Friday, May 13 of 2022


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O, My beloved children, I have come to La Salette once again, on the top of these sacred mountains, to reveal to the world the Spiritual Government of God, represented today by the Scepter that I have in My hand, this Government that He is granting to the Mother of the World so that all the children of God, that is, all His creatures, may finally find the path to redemption.

What happened here, in La Salette, long ago, was very important. Your Heavenly Mother came weeping to reveal to the little visionaries the important prophecies that, like warnings, were coming to correct humanity.

From that time up to now, up to this very moment when the Mother of God, the Virgin of La Salette, appears again, after such a long time upon these mountains, what has really happened? Was the Word of the Mother of the World heard, or was it only recognized?

This is the time to learn to perceive and recognize what the Divinity has given you throughout the times. For this reason, I bring you the Spiritual Government of God, through His Scepter, His Government granted to the Mother of the World so that, at this definitive moment, the consciousness of humanity may live the change it needs.

For this reason, I have come here, not only to tell the world again that, upon these sacred mountains, a long time ago, the Virgin of La Salette, appearing to two little shepherds, brought a revealing and apocalyptic Message that would come true in the present.

With this, I mean, My children, that all that which has happened, since the moment of My Apparition in La Salette, has been fulfilled, just as I said, and, although the Church has not put the necessary seriousness onto it, since then, My eyes have been crying for all that could have happened.

Now, when I enter the silence of My Heart, it is so that, through My Presence, you can reflect on each Message of the Hierarchy, because there is still a little time to avoid very hard events for humanity.

In this place of La Salette, seemingly forgotten on the top of the French Alps, where you are now, the Mother of the Divine Prophecy came here so that, through two shepherds, the Message of the Apocalypse of the end of times could be transmitted, with the aim that, being more aware and attentive to My Words, from that time up to know, many souls would not be submerged by the anti-Christ, but rather might be the preparation, through their surrender and consecration, for the great moment of the Return of My Son, which is near.

In those times in La Salette, when I appeared to the two shepherds, although My Messages were strong and impactful, and I invite you to review and study them, I had no other motive and aim but to just awaken the human consciousness, at that time a robust and crystalized consciousness.

This Ray of spiritual governance, which I bring you today, is the same I used here, such a long time ago, in La Salette. But this Ray of governance, which I bring you today, comes with a more impactful movement, with the more determining purpose that the human consciousness may step out of crystallization and illusion so that it may not lose its way to God.

Just as it was with the little shepherd children of La Salette, I wish someday that you could see, with My very eyes, what the Sorrowful Mother of La Salette saw in that time and all that would come to happen up to today.

The prophecy that comes from Heaven or from the universe, through the Word of the Divine Hierarchy, is not a punishment nor is it to generate fear; it is to place your consciousnesses on the level they must be at, at this moment, where God needs you so that His Plan may be fulfilled.

While I am here with you, at this very moment, My Maternal Heart again contemplates and feels what it felt during the Apparitions of La Salette. But now the seriousness of what the world lives is broader, the suffering that humanity lives is more painful than what was happening in those times of the Apparitions of La Salette.

Now that you, in this present and very same moment, before the Mother of God, are the continuity of this story of the Apparitions of La Salette through other visionaries, I come to bring a vaster and more mature Message so that your hearts can grow in definition and in love, in the seriousness and responsibility that at this moment each one of you must live so as to carry forward the Plan of the Return of My Son.

For this reason, today I deposit these Words in this place, just as I did long ago with the shepherds of la Salette, so that more consciousnesses and more hearts may awaken to the Message of revelation of these times, so that more events may be prevented and souls may find peace.

Now, know that in this place, as in other places where I have appeared, such as Fatima, Lourdes or Garabandal, a sacred place exists beneath your feet, and, in this place, within these mountains, your consciousnesses, through a spirit of true prayer and attunement, can contact these sacred spaces, where many Hierarchies are serving humanity.

May the silence and peace that you can find in the Marian Centers or in the Sanctuaries of Prayer be the bridge for your higher consciousnesses to enter these spaces of healing and redemption with the aim that the human consciousness may be transformed, redeemed and transcended so that they may receive, once more, the Graces of the Laws of God, which will allow the New Earth to be gestated and a New Humanity to awaken.

Today, in a special way, I am not only here in La Salette, but I am also present, in omnipresence, in Fatima, Lourdes and Garabandal, as in the Marian Centers that have been founded by Our Sacred Hearts.

Because it will be the Light of the Marian Centers and the participation of souls in the Marian Centers that will cause the Treasures of the Hierarchy to emerge; just as you, who are present here today in La Salette, have received a part of these Sacred Treasures, which is something incalculable and unknown to your consciousnesses.

But where there is a heart that is truly connected and united to God, it can not only receive the Graces that I have deposited in each place where I have appeared, but it can also receive the impulses that come from the Inner Centers of the planet.

Sincerely give thanks for this opportunity to be here on behalf of everyone because, in truth, I tell you that many souls of the entire world are availing themselves of this moment in the inner planes today, of the Presence of the Mother of La Salette, of the Mother of the Divine Prophecy, so that more hearts and consciousnesses may awaken to the Truth, a Truth that is made dormant by the illusions of the world and that awakens today through the presence of the Centers of Love.

I want you to pray now for France, so that all it has done, since the conquest of other nations and peoples, may be healed, and so that the Sacred Centers may enable the healing and redemption that consciousnesses need, a redemption that is necessary, not only on Earth, but also throughout the universe, in all that constitutes the beings present on the surface of the Earth.

Pray together with the Mother of God:


Ave Maria (in French, 4 times).


Today My Heart gives you Peace, this Peace that Christ gave us during His Resurrection and Re-appearance to the apostles in the Sacred Cenacle, a universal and divine Peace that awakened, in My children, apostles and missionaries, the Sacred Flame of the Holy Spirit.

May the Gifts of the Holy Spirit inspire you, every day, to find lasting solutions, paths of reconciliation and of love, of fraternity and charity, so that this world may no longer be selfish, indifferent and cold in the face of the great necessities of souls.

May this Peace impel you to the great change of consciousness so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled.

I thank you for having come here with so much effort and dedication. And I give thanks for those who were more aware in collaborating so that this moment could be possible, you cannot imagine how much I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.