in Light.

She placed each one of our consciousnesses, of our souls, within this state of the essence of Aurora and, with this inner work, which She did throughout the Apparition, the Divine Mother gradually solved many situations on a planetary level and on the individual level of each one of our souls.

She gradually placed our consciousnesses in even more sublime states, which allowed us, as consciousnesses, through Mary’s Heart, to enter these states of the essence of Aurora. What was conducting this inner work that Mary was doing was Her Love, the Eternal Love of God.

So, at this moment when She was raising our consciousnesses and the consciousness of the planet to a more elevated and higher state, that which might be called sin or spiritual debt was being balanced by the Mary’s giving of Love to us.

So, throughout the Apparition, that which we know as duality did not exist. What did exist, through Mary, was a principle of deep neutrality between Heaven and Earth. And the different Angelic Choirs that were surrounding Our Lady were spiritually sustaining this vortex that was also being shared and assumed by other Spiritual Hierarchies.

In addition, also during a moment of the Apparition, we saw Christ, who appeared in another dimension, on a more distant plane, in that space of the Universe that He has already named to us, where He governs all of Creation.

So let us think for a moment how many things happened simultaneously.

And this went a little further until She, the moment She spoke to us about the healing and redemption that the essence of Aurora grants to us through Her Heart, She led us to these higher planes and we, as essences, were brought before God. At that moment, we all lived a judgment, but not a judgment like the one we know on Earth.

For this reason, at this moment, you remember that the Divine Mother mentioned the Twenty-Four Elders of the Universe and that, a moment before, She offered a Book to us, a blank book, which appeared in three dimensions.

The vortex of the Light of Her Heart was also what was sustaining that moment. She said, at that moment, at the request of God, that He was intervening through the Divine Mother, and the Father said, “Sign again and reaffirm your commitment to Me.”

Then, at that moment, in this lapse of time, Our Lady had an amnesty in Her Hands in the face of the sin and the errors of humanity. I am speaking of what is taking place at this moment on the planet. When this happens, She begins to intervene through Her Grace.

And do you know what She does to intervene with Her Grace? What She accesses to intervene with Her Grace? She accesses a fact in the history of humanity which was the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary.

That moment, which is registered in the Heart of God and in our humanity, which we pray in one of the Mysteries of the Rosary. Our Lady, on this August 8, brought that event here so as to be able to make this intervention.

At that moment, God as a Judge and also as a Father of Mercy was before our errors and also before the deeds that the Sacred Hearts accomplished when they were on the planet. Then, God granted the Divine Mother this authority of the forgiveness of souls.

And when our consciousnesses were before the Father, through Mary, our souls, as Our Lady well said at the moment of the Apparition, signed this Book that She showed us. She told us: “Now that you have signed it, you have made a commitment. It is a commitment that you have to assume from the depths of your hearts.” And this will allow the Divine Mother, as Queen and Lady of Heaven and Earth, to intercede so that those events that are foreseen for the planet within Universal Justice may not take place.


Because we have signed this Book, and what signed it was not our human person, it was our soul. Our inner world signed this Book, and also many other people who presented themselves at the Apparition, those consciousnesses that Christ told us that will awaken.

At that moment, Mary reminded us of the last Message of Christ for the Marathon, when Christ told us that He would carry out His Work of preparation of His Return through those who are awakened and through those who will awaken. And as we have signed this Book, through the offering that the Divine Mother made to us, She will have more time, or our chronological time, to intercede.

And I know that none of us will be able to understand what this means at this moment, because the Divinity and the Spiritual Hierarchies know what truly has to happen at this planetary moment. And through these revelations, the Hierarchy awakens our consciousness, reminding us of our commitment to the Father’s Will and, above all, this Apparition of today reminds us of what we came to this planet to do.

Why does Mary say this to us today?

Because the lessons and tests will keep happening in the end of these times. And at this moment or in the times that will come, when we are going through some test or difficult experience, we must not forget, brothers and sisters, what Mary also explained to us during the Apparition, that we are Children of God and that we emerged from a place that is the Source, where He created us in His Image and Likeness, and that He loves us above all things.

So, when we go through these difficult experiences, let us remember, she Said, that we are under a state of Grace, and it is the commitment of each one of us not to lose it. We must not come out of this state of Grace that Mary brings us.

In synthesis, that was it, and I know that many more things happened that at this moment I cannot remember, because I am processing them.

At now, at last, I will refer to the request of the Divine Mother, and for this reason we talked with Her a little during the Apparition.

As we know, August is an important month for the Divinity, and when we are gathered and united, many things can happen for the Hierarchy.

For this reason, just as Our Lady and Christ asked us to go to Africa and have asked us to go to the Middle East and to Northern Africa, where we will go, the Divine Mother asked us to go to Aurora also.

So the brothers and sisters of Aurora are invited to make a little room  for us at the Community, because we will be with them in the second half of August, as the Hierarchy needs to gather the group and all those who want to go to these meetings in Aurora, which we know we have in August and the reason why Our Lady made this request was, She said, it was a gift that She was giving us.

Do you know why?

Because She told us that we obeyed what She said to us fifteen years ago, although sometimes it may have seemed it was a very great and difficult challenge.

And also, the reason for this request is because Our Lady, before we travel to the Middle East, needs to do a task through Her Apparitions of August 24 and 25. She opened the doors of Aurora, of the Marian Center of Aurora, so that we may all carry forward this task with the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother told us that, at this moment, South America needs special help, considering what the Hierarchy is observing and accompanying in South and Central America. This will prepare our task in the Middle East and, well, there we go, in obedience and infinite gratitude.

This is all that I wanted to share, at the request of the Divine Mother. As She said, let us give thanks.

Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.