Friday, July 12 of 2019

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Children, let the Spirit and the Love of God envelope you, just as today this dawn, this day, fills you, in which the inner light in each consciousness is vivified under the rays of the Grace of God and of the presence of His Divine Spirit.

It is in the name of His Grace that I come today to meet you, that I come today to be with you, with My dear children, and in this Sacred Center of Figueira, as in other Centers, igniting the light of My Mirrors so that you may receive the impulses of light of the Mirrors of the Cosmos and of all Creation, so that the Attributes of Life may continue to be present in the consciousness of the human beings and of the planet, so that the sublime spheres of Creation and of all its existence may be closer to humanity and to the world that suffers, day by day.

It is by means of the Light of the Mirrors of the Cosmos that today I reignite the inner mirror in each human heart so that it may recover its filiation with God and the communion with the heights, so that it may be a partaker of the universal life and of everything that lives and vibrates in the Universe.

Today I bring you the gift of the Love of God that is an inexhaustible present for your consciousnesses and for this planetary time in which balance, harmony and peace must be your daily path, your goal and your purpose.

Today I ignite the Mirrors of the Sacred Center of Figueira so that the new trees, that have already grown, may bear their first fruits in the manifestation of the Attributes of God and especially of His Will, so that these fruits may someday be harvested by My children of the whole world and they are able to be nourished from the spirituality that God has granted and conceived in this place, since the first years of the manifestation of this Light-Community.

Today, the fruits of the Sacred Instruction are shared with the whole world and the Center of Light of Figueira opens its doors so that, with charity and love, it may welcome the suffering souls of humanity and carry the Love of the Father, the Love that He deposited in this place from the beginning, to those who most need it so that hope may not die in the human heart, so that faith may not fall away, so that the light may never go out.

I bring to you the Light of My Mirrors, the Light that existed in the beginning and before this material creation. It is this Divine Light, mysterious and unknown, that comes from the Source of the Father and from His Universe of Love, that once touched this sacred ground of the Center of Light of Figueira and brought everyone the Grace of the awakening of their consciousness, of the recognition and the living of inner divinity, in each being, of union with the Most High and His Will for the fulfillment of His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Behold the Light of the Sacred Centers, of the Marian Centers, of the Centers of Love, that emanate their divine and nonmaterial Attributes for the equilibrium of humanity and the planet, for the experience and the school of Love and Forgiveness, for the infinite union with God above all things.

Today you are before one of the Mysteries of God that the Mother of the World unveils by means of the Divine Source, in union with the Mirrors of the Cosmos that prepare consciousnesses for the next cycle.

South America is the cradle of many Sacred Sites, where the experience of the Love of God is present and is still unknown.

Therefore, today the Center of Light of Figueira manifests on its surface so that the doors to Divine Mercy may be kept open and more columns of Light may manifest upon this humanity on the surface of the Earth and by means of the hearts that proclaim their faith in the Lord.

Enter then, My children, into the Universe of My Mirrors and feel yourselves in the inner void, in the complete surrender, in the unconditional spirit and in the perfect union with the Eternal Father so that your lives, My children, may be instruments of the Heights, of the Will, of the Living Love that is eternal and inexhaustible that is an infinite and incalculable Love. It is the Love that created you, it is the Love that made you partakers of life, of the feeling of truth, of the knowledge of the sacred and of the union with the Infinite.

The Center of Light of Figueira expresses itself today to humanity and to the planet and reminds its disciples that it will always be here to receive them and welcome them, to fill them with its attributes that are part of a divine truth, of a supreme will, of a celestial destiny.

I need, My children, for you to propagate this light into the world, this light that comes from the Center of Light of Figueira, as from other Centers of Light in the world, which are part of the Will of God and, since before the existence of humankind on the surface, have been present on the planet to bring souls the knowledge of God and the unceasing search for truth, a truth that someday you will achieve, a truth that will make you free of yourselves, of the chains of error and of fault.

Because the essence of this truth is Love, the Love that comes from the Source, the Love of My Son, the Christ, this makes you participate in the Communion with His Celestial Light and with His Life.

Today the Heavenly Hierarchy reignites the Center of Light of Figueira so that souls may remember the principles that were founded here and that will be lived for the New Earth, for the emergence of the New Humanity.

A life that will be based on Love, on Truth and on Divine Unity; on the possibility of sharing, of loving and of surrendering that which each one truly is, beyond shortcomings or imperfections.

It is this inner light that the Center of Light of Figueira today comes to awaken in its disciples, in all those who were touched by the instruction of the inner Master, by their companion and friend, José Trigueirinho.

See how this instrument surrendered to God to manifest the Light of the Sacred Centers, a Light that would aid humanity in the end of times and would make possible, for all of the Heavenly Hierarchy, the Plan of intervention and rescue of the souls of the world through an awakening of the consciousness, love and prayer.

Today, you face the step of being instruments in the hands of God, just as your instructor and friend José Trigueirinho was, in the simplicity of life, in the action of love, in sustenance of the purifications and tests, in the strengthening of faith, in the expansion of the consciousness through devotion to and reverence for the Divine Hierarchy.

Commune of this moment, commune of the Light of the Center of Light of Figueira and, in this way, in the renewal of the spirit, receive Peace through My Mirrors that today contact the Sacred Centers of the planet, which in a single Network of Light and Love, will aid souls and will strengthen the servers that fully trust in the Hierarchy.

May God, My children, always make you partakers of His Gifts, of His Truth, and mainly, of His Mercy.

Let  the Center of Light of Figueira shine today in each human heart, beyond knowing it or not knowing it, beyond penetrating it or understanding it.

Let the Center of Light of Figueira and of the Hierarchy accompany you so that the Plan may be fulfilled.

So be it.

I bless you in the Light of the divine spirituality and of the greater consciousness of the Mirrors of Grace and of Mercy, under the Light of the spirit of Peace and Reconciliation.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.